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Financial freedom

  •  COMMENT ON THE OUTCOME OF THE SWISS GOLD REFERENDUM in which the No vote carried the day on this occasion:

    1. It was not the Lord's time.

     2. How we go about doing what needs to be done is very important.

    3. It would appear that the Swiss people did not support the people who put forward the proposal for a vote.

  • "GODLY GOVERNANCE requires Capable Moral Servant Leaders to be in place in ALL Positions of Authority in the judiciary, police, military, politics, media, education, religion, business & non-profitorganisations."

    To achieve JUSTICE, JOY & PEACE we need to EMBRACE GODLY GOVERNANCE and LOBBY the voters and the people in the media, religious, educational, political, business and financial organisations to promote and implement a QUALIFIED FRANCHISE with Direct Representation which includes:

    1. Qualified Voters, who (like vehicle drivers), need to: 

         - Be 18 years of age
         - Pass a basic test about the rules of politics & economics (e.g. rules of the road)
         - Pass a community member capability and responsibility test (e.g. drivers capable & responsibility test)

    2. Qualified Candidates (Leaders with a proven record of character, comprehension & capability in the home, workplace, and community) from which leaders for any organisation can be put forward for evaluation and election.

    3. Qualified Elected Leaders/Members who retain their right to vote independently on any issue irrespective of their party membership.


    THE STANDARD FOR BIBLICAL LEADERSHIP for the Judiciary, Police, Army, Media, Education, Politics, Economy, Banks, Business, Non-Profits etc IS MORAL SERVANT LEADERSHIP! 

    25 Jesus (The Super Star of History)called them together and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them.26 Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant,27 and whoever wants to be first must be your slave—28 just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

    Therefore please PRAY, LOBBY & CALL for ALL THE  5 POINTS of the H.O.P.E. 5 POINT PLAN TO BE ADOPTED in the interest of your family, community & country.

    IN THE INTEREST OF ALL CITIZENS of all religions and persuasions we need a QUALIFIED FRANCHISE and QUALIFIED LEADERS who should preferably be Born Again in their spirit by the Spirit of God. UNLESS we are born again it is difficult to see, understand and implement the Heaven On Planet Earth plans God has for Africa and the World. 

    Jesus The Super Star of History said: 
    “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3


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  • YES, WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO BE EMPOWERED and TO BE PART OF GOD'S H.O.P.E. MOVEMENT to restore Heaven On Planet Earth ... as Jesus taught us to pray.... "on earth as it is in heaven1?


    1. ENJOY STRESS-FREE LIVING, despite 'trials & tribulations' in your communities, cities, country & continent!
    2. IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH (spirit, soul and body) and positively IMPACT YOUR HAPPINESS  (personal life, marriage, family, finances, work & community politics and economics)
    3. TAKE HANDS with Born Again Friends & Followers of Jesus from across all denominational, political, financial barriers to plan, speak up, sing, march, lift up banners in order to:
      a. SOW & WATER the SEEDS of God's Word in Prayer and the Power of Holy Spirit ,
      b. LAY THE H.O.P.E FOUNDATIONS for a FAIR (Just) and FREE Judicial, Financial & Political System through Prayer and Polite Proclamation Walks and Sit-Ins! 
  • Our community news, the mini budget, the economic and political news around the world and a radio discussion program:

    PRAAT SAAM on Radio sonder Grense with Lynette Francis and Professor Duvenage prompted me to pen the following post on good governance.

    Good Governance is essential for personal happiness, marriage harmony, family unity, financial freedom, work fulfilment, wealth and job creation, security, peace and prosperity in our communities

    Good Governance is essential if Democracy is to bring about the Freedom, Justice, Joy and Peace for all,
    …...across all cultural, class, financial, political and religious barriers.

  • Roughly 500 years ago at a very dark time of poverty, and very little hope in Europe German-speaking men like Martin Luther, John Calvin and others were used by God to give birth to the Reformation.

    The Reformation Movement brought to the world the Biblical hope, integrity, discipline, work ethic and creativity which formed the foundation for the restoration of the political and economic freedom and brought a better life for people for Europe and later the United States of America.

    100 years ago prior to 1913                             100 years later in 2013

    1, There were many small local banks               1. There are a few large national banks
    2. Businesses were small & family owned          2. Businesses are large & corporately owned
    3. People could redeem their gold                      3. People can no longer redeem their gold
    4. No income tax in the USA                               4. Income tax with a sliding scale is in place
    5. No Treasury issuing bonds                              5. A Treasury issuing bonds backed by taxes
    6. No Federal Reserve printing paper                  6. A Federal Reserve printing paper money

    In 1913 World War One too much unnecessary blood was spilt and too many families lost too many of their loved ones and their precious family properties and possessions in a war which could have and should have been averted!

    There are many dramatic war photographs,depicting a large amount of blood that was shed in the great wars around the world.

    I put the following questions to you for discussion - let us agree to disagree without being disagreeable:

  • In memory of  President Mandela and to the glory of God  we need to replace the financial system of slavery and legalised theft with a financial system of freedom in which people are free to work for a fair share of the financial cake.

    Where there is no justice (what is right and fair) when it comes to the economy and money there is no joy and no peace.


    YES! IT IS TIME for God's Coaches, Referees, Captains, Players & Supporters of God's Team of Light to: 

    Make a commitment to focus on living, working and playing within God's Biblical Boundaries and Rules in order to 'score' the H.O.P.E. Goals (Heaven On Planet Earth Goals) for which the Creation is groaning!

    Soccer Field

    2. Repent and Refocus on God's H.O.P.E. Vision/Goal, The Lord's H.O.P.E. Prayer and the implementation of 

        the H.O.P.E. 5 Point Plan of Action!

    Hope Folder 5point 640

    3. Win over the Members of Satan's Team of Darkness to God's Team of Light, captained by of Jesus Christ. Playing together in God's Team they will push back the present darkness caused by Satan's Team in what is presently referred to as the "Dark Continent" of Africa!

    The Light can be 'switched on'!!
    The Creation declares the Glory of God = God is Good, God is Gracious, God is Great, God is a Giver Ps 19:1-11 NKJV

    The heavens declare the glory of God; 
    The law of the Lord is perfect, [e]converting the soul;
    The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple;
    The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart;
    The commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes;
    The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever;
    The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.
    10 More to be desired are they than gold,
    Yea, than much fine gold;
    Sweeter also than honey and the [f]honeycomb.
    11 Moreover by them Your servant is warned,
    And in keeping them there is great reward.

    YES! GOD is GOD!
    YES! GOD is GOOD & GOD is GREAT! It is His Creation, His Universe, His Planet Earth, His Ocean, His Fish, His Continents, His Rain, His Rivers, His Land,  His Crops, His Animals, His Minerals, His Properties, His People and His Projects which create food, electricity, wealth and jobs for all peoples (Brown, Black and White)

    GOD has given Man (male & female):
    1. The opportunity to respect, honour, trust and obey God, His spiritual laws and His natural laws!
    2. The responsibility to restore and uphold His H.O.P.E. kingdom of Justicie, Joy and Peace.
    3. The responsibility to 
    work and take care of His Properties, Peoples & Projects!

    God so loved the World and all Peoples that He DID NOT SEND a religion, a denomination, a pastor, a priest, a rabbi, an imam or a philosopher! 

    16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16 NKJV 

    Yes! God the Creator loved the World and every person on Planet Earth so much that He DID SEND His Son Jesus Christ nearly 2020 years ago! 

    Some people have, and still do, refer to JESUS as: 

    1. Lord Jesus or Jesus Christ  (Christians)
    2. Rabbi Jesus (Jews)
    3. Prophet Jesus (Moslems)

    More and more people are recognising that: 

    1. Jesus is The Super Star of History! 
    2. History points to and declares His Story!

    THE TRINITY (Father God Jesus Christ & Holy Spirit) share the same H.O.P.E. Prayer, Vision & Dream = "Heaven On Planet Earth". - 'on earth AS IT IS in heaven" Matt 6:10 

    Like-wise EVERY CHILD, TEENAGER, FATHER & MOTHER, CITIZEN and VOTER, irrespective of culture, colour, class, religion or denomination, CARRIES a HOPE & Dream in their hearts.
    A HOPE & Dream to see their DREAM and EXPECTATION become a reality! 
    A HOPE & Dream for Happiness & Health, Marriage Harmony, Family Unity, Financial Freedom, Work Fulfilment, Community Security & Freedom & Well-being i.e. God's Justice, Joy & Peace in their Community.
    There is nothing more discouraging than an unrealised expectation, hope and dream! 

     THE PRESENT REALITY is that most people are not happy and healthy in the six areas of their life wheel. circle life

     WHY? Because there is a Spiritual Battle taking place. The people in darkness are crying out for the light!  
     Since the 'rebellion & fall' in the Garden of Eden, Satan and his army of fallen angels and peoples (Black, White & Brown)  have been waging a war against Father God, His army of angels and His 'born again' people of faith.
    To this day the Team of Darkness (Satan and his players - fallen angels, men & women) are battling against
     the Team of Light (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and their players - Angels, Born Again men, women and children).

    On  the 'score board' (National and International News Channels) it appears that the Team of Darkness is winning. But the reality is the following: 
    1. The Main & Defining Battle of the Spiritual War has already been won on Easter Weekend more than 2000 years ago on the Cross on Golgotha
    2. The Team of Light is still RECRUITING (Spreading the Good News of Victory & Recruiting) and also  'NEWS-ing' (= Networking, Empowering & Encouraging their Winners and Warriors) on the 'fields' i.e. in their homes, schools, communities & countries to live, work and play from a position of victory.

    Through Faith (Trust) in God, Focused Prayer, the Power of the Holy Spirit and the Power of Multiplication Hope Folder multification 640
    God's H.O.P.E. Team of LIght will eventually come through to win the battle taking place on planet earth against Satan's HELL Team of Darkness!

     IF you and I are born again (John 3:3) we will:

    1. Respect, honour, love, trust and obey God   
    2. Respect and share God's H.O.P.E. Love/Dreams/Visions/Goals with all peoples. 
    3. Do unto our neighbours as we would like them to do unto us!
    4. Pray focused prayers!
    5. Live, work and play within God's Biblical Boundaries & Rules. 

    IF WE WISH TO 'SCORE' H.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth) Goals in our communities and countries then we must ensure that all citizens and their families are held accountable to live, work, do business and play within God's Biblical Boundaries and Rules. Boundaries and Rules 
    which must be upheld by just God-fearing Referees who blow the whistle and lift the flags in the fear of God! 

    Soccer Field

    YES! EVERY PERSON in a marriage, family, community and country has the God-given responsibiility to love, respect and help one another SCORE God's H.O.P.E. GOALS for their lives and to protect their BASIC 'P' NEEDS BUILDINGS. 

    The poor are also crying out for Qualified God-fearing REFEREES in all sectors of society.
    REFEREES in the media, judiciary, police, army and security companies
    - Who have the Biblical character, capability and comprehension of the rules for the contest between God's Team versus Satan's Team
    - Who are on the field and those who are covering the boundaries of the field!

    THE QUESTION is "HOW do we 'score' H.O.P.E. Freedom and Justice 'Goals'
    in our personal lives, marriages, families, finances, workplaces & politics?"

          image circle 700


    1. See the Big Picture of the World Contest between God's Kingdom and Satan's Kingdom
    2. REPENT & INVITE JESUS into our lives = BE BORN AGAIN (John 3:3) 
    3. WELCOME Jesus, Holy Spirit and Word of God into the centre of our Whole Life Wheel 
    4. EMBRACE God's Biblical H.O.P.E. Governance
    into where the spiritual battle is taking place, i.e. in
        a. Our spirits, souls (thoughts/minds, feelings/hearts & wills) and body
        b. Each of the 6 AREAS/SPOKES of our WHOLE LIFE WHEEL

    If we are serious about promoting God's Justice, Joy & Peace in our families, workplaces, communities and countries it is very important that we: 

    1, Get to know one another FACE to FACE (preferably physically, other-wise on the mobile phones or laptops) 

    2. Get to a PLACE OF MATURITY that we can AGREE to DISAGREE without being DISAGREEABLE

    3. Get to SHARE with one another the FOLLOWING QUESTIONS:

        A.  What is in our SOUL (thoughts, hearts and wills) -                                     Biblical? Koran? Other Religions? Humanism? Satanic? 

        B. Within which BOUNDARIES do we desire to live, work and play?           Biblical? Koran? Other Religions? Humanism? Satanic?

        C. By which RULES do we choose to live, work and play?                             Biblical? Koran? Other Religions? Humanism? Satanic?

        D. What is in our SPIRIT? The Spirit of Christ the Hope of Glory OR the Spirit of Satan the Destroyer?

        E. Are we Born Again or are we not born again John 3:3? I was asked this life-changing question in 1977.
            My decision = I repented and asked Jesus to step into my life!. I was born again in the spirit and it radically changed my life for the better! 

        F. In which specific POSITION on God’s Planet Earth (‘sports field’) has the Lord predestined each one of us to live, work and play in our communities?

        G. What specific GOALS have we personally been destined and called by Father God to ‘SCORE’ on behalf of our families and communities?
        H. Who are fulfilling the role of Biblical REFEREE in our personal lives, community, country and continent?

        I. Are we 'N.E.W.S.-ing'? i.e. Networking - Empowering / Encouraging - Warriors / Winners who - are Setting the captivies free from Satan & Stress?)

        J. Are we HARNESSING the Power of the Holy Spirit and the Power of Multiplication to further Godly Governance in our families and communities?

        K. Are we SCORING Biblical H.O.P.E. Goals in our:
             1. Personal Lives (Promoting health & happiness)?
             2. Marriages  (Protecting & Promoting faithfulness & harmony)
             3. Families?   (Protecting & Promoting unity & strict censorship)
             4. Finances? (Protecting & Promoting zero inflation, just money & simplified just taxation  & tithes)      
             5. Work Places? (Protecting & Promoting wealth & job creation!)
             6. Communities? (Protecting& Promoting the well-being, security, cleanliness and prosperity of properties, people and projects, to the glory of Father God!

    Please pray & push for the appointment of God-fearing Community Sheriffs who are responsible for co-ordinating the protection of our 
    - Homes,
    - Roads,
    - Work places e.g. farms, mines, factories, hotels, restaurants
    - Jobs and the jobs of our families, friends, neighbours and our colleagues at work in all sectors of society

    Please visit, browse and meditate on the various topics covered in the World-HOPE.com articles.
    Then discuss and pray 
    with your family, friends & colleagues about the Biblical solution which Holy Spirit has put on your heart!
    Do not hold back to share your convictions in love with everybody, even with those whom you may expect will disagree with you.

    If what you see and read touches your spirit and soul (= your thinking, heart and will), please feel free to contact us and book a time and place for a small group meeting, talk show or conference.

    Follow the example of Jesus: 
    - Focus on Praying, Discipling 12 Disciples, Sowing God's H.O.P.E. Vision and God's H.O.P.E. 5 Point Plan of Action

    - Live, work and play God's Way and according to God's Biblical boundaries and rules for a better Heaven On Planet Earth (H.O.P.E.) Life! 
    - Discipline and Disciple your family to encourage everyone to be Disciplined & Determined to be the best they can be, to the glory of the Father!
    - Call for God's Referees for the media, education, judiciary, politics, economics, business, banking, tithing & taxation etc God's Way
    - Use God's real money (gold, silver & copper) to measure sweat & skills
    - Create wealth and jobs God's Way = farming. fishing, mining, manufacturing, hospitality & tourism God's Way

    GO therefore and harness THE 5 POWERS of GOD which are available to you:

    1. Power of God's Word
    2. Power of Prayer - Pray the Our Father's Prayer with expectation
    3. Power of Holy Spirit
    4. Power of Discipleship -  N-E-W-S your personal 12 H.O.P.E. discipleswho live a disciplined life = time & money budgeting!  
          (Network - Empower / Encourage - Warriors / Winners who - Set free the captives from Satan & Stress! 
    5. Power of Multiplication.

    GODLY H.O.P.E. GOVERNANCE includes:
    1. Submission to the Governance of Father God and the Lordship & Kingship of Jesus Christ  

    2. Seek first God's Biblical kingdom, justice, joy & peace and all the other things Father God will add unto us.
    3. Say & Do what is Biblically right and just for our neighbours, including the visitors who are using What's App, Facebook, Twitter and World-HOPE.com. 
    4. Biblical Voter Education to foster Citizen Responsibility and a Qualified Franchise
    5. Qualified Franchise = Qualified Voters + Qualified Candidates + Direct Community Representatives in parliament (independent of party membership)
    6. Biblical Just Weights for sweat, skills, taxes & tithes = Gold, Silver & Copper. 
    7. No Work = No Pay & No Grants. Our work is part of our worship! (Work & Worship share the same root word)
    8. Simplify Taxation:

         YES  VAT Sliding Scale: LOWER on Food & Essential Goods - HIGHER on Non Essential & Luxury Goods 
         YES  Capital Gains on the inflation adjusted value or on the gold value
         YES  Municipal Property Taxes
         YES  Fuel Taxes to cover road costs
         NO    Income Tax
         NO    Capital Gains tax on the increase due to the inflation value
     9. Appropriate personal Responsibility to all!
         Grants and housing and food ONLY for the unemployed and the inmates in prison WHO WORKto help clean, protect & promote food and job creation.
         YES  DNA Tests to identify the Fathers of the reportedly +/- 70-80 % of children who do not know who their fathers are.
         YES Hold the fathers responsible for the children they birthed. 

    10, Capital Punishment for serious offences (murder and drug trafficking) is part of God's boundaries and rules to protect life, liberty and order in society! 

    I speak God's blessings of vison, protection, knowledge, wisdom, love, forgiveness, happiness, justice, joy, peace, good health and sufficient finances over you, your family, your community, country and continent!

    PLEASE do not underestimate the Power of the Word, the Power of Holy Spirit and the Power of Multiplication.

    PLEASE do apply the Power of the Word, the Power of Holy Spirit and the Power of Multiplication.

    God bless


    Dr Matthys Michael de Kock
    Heaven On Planet Earth 
    Properties - People - Projects
    Consulting & Coaching
    Life - Leadership - Liberty

    Lifting Jesus & the Bible above all doctrines and movements (religion, politics and economics) !
    Because Jesus said, "I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
    No one comes to the Father except through Me."  John 14:6
    Because Jesus taught us to pray: "Our Father, let Your Name be honoured, Your kingdom come on earth AS IT IS in heaven!" Matt 6

    EnquiriesSmall Group Meetings, Talk Shows or Conferences 

    WAP: +27 82 5554449
    EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

  • THERE IS HOPE for All Africans (Black, White, Brown) to 'trade in' their present unemployment, poverty & crime
    for a Better Future and a more abundant H.O.P.E. Life = Heaven On Planet Earth (John 10:10) : 

    - IF WE PRAY the Our Father’s Prayer with expectation andUPDATED HOPE FoldedFlyer 02082019 1
    - IF WE CALL for the implementation and on going monitoring of:

    A. God’s H.O.P.E. 5 Point Plan of Action                                                  

    B. Voter Qualification (Education & Graduation),

    C. Leadership 'Triple C' Qualification (Character, Comprehension & Capability) 

    D. Regular 'Triple C' (Character, Comprehension & Capability) Leadership
        Performance Evaluation of the:

         a. ‘Coaches & Consultants’ (Parents, Educators, Media) 
         b. ‘Referees’ (Judiciary, Police, Army, Security Companies, Politicians, Media)UPDATED HOPE FoldedFlyer 02082019 8
         c. ‘Financial Score Protectors’ (Just Money, Just Minimum & Maximum       
               Renumeration for sweat, skills & input costs, Just Taxation & Just Banking
         d.  'Food Producers' (Farming, Fishing)
         e. 'Most important Wealth & Job Creating Sectors'
             (Farming, Fishing, Minning, Manufacturing and Hospitality & Tourism

    We are called not to look back and not to accuse and fight one another.
    We are called
    to protect and create wealth, jobs and a better life for all!
    We are called to look forward with trust in God and to talk, pray, walk and work together!

    May Father God have mercy on all Africans (Black, White, Brown)
    The FEAR of God is the beginning of wisdom  Prov 9:10
    Wisdom = to know and to do God's Word 


    Dr Matthys Michael de Kock
         THINK TANK

  • There is HOPE to replace unemployment and poverty with a more abundant H.O.P.E. Life John 10:10
    = Heaven On Planet Earth
    and a Better Future for All Africans (Black, White, Brown): UPDATED HOPE FoldedFlyer 02082019 8
    - IF WE repent and pray the Our Father’s Prayer with expectation
    - IF WE implement the H.O.P.E. 5 Point Plan of Action
    - IF WE promote Godly Governance by God-fearing Coaches & Referees' (Point 5)

     Let us REPENT, PRAY IN and CALL FOR anurgent replacement: 

    - of the present ’One UnqualifiedMan One Vote' franchise

    - with a ‘One Qualified ManOne Vote’ franchise. 

    TO RESTORE God's H.O.P.E. Vision on Planet Earth we need to embrace God’s Qualified Franchise

    1 Biblical Voter Education @ Home, Schools, Religions, Media
    2. Biblical Voter Qualifications & Accreditation
    3, Biblical Leadership Development, Qualifications, Accreditation & Monitoring 

    Yes! All citizens of South Africa, Africa & the World need to urgently REPENT and REPLACE our present Unqualified Franchise with a QualifiedFranchise.

    We need to PRAY IN and CALL FOR anurgent replacement/trade in:
    - of the present ’One UnqualifiedMan One Vote' franchise
    - with a ‘One Qualified Man One Vote’ franchise.

    Yes! The Citizens and Leaders of Africa & the World need to urgently introduce:

    1. Voter Education at home and epsecially through the media, schools and religious organisations.
    2. Voter Tests (multiple choice & oral) to evaluate their knowledge and comprehension about Politics & Economics
    3. Voter Graduation/Qualification - Graduation Ceremonies, Certificates & Cards
    4. 'Triple C' Tests for all Leadership Candidates to evaluate their Character, Comprehension, Capabilitiy strengths
    5. Candidate Leadership Graduation/Qualification Certificates & Cards for all Candidates

    We are called not to look back and not to accuse and fight one another.
    We are called 
    to protect and create wealth, jobs and a better life for all!
    We are called to look forward with trust in God and to talk, pray, walk and work together!


    May Father God have mercy on all Africans (Black, White, Brown)
    The FEAR of God is the beginning of wisdom  Prov 9:10
    Wisdom = to know and to do God's Word 

    Dr Matthys Michael de Kock
         THINK TANK

  • WHY are we still being kept in the dark and misled to believe we have true democracy?

    WHY are the leaders of our media, security, religious, educational, banking, business, non-profit organisations and especially churches not calling for a QVE&F = Qualified Voter Education & Franchise?

    PLEASE TAKE NOTE of the following so that we can call for a REFERENDUM to replace our present FALSE DEMOCRACY (which is, in fact, DEMONCRAZY) for a true GENUINE DEMOCRACY! A BIBLICAL DEMOCRACY would be the first prize!  

    We need urgent PRAYER & ACTION for the implementation of a Biblical Qualified Voter Education & Franchise:

    Please pray that people of all nations will grasp and understand the immense impact the POWER OF MULTIPLICATION + the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT can and will have to implement QVE and to be financed by the United Nations. One Unite Nations Resolution to roll out QVE would usher in a Better & More Abundant LIfe for All Peoples of All Nations!. 

    HOPE multification 600

  •  WISHING YOU and your family JOY, PEACE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS and A TOUCH of H.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth) in 2014.

    I am convinced that you share our desire to live, work and play in a safe, free, peaceful and prosperous community, country and continent.
  • SWISS GOLD Referendum Nov 30 2014.

    My prayer for my Swiss friends is for them not to drop the baton of "the 600 year peace and prosperity success story of Switzerland". The world needs a role-model nation.

    The purpose of the referendum is to re-instate and repatriate the gold holdings belonging to the citizens of Switzerland back to Switzerland for safe keeping by the Swiss National Bank on behalf of the Swiss people.
    I believe the purpose is more about returning to their 600 year winning recipe for financial security, justice, freedom and peace for all their fellow citizens .

  • In this post you will discover:
    1. How the present Financial System with it's many currencies came about and at what cost to you the citizen and voter
    2. What negative impact the present Financial System has had and still has on most of us  who seek true political and financial liberty
    3. Why one can call the present financial system a worldwide financial system of "legalised theft and slavery"
    4. What you can do to bring about justice, joy and peace and thus enable people worldwide across all cultural, religious, political and financial barriers to be happy and to be free from poverty, debt, guilt and stress.
    5. EVERY SPORT has a Goal, Boundaries, Rules and Referees with a Whistle!

    We need to make a decision to aim at God's H.O.P.E. Goals for our families and communities within His H.O.P.E. Boundaries & Rules and with His H.O.P.E. Referees blowing the H.O.P.E. whistle 


  • We happened to be in the UK on the 100th Anniversary of Remembrance Day (Poppy Day)

    In this post you will discover:
    1. how the present Financial System came about and at what cost
    2. what negative impact the present Financial System has had on the people who seek true liberty
    3. why one can call the present financial system a world-wide financial system of "legalised theft and slavery"
    4. what you can do to bring about justice, joy and peace and thus enable people world wide to be happy and be free from poverty, debt, guilt and stress.

  • Annually the World Economic Forum  meets to discuss  "the financial crisis & hardship/poverty"

    • Davos in Switzerland is the town where the world financial, political & business leaders annually attend the World Economic Forum.  It must be one of the most important and powerful networking opportunities for all leaders!
    • Oxfam is a leading international philanthropy organisation.
    • GGW is short for The GG WORLD HOPE FOUNDATION, an infant empowerment foundation with the purpose to set people, from across all barriers, FREE from guilt, poverty, debt & stress.

    The "FINANCIAL CRISIS & the HARDSHIP, POVERTY and CONFLICTS we face is a global one,  affecting our families, communities, countries and continents.

  • The "FINANCIAL CRISIS & the HARDSHIP, POVERTY and CONFLICTS we face is a global one, affecting our families, communities, countries and continents.

    You have the opportunity to become one of God's Winners and Champions (more than a conqueror)

    The SOLUTION for the problem is an individual one = you and me. Yes, you and I are presently part of the problem because:

"... on earth, as it is in heaven"