God's Vision for You and the World

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SET FREE the Captives & SOW Heaven On Planet Earth.

THE LORD JESUS CHRIST is the One & Only Super Star & Greatest Freedom Fighter of History 
History BC & AD = His Story!

As a husband, father, parent, grandparent and retired medical doctor, a businessman in hospitality and in farming it was Jesus Christ who positively impacted my whole life.

Jesus has proved to be not only my Best Friend, Confidant and Saviour but also the Super Star of History!
His Story is the beginning of the restoration of Heaven On Planet Earth (H.O.P.E.)

HIGHWAY TO A BRIGHT H.O.P.E. FUTURE .. a Heaven On Planet Earth future ...as it is in heaven!

 People from across all cultures, classes, religions and denominations are all trying to find their way to Freedom,Personal Happiness, Marriage Harmony, Family Unity, Financial Freedom, Work Fulfilment and Community Peace and Prosperity.  

 The LOVE OF POWER from Satan versus the POWER OF LOVE from God.

Not the love of power but the power of love will be the distinguishing mark of the new people of God from across all cultures, classes and organisational barriers who God will use to impact the world for the better and eventually restore Heaven On Planet Earth. (H.O.P.E.) again. The Power of Love is the essential ingredient required to energise and motivate investors, management and workers of character, capacity and comprehension to create wealth and jobs within a just financial and political system so that H.O.P.E. can eventually be achieved.

God’s heart is filled with a desire to give us the strength and the grace to overcome living in a fallen world and enjoy a taste of  Heaven On Planet Earth"...as it is in heaven."

God's Grace (GG) is available to all of us.

Africa is potentially the richest continent on planet earth, yet it is inhabited by the poorest people on planet earth!

1. Africans are blessed to live on what must be the best and richest continent on planet earth. Rich in resources and with unlimited opportunities to create wealth & jobs.

2. Africa is the most geological stable continent, has a favourable climate, is very rich in minerals, has favourable fertile agricultural land and is blessed with the biggest variety of animals and flowers.

3. The potential to create wealth and jobs through farming, fishing, mining, manufacturing and tourism is practically unlimited. 

I believe God's born again black, brown & white AFRICANS of all cultures can and will rise to their God-given potential!

1. As more and more black, brown & white AFRICAN VOTERS embrace the God-given HOPE Opportunites, stand on His Promises & take up their Responsibilities, they will become one of the happiest, healthiest and most debt-free rainbow nation on planet earth!

With God's help, the majority of empowered & enlightened African voters will push for a more Biblical Constitution and for a Biblical H.O.P.E. Transformation of the Media, Church Denominations, Judiciary, Police, Army, Electoral Commission, Parliament, Banks and also the Business & Non Profit Organisations! 

THE ONLY LANGUAGE THE MEDIA & POLITICIANS UNDERSTAND IS A PUBLIC PEACEFUL WALK or PICNIC with banners, flags and songs! The bigger, the louder and the more often the better!

IT IS TIME CALL OUT, IDENTIFY and 'N.E.W.S. Father God's Born Again Followers & Friends of Jesus Christ from across all denominational, political & financial barriers to be God's One H.O.P.E. Family. Mouthpiece and Movement!

Yes! IT IS 'N-E-W-S' TIME!

Yes! It is time to 'N-E-W-S' the Good NEWS of  H.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth)
 'N-E-W-S' = 
- Network,  
- Empower & Encourage
- Winners & Warriors of God who 
- Set Free family members and friends from Stress & Satan because of a lack of knowledge!

"... on earth, as it is in heaven"