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Work Fulfilment

Are you really happy and fulfilled at work?

Do you desire to be fulfilled in your work and be happy & successful?
Are you aware of the heartbreaking and health consequences because of disunity in the family?
Are you determined not to suffer the terrible consequences of indecision as to what to do?

Do you want your work/calling to function as it was designed to function?
Would you like to understand how your work/calling completes God's H.O.P.E. PICTURE?

You were created for a special purpose for a time such as this in the history of mankind.

You have a mandate to enjoy being yourself, to reach your full potential and to fulfil your purpose and thus be a blessing to the nations through your work.

Do not despise small beginnings.
Do not despise your parents, brothers, sisters, co-workers. Your family, co-workers and circumstances are your special launching pad!
You have been born into a special family and a special set of circumstances to launch you into your destiny.


The Creation declares the Glory of God = God is Good, God is Gracious, God is Great, God is a Giver,

God so loved the World that He did not send a religion, a denomintation, a pastor, a priest, a rabbi or an imam!

God the Creator loved the World and every person so much that He sent His Son Jesus nearly 2020 years ago! J

Some people have, and still do, refer to JESUS as: 

1. Lord Jesus or Jesus Christ  (Christians)
2. Rabbi Jesus (Jews)
3. Prophet Jesus (Moslems)

More and more people are recognising that Jesus is The Super Star of History!

THE TRINITY (Father God Jesus Christ & Holy Spirit) share the same H.O.P.E. Prayer, Vision & Dream = "Heaven On Planet Earth". - 'on earth AS IT IS in heaven" Matt 6:10 

Like-wise EVERY CHILD, TEENAGER, FATHER & MOTHER, CITIZEN and VOTER carries a HOPE in their hearts.
A HOPE to see their DREAM and EXPECTATION become a reality! 
There is nothing more discouraging than an unrealised expectation and dream! 

EVERY PERSON irrespective of culture, colour, class, religion or denomination SEEKS Health & Happines, Marriage Harmony, Family Unity, Financial Freedom, Work Fulfilment and Community Security & Well-being i.e. God's Justice, Joy & Peace in their Community.

 THE PRESENT REALITY is that most people are not happy and healthy in the six areas of their life wheel.. circle life

 WHY? Because there is a Spiritual Battle taking place.   
 A rebellion and battle which Satan and his army of fallen angels and people have been waging against
 God and His army of angels and 'born again' people of faith since the 'fall' in the Garden of Eden.
The people in darkness are crying out for the light! To this day the Dark Team (Satan and his players - fallen angels, men women) are battling against
 the Light Team (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and their players - Born Again men, women and children.

On  the 'score board' (National and International News Channels) it appears that the Darkness Team is winning. But the reality is that the Light Team is still 'NEWS..ing' = Networking, Empowering & Encouraging their Winners and Warriors on the field in the their homes, schools, communities & countries. Through the Power of the Holy Spirit and the Power of Mulitplication they will eventually come through to win the battle taking place on planet earth God's H.O.P.E. Team of Light and Satan's HELL Team of Darkness!

If you and I are born again (John 3:3) we will:
1. Respect, honour, love, trust and obey God   
2. Respect, love people, share God's H.O.P.E. Dream/Visions/Goal with them
3. Do unto our neighbours as we would like them to do unto us!

EVERY PERSON in a marraige, family, community and country has the God-given responsiblity to love, respect and protect the BASIC 'P' NEEDS of every other member. within God's Biblical Boundaries & Rules 

Boundaries and Rules which calls for just God-fearing Referees to blow the whistle and lift the flags in the fear of God! 

The poor are crying out for Qualified God-fearing Referees in all sectors of society:
- Who have the Biblical character, capablity and comprehension of the rules for the contest between God's Team versus Satan's Team.
- Who are on the field, on the boundaries and also in the media, judiciary, police, army, security companies.

THE QUESTION = HOW do we 'score' H.O.P.E. Freedom and Justice 'Goals' in our personal lives, families, finances, work places & politics?          image circle 700

1. SEE the Big Picture of the World Contest between God's Kingdom and Satan's Kingdom
2. REPENT & INVITE JESUS into your life = BE BORN AGAIN (John 3:3) 
3. WELCOME Jesus, Holy Spirit & God's Biblical H.O.P.E. Governance into where the spiritual battle is taking place, and that is in: 
1. Our spirit, soul (thoughts, feelings & wills) and body
2. Each of the 6 areas of our WHOLE LIFE WHEEL: Personal Happiness, Marriage harmony, Family Unity, Financial Freedom, Work Fulfilment, Community Harmony! 

If we are serious about promoting God's Justice, Joy & Peace in our families, work places, communities and countries it is very important that we: 

1, Get to know one another face to face (preferably physically, other-wise on the mobile phones or laptops) 

2. Get to a place of maturity that we can AGREE to DISAGREE without being DISAGREEABLE

3. Get to share with one another the FOLLOWING QUESTIONS:

    A.  What is in our SPIRIT (Christ the Hope of Glory OR Satan the Destroyer
         Are we Born Again or are we not born again? I was asked this life-changing question in 1977. It did change my life for the better! 

    B. What is in our SOUL (thoughts, hearts and wills) - Biblical? Koran?, Other Religions?, Humanism?, Satanic? 

    C. Within which BOUNDARIES do we desire to live, work and play?

    D. By which RULES do we choose to live, work and play?

    E. In which specific POSITION on God’s Planet Earth (‘sports field’) has the Lord predestined each one of us to live, work and play in our communities?

    F. What specific GOALS have we personally been destined and called by Father God to ‘SCORE’ on behalf of our families and communities?
    G. Who are fulfilling the role of Biblical REFEREE in our personal lives, community, country and continent?

    H. Are we 'N.E.W.S.-ing' (Network - Empower / Encourage - Warriors / Winners who - Set free the captivies from Satan & Stress!

    I.  Are we HARNESSING the Power of the Holy Spirit and the Power of Multiplication to further Godly Governance and SCORING Biblical H.O.P.E. Goals in our:
         1. Personal Lives (Promoting health & happiness)?
         2. Marriages (Protect & Promote faithfulness & harmony)
         3. Families? (Protect & Promote unity & strict sensorship)
         4. Finances? (Protect & Promote zero inflation, just money & simplified just taxation  & tithes)      
         5. Work Places? (Protect & Promote wealth & job creation!)
         6. Communities? (Protect & Promote the well-being, security, cleanliness and prosperity of properties, people and projects, to the glory of Father God!

Please pray & push for the appointment of God-fearing Community Sherrifs who are responsible for co-ordinating the protection of our 
- Homes,
- Roads,
- Work places e.g. farms, mines, factories, hotels, restuarants
- Jobs of your family, friends, neighbours and your colleagues at work in all sectors of society

Please visit, browse and meditate on the various topics covered in the World-HOPE.com articles.
Then discuss and pray 
with your family, friends & colleagues about the Biblical solution which Holy Spirit has put on your heart!
Do not hold back to share your convictions in love with everybody, even with those whom you may expect will disagree with you.

If what you see and read touches your spirit and soul (= your thinking, heart and will), please feel free to contact us and book a time and place for a small group meeting, talk show or conference.

Follow the example of Jesus: 
- Focus on Praying, Discipling 12 Disciples, Sowing God's H.O.P.E. Vision and God's H.O.P.E. 5 Point Plan of Action
- Live, work and play God's Way and according to God's Biblical boundaries and rules for a better Heaven On Planet Earth (H.O.P.E.) Life! 
- Discipline and Disciple your family to encourage everyone to be Disciplined & Determined to be the best they can be, to the glory of the Father!
- Call for God's Referees for the media, education, judiciary, politics, economics, business, banking, tithing & taxation etc God's Way
- Use God's real money (gold, silver & copper) to measure sweat & skills
- Create wealth and jobs God's Way = farming. fishing, mining, manufacturing, hospitality & tourism God's Way

GO therefore and harness THE 5 POWERS of GOD which are available to you:

  1. Power of God's Word
  2. Power of Prayer - Pray the Our Father's Prayer with expectation
  3. Power of Holy Spirit
  4. Power of Discipleship -  N-E-W-S your personal 12 H.O.P.E. disciples who live a disciplined life = time & money budgeting!  
        (Network - Empower / Encourage - Warriors / Winners who - Set free the captivies from Sstan & Stress! 
  5. Power of Multiplication.

1. Submission to Father God and the Lordship & Kingship of Jesus Christ  
2. Seek first God's Biblical kingdom, justice, joy & peace and all the other things Father God will add unto us.
3. Say & Do what is Biblically right and just for our neigbours, including the visitors who are using wap, facebook, twitter and World-HOPE.com. 
4. Biblical Voter Education to foster a Qualified Franchise
5. Qualified Franchise = Quaified Voters + Qualified Candidates + One Direct Community Representaive One Vote in parliament (irrespective of party membership)
6. Biblical Just Range and Weights for sweat, skills, taxes & tithes - Gold, Silver & Copper. 
7. No Work = No Pay & No Grants. Our work is part of our worship (work & worship share the same root word)
8. Simplified Taxation:
     YES  VAT Sliding Scale: LOW Food & Essential Goods - HIGHER Non Essential & Luxury Goods 
     YES  Capital Gains on the inflation adjusted value or gold value
     YES  Property & Municipal 
     NO    Income Tax
     NO    Capital Gains tax on the inflation value

 9. Appropriate Work for all people who are on Grants and for all inmates in prison,
10, Capital Punishment for serious offences (murder and drug trafficking) is part of God's boundaries and rules to protect life and order in society! 

I speak God's blessings of protection, knowledge, wisdom, love, forgiveness, happiness, justice, joy, peace, good health and finances over you, your family, your community, country and continent!

God bless


Dr Matthys Michael de Kock
Heaven On Planet Earth 
Life - Leadership - Liberty
Consulting & Coaching
Property - People - Projects

Lifting Jesus & the Bible above all religious, political and economical doctrines and movements!
Because Jesus said, "I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
No one comes to the Father except through Me."  John 14:6
Because Jesus taught us to pray: "Our Father, let Your Name be honoured, Your kingdom come on earth AS IT IS in heaven!" Matt 6

Enquiries Small Group Meetings, Talk Show or Conference 

WAP: +27 82 5554449
EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

= 'One Unqualified Man One Uninformed Vote' voting for 'One Unqualified Candidate' which, for ulterior motives, was imposed by the colonial powers on the African people (black, white & brown)!
- with a QUALIFIED DEMOCRACY =  'One Qualified Man One Vote' to vote for 'Qualified Community Leadership Candidates' in politics, judiciary, police sheriff, army, business and non profit organisations"

The present "One Man One Vote" Democracy is a disgraceful violation and abuse of the rights of men (male & female), in especially the Third World countries!
IT IS TIME for all citizen
 to take up their God given Responsiblities and to enjoy political and financial protection and freedom!

IT IS TIME to unlock Biblical & Qualified Democracy which will give all families, communities and national citizens the opportunity to: 
- Live, play and work within safe and just boundaries and rules in their homes, learning institutions, workplaces, community, cities and countries!
- Create wealth and jobs for a just renumeration and a share of profits!

The present reality in most of the countries in the world and especially in African and the Third World Countries = The ordinary citizen, and thus the voter, has very little knowledge about the politics and the economics of the their communities and their countries. Voters all over the world and especially in Africa, South America and the East have very little understanding or comprehension when it comes to their personal Political and Financial Rights & Responsiblities and what is in their best financial and political interests. 

The present electoral system leaves a door wide-open for unscrupulous people:
- to manipulate the uninformed voters
- to vote in a dictatorship which can be easily bought and manipulated by the financial powers of the day

This is what is called "unashamedly & unethical corruption and state capture"!

There is a simple answer on how to protect our families and fellow citizen's from a few unscrupulous super rich and connected people and families in business and in  politics.

ANSWER = Address the lack of their political and financial knowledge through:
1. The media and their parents, teachers and community leaders (religious, business, politics)!
2. The Power of Prayer, Multiplication and N.E.W.S, 

N.E.W.S.Network,  Empower & Encourage Winners & Warriors to Set Free the captives from a lack of political and financial knowledge!

         OUR FATHER 

         In the Name above every name, Jesus Christ


                  *Pro Deo*
          Heaven On Planet Earth
               "THINK TANK"
           Consulting Coaching

IT IS TIME … not only to TALK the TALK, but also to WALK the TALK
with your Team of 12 Disciples!

IT IS TIME … not only to PLAN the Work, but also to WORK the Plan
with your Team of 12 Disciples!

IT IS TIME … not only to SING the Songs; but also to DO what needs to be DONE
with your Team of 12 Disciples as you SING the Songs together!


CHRIST JESUS knocks and waits for us to open our spirits, & souls (minds, hearts & wills) to Him, Holy Spirit & the Word OF God. 

image topimage 700

JESUS called and taught by example on HOW to implement the H.O.P.E. 5 POINT PLAN!


JESUS sent out His first 12 disciples to follow His example.  
- 3 Disciples were closest to Him (Week Level One)
- 9 Disciples were close to Him  (Week Level Two) 

YOU & I are encouraged to follow the Lord's example!

HOPE FoldedFlyer MULTI

When we grasped the immense impact the POWER OF MULTIPLICATION + the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT can have on our communities, cities, countries & continents it encouraged us to faithfully share our testimonies, teach, coach, encourage and disciple whoever the Lord brings over our paths and allow the Holy Spirit to disciple the nations further!

TO BE PART OF God’sH.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth) Team

WE ARE ALL CALLED to N.E.W.S. the GOOD NEWS of the: 

1. FINISHED WORK & VICTORY of Christ Jesus on the Cross 

2. H.O.P.E. PRAYER & VISION of Jesus - Our Father’s Prayer

3. H.O.P.E. 5 POINT Plan of Action!

HOW TO PRAY FOR, GROW, SPREAD & IMPLEMENT the H.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth) Vision & Dream in SA & Africa

1. Promote & Protect a culture of "Let us Agree to Disagree without being disagreeable or destructive" 

2. Implement a Qualified Franchise = Qualified Voters, Qualified Candidates, Qualified & Accountable Leaders
   (Certification of the Capability, Comprehension & Character of Candidates)
3. Champion "one man one vote" at the ballot box and also in parliament, irrespective of party affiliation!   

HOW TO PROMOTE Qualified Godly Governance and H.O.P.E. - Heaven On Planet Earth?: 
Use the same procedure required by the community to obtain any vehicle driving license!

    Driving License Qualification : =
      i) Age 18 

     ii) Pass a Learners Licence (Law of the Road) 

    iii) Pass a Capability & Responsibility Driver’s Test
    Voting License Qualification: =
i) Age 18 

      ii) Pass a Voters Licence (Law of the Community, City, Country) 

     iii) Pass Capability & Responsibility Tests
          e.g. no work (paid oor unpaid) =  no bread,   no food,  no grants,  no vote
                 do work (paid oor unpaid) = yes bread, yes food, yes grants, yes vote

          a) Qualified Voters 

          b) Qualified Candidates for all levels of government (municipal, district, provincial, national, cabinet)

          c) Qualified Members of Parliament (Municipal, District, Regional, Provincial & National

          d) Qualified Ministers of Cabinet for every specific portfolio

          e) Qualified President

          ’N.E.W.S.” voters, candidates, members of parliament and ministers = 
          -  Network, 
          - Empower & Encourage 
          - Winners & Warriors …on how to create peace, jobs, wealth and business opportunities in order to ..
          - Set Free the captives from corruption, ‘legalised' theft, poverty, debt & stress!

         OUR FATHER 

         In the Name above every name, Jesus Christ


                 *Pro Deo*
         Heaven On Planet Earth
              "THINK TANK"
          Consulting & Coaching



We need to take hands across all cultural and financial barriers and focus OUR TIME, PRAYERS & ACTIONS on the following H.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth) LIFE-STYLE TARGETS:

A. Acknowledgment, Appreciation and RESPECT for God and HIs Word in our homes, workplaces, media and the governing bodies of our judiciary, police, army, politics & finances.
WHY? Because in the Holy Bible we find:

    1. God’s Biblical H.O.P.E. Goals for our lives, work & play

    2. God’s Biblical H.O.P.E. Boundaries within which we must live, work to create wealth and jobs & then enjoy sport & good entertainment

    3. God’s Biblical H.O.P.E. Rules by which we must live, work to create wealth and jobs & then play!

B. SHARE and SOW  God’s:

    1. H.O.P.E. Vision 

    2. H.O.P.E. 5 Point Plan (God's Way)
    2.1   Repent & Turn to Father God, The 10 Commandments, The Lord's Prayer & The Sermon on the Mount
    2.2   Apply God's Biblical boundaries and rules in our personal lives, marriages, families, finances, workplaces, communities & countries  
    2.3   Use God's Gold as God's Just Money and Measure for Sweat & Skills of all peoples and all international trade
    2.4   Create Wealth & Jobs God's Way through Farming, Fishing, Mining, Manufacturing, Hospitality & Tourism
    2.5   Screen for and elect proven God-fearing moral servant leaders with the necessary character, comprehension & capability 

    3. H.O.P.E.Governance criteria

C. ADOPT and IMPLEMENT God's Biblical H.O.P.E. VOTER EDUCATION & RESPONSIBILITIES in order that Godly Governance becomes a reality:

1. Biblical QUALIFIED DEMOCRACY with qualified voters, qualified candidates and qualified members in government:
a. Who are Direct representatives of their communities, towns, cities, districts and provinces
b. Who retain their right and freedom to vote according to their conviction on every bill before parliament.

2. TEMPORARY LEADERSHIP SUSPENSION while Biblical leadership disqualification is before the courts for a speedy verdict.

3. Biblical CONDITIONAL GRANTS for unemployment, free housing, food, water, education, medical care, etc


1. Take away too much through unjust taxation from those who work and from those who invest to create wealth and jobs!

2. Give to those who do not work and especially to those who destroy the wealth and jobs which have already been created and which are presently being created!

UK Prime Minister Mrs. Margaret Thatcher said:
"The problem with socialism is that eventually, you run out of other people's money."

And I, Matthys, wish to add:
... "and then we all, individuals, families, workers, and communities will hit a brick wall of unemployment, poverty, crime, hunger, disease, etc"

The NUMBER of people in South Africa who are PRESENTLY NOT WORKING and RECEIVING TAX FUNDED FREE education, houses, grants, food parcels, etc
OUTNUMBER the people who do WORK & INVEST to create the wealth which pays for the wages, salaries and the taxes



"... on earth, as it is in heaven"