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Family Unity

Before you get married and especially before you have children - INVITE JESUS CHRIST
into your discussions and decisions about what you want for your family!!  

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STOP, THINK, DISCUSS (Exchange each other's I.'s & T.'s) & ACT on what you learn

Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with your family and friends

Print out this page and discuss it with your family and friends

Are you really united as a family?

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IT IS TIME … not only to TALK the TALK, but also to WALK the TALK
with your Team of 12 Disciples!

IT IS TIME … not only to PLAN the Work, but also to WORK the Plan
with your Team of 12 Disciples!

IT IS TIME … not only to SING the Songs; but also to DO what needs to be DONE
with your Team of 12 Disciples as you SING the Songs together!


CHRIST JESUS knocks and waits for us to open our spirits, & souls (minds, hearts & wills) to Him, Holy Spirit & the Word OF God. 

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JESUS called and taught by example on HOW to implement the H.O.P.E. 5 POINT PLAN!


JESUS sent out His first 12 disciples to follow His example.  
- 3 Disciples were closest to Him (Week Level One)
- 9 Disciples were close to Him  (Week Level Two) 

YOU & I are encouraged to follow the Lord's example!

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When we grasped the immense impact the POWER OF MULTIPLICATION + the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT can have on our communities, cities, countries & continents it encouraged us to faithfully share our testimonies, teach, coach, encourage and disciple whoever the Lord brings over our paths and allow the Holy Spirit to disciple the nations further!

TO BE PART OF God’sH.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth) Team

WE ARE ALL CALLED to N.E.W.S. the GOOD NEWS of the: 

1. FINISHED WORK & VICTORY of Christ Jesus on the Cross 

2. H.O.P.E. PRAYER & VISION of Jesus - Our Father’s Prayer

3. H.O.P.E. 5 POINT Plan of Action!

FORGET and FORGIVE  past mistakes to implement solutions for a BETTER FUTURE (relationships & financial).

I BELIEVE YOU WILL AGREE that it is more difficult for all of us to admit that we have made a mistake in the past than it is for us to commit to doing what is right in the future.

THEREFORE it is nearly impossible to implement the right solutions for the future by trying to rectify past mistakes by demanding compensation for the wrongs of the past at the same time.

STOP, THINK, DISCUSS (Exchange each other's I.'s & T.'s) & ACT on what you learn

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     FAMILY UNITY is a very important key to unlock God's unity,  

     harmony and blessings in all the other areas of our Personal Life Wheels.

  1. ENJOY a cup of coffee or tea with your family and friends

   2, PRINT this page and discuss it with your family and friends        

May this Christmas and New Year celebrations be a wonderful time for you and your circle of family and friends: to celebrate the birth and life of Jesus Christ,

 THE Super Star of History, THE Greatest Freedom Fighter and THE Saviour of the World, It is reassuring to know that He is ALIVE, WELL & ALL POWERFUL and that despite the negative news we know that His Heaven of Planet Earth (H.O.P.E.)  transformation process is picking up momentum through the Power of the Holy Spirit, the power of our new decisions for 2015 and the Power of Multiplication.

We pray that you will be blessed in 2015 by enjoying a personal relationship with JESUS, the Name above every name given unto man! May we all make a renewed commitment to return to our Good Father God of Love & Blessings and His infallible Word (His' love letter') with an expectancy to enjoy His love, favour and power. In so doing we will be able  love, forgive, bless and empower our family, friends, colleagues and even enemies. Hopefully they will also be set free to enjoy the long walk to His H.O.P.E. Freedom.

With best wishes, Matthys & Lorraine


 We urgently need to EXCHANGE our I'S & T'S on how to change the present culture of celebrating Christmas. And then to implement it!

Lorraine and I had a wonderful 14 days of celebrating Christmas with all our 6 children and 8 grandchildren. In total we had 16 mouths to feed, 16 sets of expectations to manage and to ensure that everyone is safe (sea, rocks and pool). There is nothing worse than a disappointed expectation! What a privilege and what a blessing it was! What a task!

"... on earth, as it is in heaven"