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THE FOCUS AND DIRECTION of The GG World HOPE Foundation, a Market Place Ministry Reg No IT3521/2009, is found in the acronym GG and N.E.W.S and H.O.P.E. which reminds us:

Nr.1:  of the Good NEWS of Great Joy

  1. that there is a Great, Good, Giving, Gracious God Who has blessed us with Ground, Gold, Growth
  2. that for unto us is born and lives a Saviour, the Super Star and the Greatest Freedom Fighter of all history
  3. that the Holy Spirit was sent to help us live in the power of God Himself

Nr.2:  of the North - East - West - South points of the H.O.P.E. Compass to direct us on our journey to Freedom for All. We are to Network, Empower Winners who can Spread the Word, Sow the seed and Set free the captives.

NETWORK born again (Joh 3:3) followers of Jesus Christ across all denominational, political & economical barriers

ENCOURAGE and EMPOWER one another by EXCHANGING our i's and our t's until we become WINNERS who enjoy WORK and do say: "WE CAN:

... SPREAD the Good News
a. that God has H.OP.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth) Dream and
b. that everyone is the TARGET of God's love, forgiveness, blessings and very life
... SOW the Seeds of Freedom found in the Word
... SET FREE people from Satan, sin, personal unhappiness, broken marriages, family strife, financial debt and poverty, work dissatisfaction and community crime, corruption and violence"

WE ALSO CREATE INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES for your i's (ideas, information, inspiration & innovation) and your t's (your time, talens, treasures & testimonies) in properties, people and projects to create wealth and jobs.

HOW can we help you fulfill your dream, and enable you, your family, friends and colleagues, to enjoy a Life of Abundance (Joh 10:10), of meaning, of purpose and to be HAPPY, guilt-free, debt-free and stress-free?



WHY We are motivated by the love, forgiveness, blessings and life of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

WHO is welcome to take hands and take part in our H.O.P.E "All Hands on Declk" Game?
All caring youth, adults and organisations (religious, government, business, non profit, sport & politics) across all cultural, class, religious & political barriers are all welcome to interact and pull in the same H.O.P.E direction.

WHERE: in homes, schools, tersiary education institutions, work & worship places and in the ideal meeting & interaction places (= the coffee shops and guest houses and hotels we all enjoy from time to time.

WHAT: The GG World HOPE Foundation declares to the nations that God has a H.O.P.E. Dream (justice, joy, peace and freedom) and calls people and especially the youth from across ALL cultural & class barriers to step up to the plate and interact (agree to disagree without being disagreeable) until they hear:

i) that God has a H.O.P.E. Dream for Africa, the Americas, Australasia and Europe

ii) that they are the target of God' love, forgiveness, blessings, life and His plan to
realize His Heaven On Planet Earth Dream

iii) that they have at their disposal:
a. the Power 2 Set the captives free and
b. the Power of Multiplication

iv) that they have a choice to accept or reject
a. God's Way to freedom and happiness and
b. God's invitation to be part of His solution to the problems facing men, women and children of all continents

v) that they have the responsiblity to use the various opportunities to interact face to face and via the internet and social media and come up with solutions for their future and the future of their communities. i.e. STOP - THINK, - DISCUSS - DECIDE - DO!


God has 3 loves:
- PROPERTY (His planet),
- PEOPLE (His people)
- PROJECTS (His Projects which He entrusted to Adam, Eve and to their descendants to the present day. All people of all nations have a responsibility to take care of the planet starting at home and at work.

The GGWorld HOPE Foundation makes use of different H.O.P.E Projects to faciitate
interaction and the networking of people and projects into Dream Teams:

  1. that promote interaction for positive action to protect the planet, properties, peoples and projects
  2. that initiate and protect self sustainable projects that create wealth and jobs
  3. that empower people to think for themselves, to make informed decisions, to fulfill their special calling and to work creatively to re-instate Heaven On Planet Earth (H.O.P.E)
  4. that identify and network with other Dream Teams to realize God's H.O.P.E Dream
  5. that identify their ideal daily meeting & interaction places (coffee shops) in residential, industrial and shopping areas
  6. that supply the start up capital to launch self-sustaining wealth & job creation projects, especially agri-tourism-conference projects that foster an appreciation of food production / security and
  7. offer the youth on the job training.


Please contact us NOW and find out more.

God bless you. your family, friends and colleagues.

"... on earth, as it is in heaven"