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Heaven on Planet earth

“Then Jesus said to the woman. ‘Your sins are forgiven’“Luke 7:48

THE LORD JESUS CHRIST is the One & Only Super Star & Greatest Freedom Fighter of History 
History BC & AD = His Story!

As a husband, father, parent, grandparent and retired medical doctor, a businessman in hospitality and in farming it was Jesus Christ who positively impacted my whole life.

Jesus has proved to be not only my Best Friend, Confidant and Saviour but also the Super Star of History!
His Story is the beginning of the restoration of Heaven On Planet Earth (H.O.P.E.)

CELEBRATE ASCENSION DAY! Let us never forget why God sent his Son to die for us.

And let us stay thankful to God for Jesus, the Super Star and Greatest Freedom Fighter in history, who ascended into heaven.  After talking to His disciples about His kingdom for six weeks before He ascended on a cloud. He left planet earth with a promise ....

The exciting journey to H.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth started roughly 2013 years ago with the Super Star of history on the Cross of Calvary and His resurrection. The journey is NOT a religion journey but a RELATIONSHIP JOURNEY. The Lord of Lord's and King of kings, Jesus Christ is always leading those who follow Him in triumphal procession. The journey has begun and will end in H.O.P.E.
The GG World Compass can be used to help guide all "more than conquerors" to the Lord's destination, H.O.P.E (Heaven On Planet Earth).

The exciting journey to H.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth) with the Super Star of history, the Lord of Lord’s and King of kings is Good N.E.W.S

All because Father God, His Son King Jesus and the Holy Spirit is FOR every one of us in every culture, religion, denomination, organization & political party and AGAINST no-one. He is only against the harm we do to ourselves, to our families, to other people, to His animals and to His planet.


YES, WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO BE EMPOWERED and TO BE PART OF GOD'S H.O.P.E. MOVEMENT to restore Heaven On Planet Earth ... as Jesus taught us to pray .... "on earth as it is in heaven1?


  1. ENJOY STRESS-FREE LIVING, despite 'trials & tribulations' in your communities, cities, country & continent!
  2. IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH (spirit, soul and body) and positively IMPACT YOUR HAPPINESS  (personal life, marriage, family, finances, work & community politics and economics)
  3. TAKE HANDS with Born Again Friends & Followers of Jesus from across all denominational, political, financial barriers to plan, speak up, sing, march, lift up banners in order to:
    a. SOW & WATER the SEEDS of God's Word in Prayer and the Power of Holy Spirit ,
    b. LAY THE H.O.P.E FOUNDATIONS for a FAIR (Just) and FREE Judicial, Financial & Political System through Prayer and Polite Proclamation Walks and Sit-Ins! 

SLAY the Giant of Jealousy and be one of the happiest people on earth who know their position in the royal family of God and their place in life and history.

Did you know? Jealousy is the one negative emotion singled out in God's Ten Commandments. Although interesting it is very important to take note that the Giant of Jealousy is one of Satan's main weapons to destroy our lives and rob us of our happiness and blessings.

We slay the Giant of Jealousy by allowing the following truths to penetrate deep into our souls (minds & hearts). The truths:

HIGHWAY TO A BRIGHT H.O.P.E. FUTURE .. a Heaven On Planet Earth future ...as it is in heaven!

 People from across all cultures, classes, religions and denominations are all trying to find their way to Freedom,Personal Happiness, Marriage Harmony, Family Unity, Financial Freedom, Work Fulfilment and Community Peace and Prosperity.  


On a regular basis we need to reflect on what happened roughly 2018 years ago in the life of Jesus on Easter Friday and Sunday, i.e. His crucifixion AND especially His resurrection from the grave with a new eternal body, and then six weeks later His ascension into heaven.

When anyone considers the relevant facts as verified by many scholars like Josh McDowell, there can be no doubt that:

1. JESUS is the Super Star and Greatest Freedom Fighter of  history and

2. EVERY PERSON on planet earth is the target of His love, forgiveness, blessings and very life.

3. There can be no doubt that God's purpose of sending Jesus to earth was two fold:

a.  to set people free from their sinful nature, guilt, stress, broken relationships,  poverty, debt, crime, violence, rape, corruption and strife in our families and communities and

b. to restore Heaven On Planet Earth  IN & THROUGH  those people who voluntarily and willingly return to God and who accept His forgiveness which was dearly bought by the shedding of His Son's blood on the Cross.

"... on earth, as it is in heaven"