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Heaven on Planet earth

Our HAPPINESS is usually dependant on HAPPENINGS.

Our happiness cannot have its main foundation in happenings.

THE FOUNDATION of our true happiness and strength can only be found in:

1. The Joy of the Lord,

2. The Promises of God

3. The More Abundant Life John 10:10

ALL THREE OF THE ABOVE are offered, demonstrated and taught, by Jesus, the King of kings, Lord of lords and the Super Star and Greatest Freedom Fighter of History

HAPPINESS is ONLY FOUND in good RELATIONSHIPS with Father God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, family members, friends, colleagues and fellow citizens in our communities, countries & continents.


HAPPINESS fosters good HEALTH!

GOD’S H.O.P.E. PROPHETIC PRAYER & DECLARATION - for South Africa, Africa & the World 24 Nov 2017

On this day 24 November 2017 in Parliament, Cape Town and all over South Africa you may wish to pray as follows:

Our Father God, Lord Jesus Christ & Holy Spirit,

Thank You for the opportunity You have given us to repent, receive Jesus Christ as our Lord & Saviour and to be born again. John 3:3

We, Your born again children, from across all present cultural, religious, educational, political and economic barriers THANK YOU and PRAISE YOU for setting us free from religion!

THANK YOU for the hunger You have given us for Your Word, the Bible and that we may enjoy a personal relationship with You.

THANK YOU for this opportunity to stand still in Your presence and call on You to please intervene for all our people in our beloved country and continent.

We stand before You today in the full knowledge that we can never be separated from Your power, presence, love, forgiveness and plan to restore Heaven On Planet Earth - H.O.P.E. in South Africa, Africa and the World. 

We choose this day and every day to declare before our fellow citizens and leaders, all the nations and all the spiritual beings of darkness that Your Name will be honoured, Your kingdom will come & that Your H.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth) VISION & PLAN will eventually be fully realised on the continent of Africa and the World as it is in heaven Matt 6:10

We are expectant that Your plans are not to harms us but to prosper us, to give everyone who trusts in You a hope and a future Jeremiah 29:11 and also for us to enjoy a more abundant life John 10:10

Please help people of all religions to realise that they are the TARGET of Your love, forgiveness and blessings! Please help them to be BORN AGAIN by repenting and trusting what Jesus, The Super Star of History, did for them on the Cross. May they become Your disciples who also disciple others! Please may they wait on You and be filled with Holy Spirit

Please help us to replace the present false Democracy ('Demon-crazy') in our countries with a truthful BIBLICAL Democracy.

Please help us to unlock AND implement the H.O.P.E. 5 POINT PLAN of Action through the judiciary, media, schools, colleges, universities, churches and various organisations (business & non-profit)

May Your Name be glorified and Your people be blessed!

This we pray, not in the name of any religion. We pray this in the Name above every name, Jesus Christ!


  5point 600HOPE UNLOCK 600

THE FOUR Biblical Principles & Precepts for BEEP which are also accepted by most religions to be foundational for the benefit of the well-being of our families and our communities are the following:

  1. We acknowledge that God is great, is good, is a generous giver and that He is our source of provision and that nothing is impossible for Him = i.e. everything is
HIMpossible for Him! If He could do it for Moses and His people He can do it for us!

  2.  We repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness for :
    - Not trusting Him,
    - Not taking responsibility for the cleanliness, security, and order in our homes, properties, pavements, streets and workplaces and streets
    - Not doing politics, economics or banking God’s way (according to His precepts) and
    - Putting our trust in the ideas and opinions of man and not in His! We commit ourselves to JUST trading and JUST scales for wages, salaries, and pricing of products and services.

  3. We need REAL JUST money and not unbacked fiat PAPER money!
    We need money that cannot be manipulated by a politician, a banker or any person and which gives them the opportunity to commit 'legalised' theft!

  4. . We ensure that there are in place enforceable:
    - Discipline and security,
    - Clear goals, boundaries, rules and discipline,
    - Cleanliness,
    - Healthy work ethics,
    so that we are able to create wealth and jobs for our families, friends and neighbours


The above goals are to be promoted and enforced with gentleness and firmness by the fathers in the homes and by the leaders in the communities (especially in the schools, religious organisations security forces and by the judiciary).

Biblical principles & precepts for BEEP

 COMMENT on "Riot Police in RSA Parliament"

Ben Khumalo-Seegelken Comment:

The ANC has effectively abandoned the idea of liberation as a national project and sought, instead, to constitute itself as an authoritarian and predatory excrescence on society. By raising Jacob Zuma above the law, the ANC have broken the social contract on which a parliamentary system depends. The opposition now have a right to rebel. In fact, if they are genuinely committed to the idea of parliament as the primary seat of popular sovereignty, they now have an obligation to rebel and to sustain their rebellion until the ANC is willing to subordinate itself and its leader to the law. >> Read more

 Kommentaar deur 'n besorgde pa en oupa oor Die Burger se Hoof Artikel 3 Junie 2014

i.s. "Hou by die Skeiding van kerk en staat".

 Die Here is baie duidelk in Sy Woord dat elkeen van ons, alle organisasies en die staat verplig is om alle inwoners te respekteer en te sorg dat reg en regverdigheid vir almal moet geld, wat insluit die reg tot vryheid van geloof en spraak.

AT and BETWEEN ELECTIONS use every opportunity to stimulate people:

Calling Freedom Dream Teams on this FREEDOM DAY

(27 April is a public holiday in South Africa) to contemplate, commemorate and celebrate the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension to heaven of not only the Super Star of History but also the GREATEST FREEDOM FIGHTER in history who used respect, love, forgiveness, healing, blessing and freedom of choice, as His 'ammunition' to  fight for your and my freedom !

The GGWorldHOPE.NET and the Power2SetFree.net

websites and the fun H.O.P.E. "think tank" H.O.P.E. HOLIDAY BREAKS are for people from all cultures, classes, religions, denominations and organisations (business, governmental and non profit):

There is an old saying: "A picture is worth a 1000 words."

We welcome your suggestions and submissions for a COLLECTION of H.O.P.E. & FREEDOM LOGOS or SIGN POSTS which can be used to point THE WAY to H.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth) & Freedom for all.

Logos, Signposts, Flags & Banners which tell a story and serve as H.O.P.E.:


  2. DIRECTIONS for the road to freedom

  3. MESSAGES or scripts as to what we communicate

  4.  BOUNDARIES within which we ARE TO operate, work and play

  5. MEASUREMENTS by which we evaluate the progress our H.O.P.E. Life Journey

THE ROAD TO FREEDOM away from poverty, fear, despair, abuse and exploitation

STARTS with our God-given freedom to think and to make our own choices about:
- The DIRECTION we wish to take and
- The ATTITUDE we decide to embrace on the journey.

What we think in our minds and what we feel in our hearts determines: 
- who we are
- what we will decide to say and do
- what we will keep on saying and doing on the road to freedom for all.

If we wish to reach our freedom destination here on earth we need to:

  1. DECIDE to trust God and trust that God knows what is the right road to freedom. We must allow the Holy Spirit inspired Road Map/Word of God to RENEW our minds and hearts

  2. MAKE A COMMITMENT to imitate the role-model life of Jesus and the lives of many champions like Martin Luther, Wilberforce, Livingstone, the Wesley brothers, Abraham Lincoln, Billy Graham. Mother Theresa, Ghandi and Mandela. Ghandi admired and imitated Jesus in many ways.
    Only God knows whether all the above people truly accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour and whether they were born again in their spirits.


God is Good

We encourage you to embrace and share the picture story depicted in the  God is Good and I.T. Exchange Logos above
DO YOU SEE THE CARING FATHER in the Good Samaritan parable/story running towards His son with outstretched arms? 
In the centre of the above God is Good logo you can see the I.T. Exchange. In the logo you can also see:
    • The outstretched ARMS and the running LEGS of the loving Father in the Good Samaritan parable/story running to meet you/us as we respond to His invitation and you/we return back 'home' to Him and live within the 'boundaries' of His kingdom?
    •  The i's?, ...the t's?, ...the Cross? ... the Anchor? ... the J for Jesus (who is the Super Star of history and the Way, the Life and the Truth?)?
    • in the Dot ( O )
      = .... First letter of the Our Father's prayer in which we are taught to pray ?
      = .... Planet earth?
      i= ... A Coin (gold, silver or copper)?
Like-wise everyone from across all social, cultural, class and religious barriers have the opportunity to:
    • EXCHANGE our life in a 'pigsty'  (pollution, poverty, crime, conflict etc) for a life of freedom by returning to
      - Him,
      - His protection and
      - His plans to give us a hope, a future and a life of freedom and abundance here on planet earth "as it is in heaven"
    • EXCHANGE our I.T.’s =  I’s: ideas, information, inspiration. & T’s: time, talents, treasures & testimonies with Him and one another in a spirit of  “we agree to disagree, without being disagreeable."
    • EXCHANGE our sweat, skills and our I.T.'s for real money and for a fair share of the wealth (cake) we help to create (bake)
    • EXCHANGE our un-forgiveness for His forgiveness, our hate for His love, our despair for His hope, our distrust for His trustworthiness
    • EXCHANGE man's paper currency for His real money (gold and silver)

We cannot stress it enough .. the road to freedom is NOT the road of any religion.
The road to freedom is the road of relationships with one another as we follow Jesus and people who followed Him and followed His example.


In the H.O.P.E. Compass above you can see not only the N.E.W.S. Plan of  Action to realise our personal dreams. As we "N.E.W.S." we become a Freedom Key in God's hands to realise God's H.O.P.E Dream for the World.
You can also see the Super Star of history (His Story) on the Cross forming the 'telescope' of God through which He 'aims' at our minds, hearts and wills to 'dart' us with His mind, heart and will so that we may:

1. Think, feel & will about our neighbours and opponents as He does.

2. Understand and implement His plans to give every individual person across all barriers (religion, political, financial, culture, class) His HOPE, LOVE, FORGIVENESS, ABUNDANT LIFE and a FUTURE future and to forgive and prosper everyone in the Rainbow Nations of the World.

3. Use the N.E.W.S. plan of action to spread the Good N.E.W.S. to the North, East, West and South ends
of the earth as you encourage YOUR people to NEWS:
    • N = Network with people from across all social, political and religious barriers who are committed to freedom.
    • E = Empower & Encourage people, especially the youth, to Exchange their  I.T.'s until they Experience a touch of Heaven on Planet Earth
    • W = Become Winners & Warriors in life but who also help
    • S  = Set free their families, friends, colleagues and neighbours who have no hope.

We encourage you to remember every day, and not only on Remembrance or Poppy Day that:
    1. GOD has a H.O.P.E. Dream for the World .. “ on earth as it is in heaven”

    2. YOU and your loved ones are the TARGETS of God’s love, forgiveness, blessings and His life.
      He loves you and the world so much that He gave His Son, His Holy Spirit and His Word to work IN and THROUGH you to realise His HOPE dream

    3. YOU ARE INVITED by a Good God, a Giving God, a Great God to BE PART of a H.O.P.E. Dream Team to change the world and let His kingdom come and His will be done on earth (in your family, community, country and continent) as it is in heaven!

If you share the Lord's Dream and Purpose of "Heaven On Planet Earth" we encourage you to use the I.T. Exchange logo and the H.O.P.E Compass logo with  your DREAM TEAMS at home, at work and on the playing fields and share the explanation with you family, friends and colleagues.

 If you have any other ideas for logos you would suggest to keep us on the long road to freedom, please be free to send in your suggestions.




 WISHING YOU and your family JOY, PEACE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS and A TOUCH of H.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth) in 2014.

I am convinced that you share our desire to live, work and play in a safe, free, peaceful and prosperous community, country and continent.

"... on earth, as it is in heaven"