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In memory of  President Mandela and to the glory of God  we need to replace the financial system of slavery and legalised theft with a financial system of freedom in which people are free to work for a fair share of the financial cake.

Where there is no justice (what is right and fair) when it comes to the economy and money there is no joy and no peace.

In God's Kingdom, there is Justice, Joy & Peace. Notice the order of the words. Without justice in the economy there will never be joy and peace. There will only be strikes, looting, damage to property, revolution and war to the detriment of all, but especially the poor.

The leaders at Davos should not merely use the crisis and conflicts worldwide to further the personal interests of the present leaders in politics, in business and especially in the arms industry and at the expense of the people of the world who suffer poverty and hardship.

Yes, the problem of POVERTY and HARDSHIP is a global one, The solution is, however, an individual one = you and every Good N.E.W.S. individual in your family and your circle of friends and colleagues are the answer to the problems we face on this planet. You and I need to:
Network with one another and
Empower one another with financial knowledge and opportunities to become

- who will not perish because of a lack of knowledge or assertiveness

- who will not loot, strike, damage property, revolt or take up arms

- who create wealth and jobs

- who ensure that there is justice (fairness for all) and

- who sow transparency, truth and vision and help many captives to be

set free from the present financial system slavery by implementing a financial system of freedom.


We call on world leaders attending the World Economic Forum in Davos but we also call on all leaders and citizens in our communities, countries and continents serving in various organisations (religious, judicial, police, armed forces, business, political, governmental and non-profit organisations like Oxfam)
to commit to God's economy, God's real money gold and silver and to Godly Governance

    1. to address the cause of our problems and not merely deal with the symptoms of the problems we face
    1. to ensure that there is justice (what is right and fair for everyone) in our communities, countries and continents
    1. to return or reimburse all the confiscated and 'creamed off' movable and immovable property to their rightful owners without jeopardizing the creation of wealth and jobs
    1. to ensure that every person involved in any project has a written rightful claim to a predetermined share in the upside of the project in return for his or her input whether it is for their idea, investment, management or labour. i.e his or her "piece of the cake"  in the project must be secured
    1. to put in place a financial system of freedom
    1. to set all people free from the clutches of unscrupulous leaders:

A who are themselves not true and trustworthy to the own spouses, families and team members at work

    • who not only cream off the wealth created by all concerned (investors, management & workers) through various mechanisms of  "legalised theft" (e.g. confiscating the real money belonging to the people,  imposing burdensome taxes and interest rates, introducing sliding scale for taxation and fluctuating interest rates, creating inflation, printing unbacked currency, issuing unbacked electronic drawing rights) and fuelling greed and fear on the markets and playing in the 'casino' economy which today is larger than the real economy)
    • who then also manage and allocate the "creamed off" capital assets and income that rightly belongs to the people for their own personal benefit at the expense of all the citizens and rightful owners.

Do you care to hear the CRY FOR FINANCIAL FREEDOM and specifically the cry for freedom from poverty and hardship?



    1. The minimum you can do is to forward this post to your Network of family, friends and colleagues at your place of work and play. With prayer and a click of your mouse or phone, you can let the Holy Spirit use the Power of Multiplication you harnessed to do the work.
    1. Make sure you are born again in the spirit and  "infected" with love (care),  faith (trust) and hope (expectancy), discipline and a strong work ethic
    1. Make sure you are "infected' with the H.O.P.E. fact = that the prayer which Jesus (the Super Star of History) taught us to pray (that our Father's name be honoured, His kingdom come and His will be done here on earth as it is in heaven  i.e. H.O.P.E = HEAVEN ON PLANET EARTH)  will be answered and will eventually be evident to all and be experienced by all.

GOD BLESS YOU and the beautiful planet, people and projects entrusted to us.



"... on earth, as it is in heaven"