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WHY are we still being kept in the dark and misled to believe we have true democracy?

WHY are the leaders of our media, security, religious, educational, banking, business, non-profit organisations and especially churches not calling for a QVE&F = Qualified Voter Education & Franchise?

PLEASE TAKE NOTE of the following so that we can call for a REFERENDUM to replace our present FALSE DEMOCRACY (which is, in fact, DEMONCRAZY) for a true GENUINE DEMOCRACY! A BIBLICAL DEMOCRACY would be the first prize!  

We need urgent PRAYER & ACTION for the implementation of a Biblical Qualified Voter Education & Franchise:

Please pray that people of all nations will grasp and understand the immense impact the POWER OF MULTIPLICATION + the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT can and will have to implement QVE and to be financed by the United Nations. One Unite Nations Resolution to roll out QVE would usher in a Better & More Abundant LIfe for All Peoples of All Nations!. 

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TO BE Qualified to VOTE is more important than to be Qualified to DRIVE a vehicle!

TO BE Qualified & Capable to GOVERN other people is more important than to be Qualified & Capable to DRIVE for other people!

TO BE Qualified & Capable to Govern/Drive it is essential to READ the roadmap and to SEE the road that leads to Heaven On Planet Earth!

Therefore we the people of God need to:

A. PRAY & LOBBY for a H.O.P.E. Qualified Franchise 

QUALIFICATION for a drivers license:
Before we can DRIVE wisely, responsibly and safely in the community the following are mandatory :

  1. AGE 18 years
  2. PASS a Written Test of the Rules of the Road
  3. Prove to one or two duly appointed traffic examining officers that we are responsible and capable to drive on our roads

Therefore it is only wise and sane that we should insist that all people should be qualified to vote before they can vote and have a say in who should serve in our community leadership structures.

QUALIFICATION for a voters 'license': 

Before we can VOTE wisely, responsibly & safely for the right leaders in our communities the following should also be mandatory:

  1. AGE 18 years
  2. PASS a Written Test of the Rules of the Law & Order, Politics, Economics, Personal Responsibility & Social Responsibility
  3. PASS an Oral Test before two duly appointed voting examining officers that we are responsible and capable to vote on the issues of our community and country

 B. PRAY & LOBBY for Community Leadership Evaluation Committees which have the power to:

1.  EVALUATE & MONITOR the present and upcoming community leaders for their:

  1. Character (e.g. faithful to spouses, children, co-workers),
  2. Capability  (e.g. in what field of expertise)
  3. Comprehension (e.g what are the pillars of Law & Order, Freedom, Justice, Joy, Job creation and Peace in our communities)

2.  RECALL any leader, in any position, at any level and at any time, as soon as there is any doubt about their character, capability & comprehension as a Moral Servant Leader!

C. PRAY & LOBBY for a  Community Leadership Candidates List:

  1. Candidate Leaders who have been screened for character, capability & comprehension by retired leaders who have themselves a past proven leadership record of character, capability and comprehension and who have been endorsed by the community. 
  2. Candidate Leaders who are then eligible to apply for leadership posts in all private and public organizations e.g. the media, judiciary, police, army, education, business, political parties, etc 
  3. Candidate Leaders who retain their democratic right to vote in the halls of power and boardrooms according to their personal conscience and conviction irrespective of their political party membership. 


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