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SWISS GOLD Referendum Nov 30 2014.

My prayer for my Swiss friends is for them not to drop the baton of "the 600 year peace and prosperity success story of Switzerland". The world needs a role-model nation.

The purpose of the referendum is to re-instate and repatriate the gold holdings belonging to the citizens of Switzerland back to Switzerland for safe keeping by the Swiss National Bank on behalf of the Swiss people.
I believe the purpose is more about returning to their 600 year winning recipe for financial security, justice, freedom and peace for all their fellow citizens .

It is interesting to note who are in opposition to the initiative of the Swiss people to re-instate and repatriate their gold holdings.


1. According to Citigroup Inc "the initiative requiring the Swiss National Bank to hold a fixed portion of its assets in gold makes no sense,  .....because "the metal was the equivalent of the virtual currency bit coin”

QUESTION: Has anybody in the Citigroup Inc ever visited a gold mine and a gold refinery and coin mint to see what sweat, skill and machinery it takes to put a one ounce gold coin on the table? Nobody who has, can say "the (gold) metal was the equivalent of the virtual currency bitcoin”

2. Willem Buiter, Citibank’s chief economist and a former Bank of England policy maker, wrote in a report dated 26 Nov. "There is no economic or financial case for a central bank to hold any single commodity, even if this commodity had intrinsic value,”

QUESTION: Does Buiter therefore want to a make an economic or financial case for a central bank or any bank to hold a commodity or paper that has no intrinsic value or measure of value?
Willem is reported to also say: “Forbidding a central bank from ever selling any gold it owns, reduces the value of those gold holdings to zero.”


a. Have you ever heard of a valuable painting or jewellery or commodity with intrinsic value declining in value when a family decides not to sell their work of art or piece of jewellery?
b. Has the gold in the vaults of the buyer who bought the gold from the Bank of England at a ridiculously low price when it was sold off, under the watch of Gordon Brown, declined in value?
Willem Buiter also wrote, "gold has no intrinsic value and is costly to produce and store".


a. How can he say something like "gold which is costly to produce has no intrinsic value"?
How can anyone, including his employers, rely on his judgement?

b. Excluding diamonds and the cost of security for any valuable, Willem needs to tell us which commodity or product, of the same value as gold, is cheaper to store than gold?
c. Can anyone tell us?:

i) Was it possibly Buiter who advised the Bank of England to make the disastrous decision to sell a large amount of gold belonging to the people of the United Kingdom before the price of gold shot up to new heights?

ii) Who made the 'steal' and bought the gold which was sold off by the Bank of England at the time? Was it friends of Gordon or Willem?

iii). Who was Buiter really working for while he was employed by the Bank of England?


3. Morgan Stanley points out that the complexity of the referendum is a “substantial” hurdle for a ‘yes’ outcome,

QUESTION: Why must it be made a “substantial” hurdle for the Swiss citizen to vote "yes"



4. SNB President Thomas Jordan calls “dangerous”,the move for Switzerland to hold a national referendum on Nov. 30.  That would require the central bank to hold at least 20 percent of its assets from 8 percent in gold, all of which have to be stored in the country, and never sell any.

QUESTION: What is wrong with having a gold savings account which is left untouched for a rainy day?

Why would a national banker use the fear card to influence his fellow citizens not to return to their previous levels of gold holdings which made the Swiss Franc the most sought after and strongest currency in the world. A strong Swiss currency enables his family, friends and fellow country men, the Swiss people, to buy more commodities goods, properties and holidays from other countries at a cheaper price with their salaries, wages and savings? It wlll also secure their pensions from inflation
5. It appears that a majority of the politicians in the Swiss government and some of the bankers in the Swiss central bank and commercial banks oppose the initiative or move on the grounds that it will hinder monetary policy. Hopefully not all the politicians and bankers hold the same opinion.

QUESTION; Does "it hinders monetary policy" not appear to have the same meaning as  "it hinders the printing of money by the bankers of the central bank with the legal authority given to them by the the laws the politicians pass in government?"


YES, It is time for people in Switzerland and the world to demand a currency with intrinsic value, whether it is based on gold, silver and copper as it was in the past or whether it is based on a basket of commodities and food. A world currency with a true intrinsic value will eradicate inflation and the other forms of 'legalised theft' of the time, talents and treasures belonging to the masses committed by a few who have the power, friends and means to print paper money with no intrinsic value and to fuel the "casino economy" with fear and greed.

God says gold is good: Gen 12: And the gold of that land is good. Gen 2:12

Most religions agree that "work is worship" and "work is love in action". What they agree on should be lived and on our lips as an exammple adn continous reminder to our children and fellow citizens. Start by being a burden to no one and tidy and clean up our cupboards, rooms, homes, yards, sidewalk in front of our homes and refrain from littering the streets and pick up ary rubbish we pass by.

Across all religions there is a universal call for "financial justice and freedom for all"

There is also a cry for "just renumeration for work well done" across all class and cultural barriers and also across all country and continental borders!

Work not done with love and for fair renumeration is destroying the spirit of the person doing the work that is required to  create wealth and job opportunities for others to have work ." Dr MM

Every person on earth is crying our for a fair share of the cake that is baked together. 

Every person should save for a rainy day and for old age. But then one should be able to save in a a just currency that does not loose its buying power over a period of time.


The renumeration for work done should be paid in a universal world wide unit, weighted in a universal basket of food and commodities like  gold, silver, copper etc, which requires work by other people to produce products which people need.


I have personally experienced that "After God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and our closest family and friends, that gold is the poor mans best friend"


I therefore encourage the Swiss people to spread the knowledge of financial freedom,
- not to bow to the fear tactics and disinformation of some of their leaders and
- to return to God and their reformation values of honesty, a good work ethic, a saving culture, a democracy for the people and by the people and
- to  vote "yes" in the Referendum on 30 Nov 2014.
- to ensure that the Swiss Nationa Bank only buys gold at its  fair and just intrinsic value, i.e a price that enables the minc companies to coer their cost and especially pay a fair and just wage to the people they employ to mine the gold under dangerrous conditions. The SNB must not re-instate the gold savings of the people of Switzerland by buying gold on the "casino market" which is driven by greed and fear. Prices driven by the fear and greed driven "casino economy", which is above the fair  and just economy,  either pushes the price below or above the fair and just intrinsic value for gold creates opportunites for people. who know better. to make a so called 'steal' from other people and other countries.


In so doing  the Swss people will protect the buying power of their income and also their savings for a rainy day and for their old age!

I also encourage people world-wide:
- to learn and follow the example of Switzerland's 600 year success story of peace and prosperity across cultural and class barriers.
- to acquaint themselves how a country, in which the people of different nationalities (German, French, Italian and Romenish) and from different valleys, areas and families were constantly at war with one another, was transformed into country of peace and prosperity through prayer and upholding a constitution based on the Word of God. Calvyn's constitution for Geneva, a very poor city at the time, later became the basis of the constitution for Switzerland and also for the United States of America at their independene.


Please pray with us and plead with your  Swiss friends not to drop the baton of "the 600 year peace and prosperity success story fo Switzerland" The world needs a role-model nation to follow.


Dear Lord, we know You have your time. You lead the minds of kings as easily as we can lead water Prov 21:1.  You are glorified when we EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED from You. You can change events in 24 hours as You did in 2 Kings 7 ... BY YOUR WORD!
Please have mercy on the poor of the world AND intervene on the 30th Nov 2014.  Please lead the Swiss people to vote  'Yes".  The world clearly needs a role-model nation of how different nationalities can live in a God honouring country and enjoy freedom, justice, peace and joy Your Way.  This we pray in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ, the Super Star and Greatest Freedom Fighter in history. Amen



1. It was not the Lord's time.
2. How we go about doing what needs to be done is very important
3. It would appear that the Swiss people did not support the people who put forward the proposal for a vote. I can understand.
I believe that the majority of the Swiss people would have supported the proposal if the voters were better informed by  people who did not have a personal political agenda

4. May the proposal stay on the table for reflection, prayer and exchange of information and ideas forL
i)   how to obtain a just weight or measure for sweat and skills across the whole globe irrespective of culture or class
ii)  how to eradicate all forms of 'legalised theft' and the 'casino economy' above the real economy
iii) how as todays reformers we can return to the former things of doing things God's Way
iv) how to spread and promote the Good N.E.W.S of H.O.P.E. i.e. Network and Empower modern day reformers to lead Winners to the former and everlasting ways of God to Set us all free from property, pollution, guilt, debt and stress. It is time that we, irrespective of culture or class, can all enjoy Freedom, Justice, Joy and Peace on this beautiful planet which God created with the sole purpose that we can have good relationships with Him and with one another.



"... on earth, as it is in heaven"