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Roughly 500 years ago at a very dark time of poverty, and very little hope in Europe German-speaking men like Martin Luther, John Calvin and others were used by God to give birth to the Reformation.

The Reformation Movement brought to the world the Biblical hope, integrity, discipline, work ethic and creativity which formed the foundation for the restoration of the political and economic freedom and brought a better life for people for Europe and later the United States of America.

100 years ago prior to 1913                             100 years later in 2013

1, There were many small local banks               1. There are a few large national banks
2. Businesses were small & family owned          2. Businesses are large & corporately owned
3. People could redeem their gold                      3. People can no longer redeem their gold
4. No income tax in the USA                               4. Income tax with a sliding scale is in place
5. No Treasury issuing bonds                              5. A Treasury issuing bonds backed by taxes
6. No Federal Reserve printing paper                  6. A Federal Reserve printing paper money

In 1913 World War One too much unnecessary blood was spilt and too many families lost too many of their loved ones and their precious family properties and possessions in a war which could have and should have been averted!

There are many dramatic war photographs, depicting a large amount of blood that was shed in the great wars around the world.

I put the following questions to you for discussion - let us agree to disagree without being disagreeable:

I put the following questions to you for discussion. Yes! Let us agree to disagree without being disagreeable):

A. How then was it possible for a man like Hitler to mislead his Christian German-speaking people and to commit them to go to war in order to kill other Christians and to steal their possessions and destroy their properties? Who financed Hitler?

B. How was it possible that Christians in Germany, Engeland, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, all the British colonies and the United States of America were convinced and mobilised to shoot and kill one another for years, except to lay down arms on Christmas Day, and then to continue shooting one another again on the next day until the next Christmas!!

C. Was it because there were still too many 'goats' making 'sheep' noises and very clever 'wolves' in 'sheep's' clothing in the religious, political and financial organisations of the day in Europe and the World?

D. Are we not today still very much in the same situation with too many 'wolves in sheep clothing' leading uninformed and misguided 'goats in sheep clothing' to kill, steal and destroy on behalf of the 'wolves in sheep clothing'?

Lorraine and I happened to be in the UK on the 100th Anniversary of Remembrance Day (Poppy Day) which is celebrated annually by sporting a red poppy on your clothing, honouring a minute of silence or attending a church service at 11.00 am on the 11th Day of 11th Month of 2013 or on the closest Sunday.

During our visit, I was also introduced to the "Hidden Secrets of Money" . video clip.

"Hidden Secrets of Money" video clip confirms much of what I wrote in "Power 2000 - A Life of Stress-Free Success" and what I have been teaching through the Stress-Free Living/ Power 2000 Seminars since 1989.  

Remembrance (Poppy) Day 2013 and the video clip triggered in me a desire to set aside a special time of reflection and prayer. I thus wish to share some of my reflections and the video clip with you.

In this post and especially in the Financial Freedom Seminars you have the opportunity to learn:
1. How the present Financial System came about and at what cost

2. What negative impact the present Financial System has had on the people who seek true liberty

3. Why people like Beppe Grillo - the leader of the Italian Five Star Movement and Nigel Farage of the UK.....are voicing the hardship and frustration people are experiencing with the Euro's impact on Europe. Beppe Grillo is busy getting signatures for a referendum which will take Italy out of the European Central Bank or Euro.

Unfortunately, I had not read what ideas Beppe or Nigel have re:
- What they consider to be the fundamental causes for the financial crisis or
- What they propose  should replace the Euro Currency
- What sound alternative solutions they have for the financial problems  people are experiencing in Europe and all over the world

4.. Why one can call the present financial system a world-wide financial system of "legalised theft and slavery"

5. What you personally can do to:
a. Abolish the 'casino economy' that is negatively impacting  the 'real economy'
b. Bring about financial justice, joy and peace in your community and country

As you commit to N-E-W-S your family, friends & colleagues (Network - Empower/Educate/Encourage/Enable - Winners/Warriors to Set Free your contacts from a lack of knowledge, guilty, poverty, debt and stress! 

As you take up the opportunity you to be part of God's Worldwide H.O.P.E. Movement and experience the joy of unlocking H.O.P.E. Personal Happiness & Health, Marriage Harmony, Family Unity, Financial Freedom, Wealth & Job Creation and Biblical Democracy Political in your community and country.

I am also excited about what the Lord is doing and what He wishes to do IN and THROUGH you and each one of us who believes that we CAN DO ALL things, not through ANY RELIGION, but through a RELATIONSHIP with the Greatest Freedom Fighter and Super Star of History, who is also the Answer to bring balance not only to your personal Life Wheel but also balance to the financial crisis in the World.




"... on earth, as it is in heaven"