God's Vision for You and the World

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There is HOPE to replace unemployment and poverty with a more abundant H.O.P.E. Life John 10:10
= Heaven On Planet Earth
and a Better Future for All Africans (Black, White, Brown): UPDATED HOPE FoldedFlyer 02082019 8
- IF WE repent and pray the Our Father’s Prayer with expectation
- IF WE implement the H.O.P.E. 5 Point Plan of Action
- IF WE promote Godly Governance by God-fearing Coaches & Referees' (Point 5)

 Let us REPENT, PRAY IN and CALL FOR an urgent replacement: 

- of the present ’One Unqualified Man One Vote' franchise

- with a ‘One Qualified Man One Vote’ franchise. 

TO RESTORE God's H.O.P.E. Vision on Planet Earth we need to embrace God’s Qualified Franchise

1 Biblical Voter Education @ Home, Schools, Religions, Media
2. Biblical Voter Qualifications & Accreditation
3, Biblical Leadership Development, Qualifications, Accreditation & Monitoring 

Yes! All citizens of South Africa, Africa & the World need to urgently REPENT and REPLACE our present Unqualified Franchise with a Qualified Franchise.

We need to PRAY IN and CALL FOR an urgent replacement/trade in:
- of the present ’One Unqualified Man One Vote' franchise
- with a ‘One Qualified Man One Vote’ franchise.

Yes! The Citizens and Leaders of Africa & the World need to urgently introduce:

1. Voter Education at home and epsecially through the media, schools and religious organisations.
2. Voter Tests (multiple choice & oral) to evaluate their knowledge and comprehension about Politics & Economics
3. Voter Graduation/Qualification - Graduation Ceremonies, Certificates & Cards
4. 'Triple C' Tests for all Leadership Candidates to evaluate their Character, Comprehension, Capabilitiy strengths
5. Candidate Leadership Graduation/Qualification Certificates & Cards for all Candidates

We are called not to look back and not to accuse and fight one another.
We are called 
to protect and create wealth, jobs and a better life for all!
We are called to look forward with trust in God and to talk, pray, walk and work together!


May Father God have mercy on all Africans (Black, White, Brown)
The FEAR of God is the beginning of wisdom  Prov 9:10
Wisdom = to know and to do God's Word 

Dr Matthys Michael de Kock

"... on earth, as it is in heaven"