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Africa is potentially the richest continent on planet earth, yet it is inhabited by the poorest people on planet earth!

1. Africans are blessed to live on what must be the best and richest continent on planet earth. Rich in resources and with unlimited opportunities to create wealth & jobs.

2. Africa is the most geological stable continent, has a favourable climate, is very rich in minerals, has favourable fertile agricultural land and is blessed with the biggest variety of animals and flowers.

3. The potential to create wealth and jobs through farming, fishing, mining, manufacturing and tourism is practically unlimited. 

I believe God's born again black, brown & white AFRICANS of all cultures can and will rise to their God-given potential!

1. As more and more black, brown & white AFRICAN VOTERS embrace the God-given HOPE Opportunites, stand on His Promises & take up their Responsibilities, they will become one of the happiest, healthiest and most debt-free rainbow nation on planet earth!

With God's help, the majority of empowered & enlightened African voters will push for a more Biblical Constitution and for a Biblical H.O.P.E. Transformation of the Media, Church Denominations, Judiciary, Police, Army, Electoral Commission, Parliament, Banks and also the Business & Non Profit Organisations! 

THE ONLY LANGUAGE THE MEDIA & POLITICIANS UNDERSTAND IS A PUBLIC PEACEFUL WALK or PICNIC with banners, flags and songs! The bigger, the louder and the more often the better!

IT IS TIME CALL OUT, IDENTIFY and 'N.E.W.S. Father God's Born Again Followers & Friends of Jesus Christ from across all denominational, political & financial barriers to be God's One H.O.P.E. Family. Mouthpiece and Movement!

Yes! IT IS 'N-E-W-S' TIME!

Yes! It is time to 'N-E-W-S' the Good NEWS of  H.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth)
 'N-E-W-S' = 
- Network,  
- Empower & Encourage
- Winners & Warriors of God who 
- Set Free family members and friends from Stress & Satan because of a lack of knowledge!

Dear Fellow South Africans and all other Africans from across Africa and especially those who are presently working in South Africa,


My family arrived in Zimbabwe from South Africa in the early 1900's. My father the youngest of 6 brothers arrived much later as he was 20 years younger than the eldest brother and completed his doctorate in economics. The 5 brothers bought undeveloped land in the eastern part of Zimbabwe from the British. They recruited families from Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique. Together with hundreds of families my family lived, planned, developed and worked the land to produce wealth and jobs. We also paid taxes which enabled the government of the day to develop the country. With due credit to the colonial powers and later the Rhodesian & Zimbabwe-Rhodesia Governments the taxes were well allocated to build maintain roads, bridges, hospitals, schools and finance the judiciary, police and army. After independence, the Zimbabwe Government continued with the excellent education they had inherited. 

In 2000 my family, with all the other farmers, personally experienced unwarranted and unlawful attacks on our personal lives, on members of our family, our homes, our farming business and most regrettably also on the lives, jobs and homes of our staff. Ultimately the families in our communities were financially abused and raped by unscrupulous people in and from outside the country.

On three occasions I thought it was going to be the last day of my life on planet earth! Because of God's timely intervention and mercy, I can still tell the stories of His goodness, protection and restoration!

Eventually, we and our staff had no other choice but to leave our homes and even Zimbabwe. We were forced to leave the undeveloped land behind which my family had paid for and which we had developed into productive job & wealth creating, and tax-paying, businesses. 

The sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by England and the World and later the land invasions eventually brought an end to the job and wealth creation on the Zimbabwe farms. The collapse of the Zimbabwean farming economy had a massive negative impact on the rest of the economy with massive job losses in the towns and cities of Zimbabwe and eventually South Africa.


As a result of the economic collapse in Zimbabwe, other African countries and in the Eastern Cape & Natal::
- Zimbabwe and other African countries have experienced a massive influx from the rural areas to the towns and cities
- South Africa has experienced a massive influx of people from Zimbabwe and the other African countries.
- Western Cape has experienced a massive influx from others areas to the north of South Africa.

This has led to an increased load on the South African infrastructure and especially the Western Cape. It has also increased the tension experienced in many of the communities in the towns and cities.
Hermanus and Stellenboasch are examples of many towns and cities in South Africa which have experienced clashes between the communities and the local authorities because of the people migration from Central and North Africa to South of Africa. Internally 
South Africa is also experiencing a north to south relocation from the Eastern Cape to the Western Cape because of a lack of jobs in the Eastern Cape. This is causing tensions between the communities of the Western Cape and the Eastern Cape.

For some time I have been reflecting on and praying about the ever-increasing:
- Crime, corruption & violence, 
- Poor service delivery, unemployment & job shortages, 
- Drop in education and medical standards 
- Rising costs/inflation which in fact is 'legalised theft" of peoples income and savings!  

Most families and communities have to face the above challenges every day.
When will enough be enough?
When will we TREAT THE CAUSE of our economic and political problems in Africa instead of merely treating the symptoms?
When will we urgently introduce VOTER EDUCATION into our schools and churches and UNLOCK & IMPLEMENT THE H.O.P.E. 5 POINT PLAN? 

I am moved by God’s compassion because of the financial and psychological stress, and especially the physical attacks which many of our black, brown and white people and their families all over South Africa and Africa have had to endure, and still have to cope with. 

The Satanic attacks and exploitation of the African people are being perpetrated by people from across all the races and by the various political, financial, religious and business organisations in South Africa, Africa and especially also from international countries. 

YES! IT IS TIME for God's One H.O.P.E. Movement of Born Again Followers & Friends of Jesus to MARCH & CAMPAIGN FOR:

1. A Qualified Franchise with direct representation to parliament by the following process:
a. Qualified Voters
b. Qualified Candidates. 
c. Elected Members who retain their independence to vote in parliament on all issues.

2. The Implementation of the H.O.P.E. 5 Point Plan of Action

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The latest developments across South Africa, Hermanus and many other places, have caused me to urgently invite you to join me in the following prayer.

Almighty Father God, Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit:

You are aware of the fact that we South Africans and all Africans on the continent of Africa are under attack from Satan. Yet we, as a nation and a continent, continue in many ways to ignore You because of a lack of knowledge of Your Word and the lack of the will to HEAR and DO Your Word.

We neglect to truly honour, love, trust and obey You in so many of the Seven Valleys of our lives. 
1. Personal Relationship with You through repentance & receiving Jesus into our hearts & lives.
2. Personal Happiness & Health
3. Marriage Harmony
4. Family Unity
5. Financial Justice & Freedom
6. Work Fulfilment
7. Community Responsibility & Involvement 

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We do not honour and obey Your 10 Commandments.
We neglect to love, forgive and bless one another across all racial, political, denominational and economic barriers.  
We dishonour you and neglect Your Family Sabbath Day of Rest.
We do not pray “Let Your kingdom come and You will be done here on earth AS IT IS in heaven” with faith and expectation that our prayers will eventually be answered!

Please help us to be transparent, honest and straight with You. Please help us Holy Spirit to be faithful to Father God, Jesus and Your inspired Word, The Bible!.

Thank You Lord God for the Biblical 'rules and boundaries', by which and within which, we are to 'play and score’ the H.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth) 'Goals' you have planned for us!

Please give us the strength and the focused determination not to allow the impacts of temporary trials and tribulations and temporal matters distract us in our long term H.O.P.E. purpose and pursuit!

Thank you for Your assurance that if we abide in You and in Your Word then we shall prevail over the unholy forces of Satan and his team of fallen angelic and human beings.


Thank You that, with Your help, we will conquer all Satan's fortresses in the SEVEN H.O.P.E. MOUNTAINS in our communities, cities, countries.
These include the: 
1. Media,
2. Judiciary,
3. Army, Police & Security Companies 
4. Education, 
5. Religion,
6. Politics,
7. Banking & Economy

Thank You that You will help us to conquer the fortresses of greed and racial pride and arrogance in the SEVEN H.O.P.E. VALLEYS in our communities, cities, countries:

1. Replace our Religions with a personal Relationship with You,
2. Personal Happiness & Health, 
3. Marriage Harmony, 
4. Family Unity, 
5. Financial Freedom, 
6. Work Responsibility & Fulfilment 
7. Community Protection, Politics & Economics

Please help us bring Your H.O.P.E. salvation, freedom and peace to our families, friends, communities, cities, countries and continents. A peace that will allow all men, women and children to live in freedom and reap the just rewards of their honest work well done! May every person's sweat (work) and skills (talents) be justly measured and renumerated with Your just money gold, silver & copper

Let Thy H.O.P.E. will be done, Almighty God, here on earth AS IT IS in heaven!

Please help each one of us to persevere in love, forgiveness & blessings!

In the Name of Jesus Christ, our Super Star Saviour, we pray!


Please network God's Born Again Followers & Friends of Jesus across all barriers in your community, town, city and province! 

Please get together on a regular basis to pray and take part in peaceful prayer and polite proclamation and even protest marches! 

Please remember ... THE ONLY LANGUAGE THE MEDIA & POLITICIANS UNDERSTAND IS A PUBLIC PEACEFUL  MARCH with banners, flags and songs on a regular basis! 

What a great day it will be when we: 
1. Trust & obey God and
2. Pull together as God's H.O.P.E. Movement across all class, cultural, political, denominational & economical barriers
3. Pray the Our Father's H.O.P.E. Prayer on a regular basis in our families, workplaces, schools, colleges, universities, churches, courts, board meetings and parliaments (municipalities, provincial & national)

God bless

Heaven On Planet Earth.

Matthys is a H.O.P.E. Speaker & Writer and also a H.O.P.E. Life, Leadership & Liberty "Think Tank" Coach & Consultant.

He engages his audience to exchanges ideas and plans of action at the crossroads of: 
1. Faith in a Good God and
2. Freedom for His people.

He is a practical storytelling speaker and also a determined H.O.P.E. activist and lobbyist with a mission to bring about H.O.P.E. change in our countries & continents at the TOP of the 7 MOUNTAINS and at the BOTTOM of the 7 VALLEYS.

"... on earth, as it is in heaven"