God's Vision for You and the World

stress free

  • Roughly 500 years ago at a very dark time of poverty, and very little hope in Europe German-speaking men like Martin Luther, John Calvin and others were used by God to give birth to the Reformation.

    The Reformation Movement brought to the world the Biblical hope, integrity, discipline, work ethic and creativity which formed the foundation for the restoration of the political and economic freedom and brought a better life for people for Europe and later the United States of America.

    100 years ago prior to 1913                             100 years later in 2013

    1, There were many small local banks               1. There are a few large national banks
    2. Businesses were small & family owned          2. Businesses are large & corporately owned
    3. People could redeem their gold                      3. People can no longer redeem their gold
    4. No income tax in the USA                               4. Income tax with a sliding scale is in place
    5. No Treasury issuing bonds                              5. A Treasury issuing bonds backed by taxes
    6. No Federal Reserve printing paper                  6. A Federal Reserve printing paper money

    In 1913 World War One too much unnecessary blood was spilt and too many families lost too many of their loved ones and their precious family properties and possessions in a war which could have and should have been averted!

    There are many dramatic war photographs,depicting a large amount of blood that was shed in the great wars around the world.

    I put the following questions to you for discussion - let us agree to disagree without being disagreeable:

    “Then Jesus said to the woman. ‘Your sins are forgiven’“Luke 7:48
  • The Secret to be stress free in troubled circumstances.

    How is it that Jesus was able to live free from stress paralysis or fear’s paralysing power? It is important to remember that He too lived in this fallen world.

    The world into which Jesus came was, a world encompassing even more sickness and suffering, malice and hate, treachery and deceitfulness than we see today. There were many things of which He could have been afraid.

"... on earth, as it is in heaven"