God's Vision for You and the World

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We have the opportunity before the next election to make a committed effort: 

... to ERADICATE THE BREEDING GROUND for corrupt leaders and supporters of Unethical Expropriation of Land and Assets without compensation throughout Africa.

We have the opportunity before the next election to make a committed effort:
... to EMPOWER Supporters for Ethical Expropriation of Land and Assets
with just compensation, through: 

A. VOTER CANDIDATE Education & Qualifications for the UNINFORMED voters, citizens and nationalities from neighbouring countries who are all working in South Africa! 

B. LEADERSHIP CANDIDATE Screening, Education & Qualifications for POTENTIAL leaders who know, fear, trust or obey God to the best of their ability and who aspire to become: 

  1. Qualified & Ethical Community Protectors in the Media, Judiciary, Police, Army
  2. Qualified & Ethical Voters!
  3. Qualified & Ethical Candidates for leadership in politics, business, education, etc!
  4. Qualified & Ethical Members in governing bodies & boardrooms (protection, politics, finances, business & non-profits)
    Members who also do not have an independent vote!

MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON US AND BLESS ALL AFRICANS (Black, Brown & White) to share and work together to CREATE WEALTH & JOBS within a BIBLICAL JUST MONETARY & FINANCIAL SYSTEM which rewards sweat and skills and is a blessing to the families and communities.

We declare that God's H.O.P.E. Vision for Africa and the World will become a reality!

We pray GOD's BLESSING OVER YOU as you pray for YOUR family, friends, colleagues at work/on the sports fields and all the citizens in your community, country & continent TO FEAR GOD, TRUST GOD, OBEY GOD, and in so doing, TO BE BLESSED BY GOD!! 


Dr Matthys Michael de Kock 
   Coaching & Consulting

"... on earth, as it is in heaven"