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THE FOUR Biblical Principles & Precepts for BEEP which are also accepted by most religions to be foundational for the benefit of the well-being of our families and our communities are the following:

  1. We acknowledge that God is great, is good, is a generous giver and that He is our source of provision and that nothing is impossible for Him = i.e. everything is
HIMpossible for Him! If He could do it for Moses and His people He can do it for us!

  2.  We repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness for :
    - Not trusting Him,
    - Not taking responsibility for the cleanliness, security, and order in our homes, properties, pavements, streets and workplaces and streets
    - Not doing politics, economics or banking God’s way (according to His precepts) and
    - Putting our trust in the ideas and opinions of man and not in His! We commit ourselves to JUST trading and JUST scales for wages, salaries, and pricing of products and services.

  3. We need REAL JUST money and not unbacked fiat PAPER money!
    We need money that cannot be manipulated by a politician, a banker or any person and which gives them the opportunity to commit 'legalised' theft!

  4. . We ensure that there are in place enforceable:
    - Discipline and security,
    - Clear goals, boundaries, rules and discipline,
    - Cleanliness,
    - Healthy work ethics,
    so that we are able to create wealth and jobs for our families, friends and neighbours


The above goals are to be promoted and enforced with gentleness and firmness by the fathers in the homes and by the leaders in the communities (especially in the schools, religious organisations security forces and by the judiciary).

Biblical principles & precepts for BEEP

"... on earth, as it is in heaven"