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LESSONS LEARNT from our life experiences in Africa and Abroad

My wife Lorraine and I have been privileged to enjoy good health and to have the means to be involved in community projects (better homes, fruit and vegetable gardens, clinics, stores, coach management skills of people and money as well as farming and hospitality skills) to help improve the quality of the lives of the poorer people in the community.

We unfortunately have also experienced the destruction of most of what was achieved over generations by the big "crooks" in society. My life was in danger on three occasions, the last time with my wife, because of the lack of good "cowboys" in the police and armed forces who could not or would not uphold the  judgements of the courts. Our experience was just another example of where the good "cowboys" could not stop and deal with the bad "crooks".

As a businessman in the farming and hospitality industry creating wealth and jobs I have thus seen first hand the increase in poverty and hardship of the people through the unnecessary destruction of wealth and jobs for political and financial gain for a few politicians. Food production and protection and creation of wealth and jobs is of utmost importance. Without long term protection of food production and wealth creation by the justice system, the police and the security  forces there is no hope of setting the poor free from poverty.

Without long term food production and wealth creation through many smaller enterprises (instead of few large enterprises) there is no long term free and fair competition in the market place. Fair and free competition is essential to ensure security for jobs, just renumeration and just prices for the man in the street. Without it there will ultimately be no jobs, justice, joy and peace in the community. The Lord is also very clear on the issue of protecting or building an economy and good communities. Without His involvement we are waisting our time. Eventually there will be discontent and revolution in the streets. We must not forget the French Revolution.

As a medical doctor I became more and more aware that doctors and nurses are mostly treating the symptoms and very seldom treating the main cause of the various ailments, namely stress.  There is good stress, but the stress which people experience because of broken relationships, conflicts and their struggles just to survive, to keep all the 'balls' in the air and to keep their noses above water (finances) is a killer ! Philanthropists and other organisations (religious, government and non governmental) should also allocate much more time, talents & treasures to tackle the causes of the problems in society. They are presently spending too much of their time, talents and treasures on tackling the symptoms of the problems!

Presently as a Life -Leadership -Liberty Coach and Consultant (on a one on one basis and through facilitating group discussions) we are sharing our life experiences and lessons learnt in Africa and Abroad. We pray that people and especially the youth will learn from our experiences, successes and failures in all the areas of our life wheels. It is our prayer that they not repeat our mistakes and will build on our successes in all the areas of their lives = Personal Happiness, Marriage Harmony, Family Unity, Financial Freedom, Work Fulfilment, Community Impact (Politics & Economics God's Way)

Through all our trials and tribulations the Lord has shown us, coached us and convinced us:

1. that prevention is better than cure. All concerned must allocate more time and money towards  prevention than towards cure and also towards treating the cause and not merely treating the symptoms.

2. that what is presently paraded as democracy is a lie and that the cure for the financial crisis facing
the world will not be found in either capitalism or socialism, but in a fair & free enterprise system supported
a. by a constitutions based on the best seller of all time the Bible
b. by good men and women in the judiciary, police and armed forces who will uphold the freedom of the people entrenched in the Constitution

3. that the existing wealth and jobs must be protected and

4. that further job creation must result in more wealth being created. Creaming off of wealth must be curtailed!

5. that justice (what is right and fair) must prevail when it comes to cutting up and sharing the wealth cake between the workers, managers and investors.  Justice leads to joy and peace.

5. that God-fearing leadership and the trusteeship of the God-given rights and assets (knowledge, justice, capital & income) of the beneficiaries (youth, workers, taxpayers, investors. pensioners) is our biggest challenge. Trustees must be held accountable to manage the assets of the beneficiaries (taxpayers, pensioners, savers and investors) not for personal gain and for the benefit of the beneficiaries. Consequences (restitution in cash or kind must be made)

6. that justice in the economy is undermined:
a. by the printing of different fiat money by different countries. It only promotes inflation and other forms of legalised theft!
b. by incurring unsecured debt that is carried over to the next generation and is not spent on wealth creating projects (and thus also no job creation)
It also makes our generation guilty of  stealing from the next generation/s
Answers must be found to bring an end to fiat money so that people are paid for their labour and can also pay with an honest and just basket of weights that can serve as real just "money" .

7. that Father God is waiting for us, the prodigal sons and daughters on His planet Earth, to return to Him and do things His way. We will then be able to enjoy the freedom and peace of living within the boundaries which He created for mankind to be free and happy. i.e. that we use His "recipes" and play the "game" of life by His "rules" and within His "boundaries" . He will then be able to "score" IN us and THROUGH us His ultimate H.O.P.E. goal of Heaven On Planet Earth for our benefit!

QUOTE: from Power 2000 - A Life of Stress Free Success
As long as a fish stays in the water it is free to live (work and play). If fish (mankind) use their  freedom of choice to jump out of the water it will have the inevitable consequences we hear and see on our news broadcasts and in our newspapers.



"... on earth, as it is in heaven"