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IT IS NOT ENOUGH to only hand out some food, clothes or money! We need to do more than merely make a token gesture of treating the causes of crime and a lack of jobs.

All citizens, the media, church leaders and especially the Born Again followers & friends of Jesus, should SERIOUSLY:

1. Repent for not being involved in tackling the CAUSE of unemployment, poverty and crime

2. Promote security, justice, joy and peace by creating job and wealth creation opportunities for all our people and their families who live, work and play in our communities, cities, countries and continents.

3. Combat the lack of fear for God, the lack of vision, and the lack of vision which is so prevalent in our families, schools  and communities.
IT IS ESSENTAIL that we understand and implement POINT 3 of the H.O.P.E. 5 POINT Plan of Action.

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POINT 3 of the HOPE 5 POINT PLAN of Action

Yes! ALL Africans and World citizens and voters (Black, White, Brown) need to pray for and work together to lobby voters and leaders to

1. Restore GODLY GOVERNANCE in our communities which protects and promotes just money, the production of healthy food and the creation of wealth and jobs.

2. Identify, elect and support God-fearing MORAL SERVANT LEADERS (independent and party member) 
through a process of direct representation from Ward > Municipal, > Provincial > National levels.

Leaders who have a proven record of: 
a. Character, comprehension & capability
b. Respecting and successfully implementing & upholding God's Biblical Boundaries and Rules in their own personal lives, marriages, families, finances, workplaces and communities.

3. Re-instate JUST MONEY = Notes, Coins, Internet Banking & Block Chains which are measured and backed by Gold, Silver & Copper!

History has proven that all Unbacked Currencies i.e. IOU Paper Notes, Coins and Internet Banking which are NOT measured and backed by Gold, Silver & Copper will always be a breeding ground for INFLATION (= decline in the buying power of any 'un-backed' currency) and thereby create opportunities for people, knowingly and unknowingly, to: 

1. Commit 'legalised' theft of the savings and pensions of our citizens through false expectation of 'capital growth'. 

2. Exploit the sweat, skills and savings of the uninformed citizens and voters.!

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
Because you have rejected knowledge,
I also will reject you from being priest for Me;
Because you have forgotten the law of your God,
I also will forget your children. Hosea 4:6

The present financial, banking and taxation system OPENS DOORS for corrupt financial and government leaders to commit 'legalised theft' from the uninformed citizens and voters.

These OPEN DOORS WILL ONLY BE CLOSED WHEN families, workers and communities:

1. Are empowered with God's Biblical boundaries and rules for Politics and the Economy. In the interest of all citizens and their families Born Again Citizens are called by God to push back the present darkness prevailing in our families and communities by shining the light of God's Word and Spirit on this issue.

2. Plan and support peaceful marches for the implementation of God's Biblical Political and Economic boundaries and rules in the market place. Such polite & peaceful marches must NOT in any manner endanger people, their properties and their projects which create and promote the production of food, jobs and wealth!

ALL LEADERS (in media, education, religion, judiciary, politics, police, army) are called to learn from history and call our leaders to re-instate God's just weights for sweat, skills & costs = The Gold, Silver & Copper Standard 

IOU = 'I Owe You' currency notes with "I Promise to Pay Bearer on demand .... in gold" has for centuries been used successfully to promote justice in the workplace and in the economy. It also promotes fair trade between countries and continents.

History has proved that the economies which used God's Just Money backed by Gold, Silver & Copper promoted peace, wealth creation, job creation, no inflation and a better life for most of the citizens. For example:

1. During the Byzantine Empire the citizens were not exposed to the "legalised' theft of their hard earned income and savings. Why? Because there was no inflation! 
The Byzantine Empire was the first empire in the world to submit to the authority of the Bible. With a strong belief in Jesus Christ, the Byzantine Empire lasted 1000 years after the end of the Roman Empire. The Byzantine currency consisted of mainly two types of coins: the gold solidus and a variety of clearly valued bronze coins.

2. During the Colonial years gold, silver and copper based currencies protected citizens from inflation and prompted jus
t fair trade between the colonies and also between the colonies and the mother country. The result or consequence was: 
a. Fair Trade between the mother countries and their colonies and other countries
b. Stimulation of successful job and wealth creating projects (farming, fishing, mining, manufacturing, tourism & hospitality) in the colonies.
c. Protection of the buying power of the savings and pensions of all the citizens!  

On the British Pound notes, during the colonial era, was a written promise: "I promise to pay bearer on demand ... so much in gold." At the time the British Pound was just money. In other words, the British Pound notes was a just measure for sweat, skills, costs and thus payments for goods.

The British Pound based on the gold standard was used to pay not only the wages and salaries, but also to: 
1. Pay for the imports 
2. Be paid for the exports
3. Pay for the expenses of the various wealth and job creating industries:
a. The agricultural land, fishing and mining rights, buildings, factories, etc
b. The salaries and wages which managers and workers needed to pay for rent, food, schooling, transport and other living cost.  
4. Pay taxes which was needed to build Roads, Bridges, Telephonic infrastructure, Governmental Buildings (Parliaments, Magistrates, Law Courts, Prisons, Police Stations, Army, Hospitals, Clinics, Schools etc)

3. T
he Bretton Woods Agreement which was fixed to gold and signed after World War 2 brought a stop to the rampant inflation which was experienced in Germany and Europe under then demonic Nazi government.  

Unfortunately the Bretton Woods Agreement was broken by President Nixon of the USA in 1971. Since the end of the Bretton Woods Agreement the citizens of the Third World and African countries (Black, White, Brown) have become the worst victims of inflation because it became possible for the unscrupulous political, banking, financial and business leaders to profit from paper money which is not backed by gold and silver.

The irresponsible printing of 'unbacked' money, with the full knowledge of all politicians, bankers and businessmen and women, fuelled Inflation and opened the door for "legalised" theft:
A. By the more informed Richer Countries from the citizens of the less informed Poorer Countries.
B. By the richer citizens (some uninformed) from the poorer citizens This has handicapped the attempts of the poorer citizens and especially those of the poorer countries to create wealth, jobs and a better live for all their families, communities and citizens.

It is only right and just that citizens world-wide should demand from their leaders that they restore, uphold and promote:

IOU Currency Notes, Coins, Internet Banking & Block Chains which are measured and backed by Gold, Silver & Copper

Fair and Free Trade and Economic Competition.

The implementation of the above is a must and non-negotiable! Only then we will reap Justice, Joy & Peace for our families, communities, countries and continents! 

Gold, Silver & Copper is God's:

1. JUST MEASURE for the work (sweat and skills) done on the farms (farming), in the water (fishing) & in the mines (mining), in hospitality (business & holiday,), tourism! 

2. JUST WEIGHTSfor pricing the costs of purchases, transport, storage, training, education, coaching & consulting

3. JUST PAYMENTS to pay for food, clothing, furniture & services (municipal, accommodation, medical, security etc)

We the Body of Christ and all educated and informed citizens need to REPENT for not calling our families, friends, neighbours and colleagues together to help put pressure on all our leaders (religion, education, media, judiciary, police, army, political, financial and business) and on one another to: 

A. REPENT for allowing our leaders in the USA (President Nixon 1971), Europe, Asia,, India, Africa and the Third World countries to deviate from God's JUST Measures, Weights & Payments for work (sweat & skills) and for costs incurrred to create food, wealth and jobs. We, especaaily the Fiist World citizens the need to REPENT for ignoring one of God's important Biblical Boundaries and Rules for a Better and more Abundant Life for all.

B. SOW and WATER God's H.O.P.E. Vision and COMBAT the lack of Knowledge & Vision which is so prevalent amongst the voters and also the candidates for leadership. 

We the media, parents, teachers and leaders (religions, judiciary, police, army, politicians, bankers and business) are called to repent and to call for the immediate introduction and promotion of 
Voter Education, Qualified Voters, Qualified Candidates, Qualified Leaders (Character, Comprehension, Capability) in our homes, schools and churches.

Yes! Citizens are crying out for Leaders of character. Leaders who have the comprehension as to what is in the best interest of all citizens of all beliefs and cultures. Leaders who have the knowledge and competency/capability to do what is right and just for all the citizens. 

i.e. Qualified Voters voting for Qualified Candidates (Character, Comprehension, Capability) > Ward > Municipal > District > Provincial > National > Executive Cabinet Ministers & Prime Minister > Non Executive Councillors & President. 

C. STOP INFLATION which opens the door to commit 'legalised' theft from the: 
- Poorer citizens by the richer citizens 
- Higher inflation and poorer countries by the lower and richer countries.

Inflation facilitates 'legalised' theft on various fronts, e.g. Pension Funds and Trade Agreements between richer countries with lower inflation  and poorer countries with higher inflation. 


Legalised theft should be sentenced accordingly and equally! 

D. RETURN to IOU Promissory Monetary Notes/Coins and Internet Banking Payments which are measured and backed by gold, silver & copper. 

E. PROMOTE Voter Education, Qualified Voters, Qualified Candidates, Qualified Leaders (Character, Comprehension, Capability,) and Direct Representation from local government to national government (municipal/rural > provincial > national).

Switzerland is a good example of a country which has enjoyed peace and prosperity for all the Swiss citizens and voters from different cultures, languages and religions! Why not use a similar constitution and governance 'recipe' for peace and prosperity.

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord. As the waters cover the sea! Habakkuk 2:14

Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he Prov 29:18 KJV

We are called to pray and vote for God's H.O.P.E. Direct Representation at all levels of government by proven God-fearing competent leaders at all levels of government who have the necessary character, comprehension and capabilities 

God bless Africa and the World with God's H.O.P.E. Vision and Knowledge,
God bless All Africans and Citizens of the World (Black, White, Brown)


Dr Matthys Michael de Kock
Consultant & Coach
Life, Liberty, Leadership
Freedom, Justice, Joy, Peace

"... on earth, as it is in heaven"