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Revenge and anger vented through strikes and violence in the workplace are often offered as a solution for our financial problems and for our lack of jobs and low wages.

Any revenge and anger vented because of family discord and strikes and resulting in the destruction of property and jobs is definitely not the answer to the many challenges we face in our families and communities!

QUESTION: How can we and should we overcome the anger and desire to ‘get even’ with our unfaithful family members (spouses, parents), ungrateful children, unjust bosses, lazy co-workers, people who gossip, lie, slander, steal and leaders who abuse their power and positions as trustees, directors, politicians, bankers and preachers to enrich themselves at the expense of  the beneficiaries, shareholders, taxpayers and members?

The ANSWER to our MANY challenges includes: 

  1. Repenting and applying the H.O.PE 5 Point plan  
  2. Lifting up Jesus above all religions and denominations
  3. Replacing religion with a personal relationship with Jesus, the Super Star of History
  4. Introducing a Qualified Franchise
  5. Creating wealth & jobs


1. Forgive and love those who wrong and disappoint us (PLEASE NOTE .. it is the first and most important step)

2. Live in the presence of Jesus and lift up His life, His 'Our Father's Prayer' and His H.O.P.E. dream in front of your enemies.

3. Do what you can to ensure there are just weights (real money) in the economy and use them..

4. Be a Steward of God's land & water. Create wealth and jobs by H.O.P.E. Dream Teams who have a written undertaking on how their piece of the 'wealth cake' will be shared

5.  Vote for God-fearing born-again people of character, capacity and comprehension from across all political boundaries into all organisational leadership positions, especially judicial, police, political, business and governmental. 

THE BIG QUESTION, however: Is Jesus in you? Are you born again? How do you know?

How much space does He have to move in your mind and in your heart? What 'clutter and mess' presently fills your mind and heart which makes it impossible for Jesus and the Holy Spirit to move and work in your mind and heart to help you, love, forgive and bless your family, friends and colleagues? Are you sure you are truly born again in your spirit?


Selwyn Hughes writes: "How do we fell the great giant of revenge? Our weapon is the smooth stone of forgiveness. ‘Ah, easier said than done,’ I hear you say. ‘Jesus may have been able to do that but I am not Jesus.’ My gentle response is this: if Jesus lives in you then He can also love in you.

Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”’ (Luk 23:34)

The first person ever to die for Jesus was Stephen. He was unjustly murdered. But Jesus lived in him and loved in him. As the stones pounded the life out of his body his last words were a prayer. A prayer, you remember, that was similar to that spoken by Jesus after they hammered him to a cross: ‘Lord, do not hold this sin against them’ (Acts 7:60).

So let me say again, if Christ lives in you then He can also love in you. The crucial factor is how much you are prepared to relinquish control of your life. Some give the Lord little space in their lives and wonder why they cannot put into operation the more challenging biblical truths, such as forgiveness of others, reconciliation and so on. Here, then, is the simple principle that I have found that explains much of the mystery as to why some Christians are able to achieve much more than others: the more territory Christ occupies in our heart the more effective will be His influence on what we say or do. 

The spirit of love, forgiveness and blessing, expressed in the first words Christ spoke from the cross – ‘Father, forgive them’ – can be found in your heart if you allow Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, to have His full way in your life.

In His strength you and I too can forgive insults and injuries, pray for our enemies and love and bless them to the end.

Let us exchange the word 'my' with 'His" and sing Frank Sinatra's beautiful song as follows:
"And I did it His Way" instead of "And I did it my way"


"... on earth, as it is in heaven"