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Annually the World Economic Forum  meets to discuss  "the financial crisis & hardship/poverty"

  • Davos in Switzerland is the town where the world financial, political & business leaders annually attend the World Economic Forum.  It must be one of the most important and powerful networking opportunities for all leaders!
  • Oxfam is a leading international philanthropy organisation.
  • GGW is short for The GG WORLD HOPE FOUNDATION, an infant empowerment foundation with the purpose to set people, from across all barriers, FREE from guilt, poverty, debt & stress.

The "FINANCIAL CRISIS & the HARDSHIP, POVERTY and CONFLICTS we face is a global one,  affecting our families, communities, countries and continents.

 The SOLUTION for the problem is an individual one = you and me. Yes, you and I are presently part of the problem because we:

1. either lack the knowledge of the Big Picture of how the present Financial System works 

   "My people perish because of a lack of knowledge",

2, or we lack not only the comprehension but also the character and capacity or capability to do what we need to do

3. or just because we do nothing.

   "Evil prevails where good men and women do nothing"

   "Darkness can only exist because of a lack of light"

   "You are to be the light and the salt of the earth"

THE BIG CHALLENGE WE ALL FACE = HOW will we the people:

  1. be set free from big government, big banks, big corporations and big religious organisations?
  2. be able to see justice, joy and peace in our communities, countries and continents?
  3. be happy, be free of guilt, debt, poverty, disease, violence and stress?

Let us agree to disagree without being disagreeable.

Let us look at the recent Oxfam report which calls on world leaders attending the World Economic Forum in Davos  “to end extreme wealth by 2025 and to reverse the rapid increase in inequality seen in the majority of countries in the last 20 years.” 

GGW comment: We agree, but the question is how will it be achieved?

Oxfam's new report, ‘The Cost of Inequality: How Wealth and Income Extremes Hurt us All,’ argues:

"The extreme concentration of wealth actually hinders the world’s ability to reduce poverty"
GGW; we agree  You: do you agree or disagree?

"The world’s 100 richest people earned a stunning total of $240 billion in 2012 – enough money to end extreme poverty worldwide four times over, Oxfam has revealed, adding that the global economic crisis is further enriching the super-rich.

" extreme wealth is unethical, economically inefficient, politically corrosive, socially divisive and environmentally destructive".
GGW: we agree    Do you agree or disagree: ?

The problem is a global one",

”In the UK inequality is rapidly returning to levels not seen since the time of Charles Dickens. In China the top 10 percent now take home nearly 60 percent of the income. Chinese inequality levels are now similar to those in South Africa, which is now the most unequal country on Earth and significantly more [inequality] than at the end of apartheid.”
GGW: we agree to disagree      You: do you agree or disagree?
GGW comment: I have not seen any evidence that inequality in the UK is near the levels seen in the time of Charles Dickens. I have not been to China so I cannot comment. Possibly Jeremy has seen areas of the UK I have not.

Executive Director of Oxfam International Jeremy Hobbs said.

“We can no longer pretend that the creation of wealth for a few will inevitably benefit the many – too often the reverse is true,”

GGW; we agree        You: do you agree or disagree?
GGW comment: We would re-word the above statement as follows:

“We can no longer believe that the creation of wealth and especially the creaming off of wealth for a few will inevitably benefit the many – the reverse is true, and eventually no-one will benefit." Have we forgotten the French Revolution?”

Hobbs continues to explain "that concentration of wealth in the hands of the top few minimizes economic activity, making it harder for others to participate". “From tax havens to weak employment laws, the richest benefit from a global economic system which is rigged in their favour.”
GGW: we agree, but we do not agree about tax havens  Do you agree or disagree:?
GGW comment: Tax havens are necessary to protect the wealth justly acquired by all honest and hard-working citizens of the world, whether richer or poorer. Tax havens should protect their rightfully gained assets from the politicians and their friends who are using "legalised theft" to steal their hard-earned real money and assets. Please see Reflection on Remembrance Day & the Hidden Secrets of Money. Tax havens should be available to all people until an end has been brought to the present system of legalised theft and a just tax system is in place.

The Oxfam report highlights that "even politics has become controlled by the super-wealthy, which leads to policies “benefitting the richest few and not the poor majority, even in democracies.”

“It is time our leaders reformed the system so that it works in the interests of the whole of humanity rather than a global elite,” the report said.
GGW; we agree      You: do you agree or disagree?
GGW comment: We wish to add. “It is time that we the people ensure that our leaders who attend meetings like the one in Davos not only reform the present system but also ensure that they themselves are reformed (i.e. are people who have the necessary character, capacity and comprehension of the big picture. They will then be able manage the assets of the people in the interests of the whole of humanity rather than a global elite.

The four-day World Economic Forum has held annually during January in Davos, Switzerland.  Please pray that God will intervene when the world financial leaders gather at Davos for a meeting that will focus on reviving the global economy, the eurozone crisis and the conflicts in Syria and Mali.

GGW comment: On behalf of all people we call on the world financial leaders gather to focus:

  1. on the character and capacity of the leaders present at the meeting and on their comprehension of the Big Picture of the present financial system of slavery.
  2. on the real causes of the eurozone crisis and the conflicts worldwide.
  3. on reviving a fair free enterprise and just money in the economy.

Where there is no justice (what is right and fair) when it comes to the economy and printed money there is no joy and no peace.

The leaders at Davos should not merely use the crisis and conflicts worldwide to further the personal interests of the present leaders in politics, in business and especially in the arms industry and at the expense of the people of the world who suffer poverty and hardship.

You and I should not merely complain about the present financial, political and religious crisis we are facing in our families, communities, countries and continents, we should come up with solutions, roll up our sleeves, make a stand and do what is right and fair for all!

"An epidemic (bad or good) starts with an individual with the 'infection". What is 'good infection' you spreading through the Power of  Multiplication?  We need a viral spread of the solutions. The poor people in spirit, soul, body and finances need a "hand up" instead of a "hand out" and the opportunity and the incentives to work within a free and fair enterprise system to replace the present systems of capitalism and socialism.

Yes, the problem of POVERTY and HARDSHIP is a global one, The solution is, however, an individual one = you and every Good N.E.W.S. individual in your family and your circle of friends and colleagues are the answer to the problems we face on this planet. 

You and I need to:

Network with one another and

Empower one another with knowledge and opportunities to become


  • - who will not perish because of a lack of knowledge
  • - who create wealth and jobs and
  • - who ensure that there is justice (fairness for all) and a free and fair financial and system in place to replace the present capitalist and socialist systems
    - who Sow transparency, truth and vision and help many captives to be Set free.

Like David, the small and young GG World HOPE Foundation (and all small and young like-minded Dream Teams who take hands to realise God's H.O.P.E Dream) CALL ON the big and old world leaders attending the World Economic Forum in Davos and ALSO CALL ON all the leaders, citizens and especially the youth in our communities, countries and continents serving in various organisations (religious, judicial, police, armed forces, business, political, governmental and non profit organisations like Oxfam)

  1. to commit to God, God's plans, God's real money (gold and silver) and to Godly Governance by God fearing people "I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and to give you a hope" 
  2. to address the cause of our problems and not only deal with the symptoms of the problems we face and to ensure that there is justice (what is right and fair for everyone) in our communities, countries and continents
  3. to abolish all forms of "legalised theft", e.g
    a. inflation, printing unbacked currency, issuing unbacked electronic drawing rights,
    b. fluctuating interest rates, usury interest rates,
    c. the 'casino' economy (which today is larger than the real economy) which is fuelled by greed and fear in order to cream off wealth and even steal money from the retirement funds of pensioners.
    d. sliding scale of tax, capital gains tax on inflation, inheritance tax,
  4. to introduce professionally determined "intrinsic valuation guidelines and margins" within which pension fund managers can buy or sell commodities, shares or stocks on behalf their clients and especially pension funds
  5. to introduce professionally determined "intrinsic valuation guidelines and margins" within which pension fund managers can buy or sell commodities, shares or stocks on behalf their clients and especially pension funds
  6. to return or reimburse all the confiscated real money gold and silver and 'creamed off' movable and immovable property to their rightful owners without jeopardising the creation of wealth and jobs.
  7. to ensure that every person involved in any project has a written rightful claim to a predetermined share in the upside of the project in return for his or her input whether it is for their idea, information, inspiration or investment of time & talents (management or labour), and treasures (money).  i.e his or her predetermined "piece of the cake"  in the project is secured.
  8. to set all people free from the clutches of unscrupulous leaders who lack the character, capabilities and comprehension of the big picture. In other words:
    a. who are themselves not faithful and trustworthy to their own spouses, families and team members at work.
    b. who not only cream off the wealth created by all concerned (investors, management & workers) through various mechanisms of  "legalised theft" (e.g. confiscating the real money belonging to the people,  imposing burdensome taxes and interest rates, introducing sliding scale for taxation and fluctuating interest rates, creating inflation,
    c. who then also manage and allocate the "creamed off" capital assets and income that rightly belongs to the people for their own personal benefit at the expense of the either the citizens or beneficiaries and investors who are the rightful owners.

DO YOU REALLY CARE to hear the CRY FOR FINANCIAL FREEDOM and specifically the cry for freedom from poverty and hardship?


  • The minimum you can do is to forward this post to your Network of family, friends and colleagues at your place of work and play. With prayer and a click of your mouse or phone you can let the Holy Spirit use the Power of Multiplication you harnessed to do the work of sowing and preparing the soil in the minds and hearts of the people.
  • Make sure you are born again in the spirit and are "infected" with love (care),  faith (trust) and hope (expectancy).
  • Make sure you are "infected' with the H.O.P.E. fact = that the prayer which Jesus the Super Star of History and the Hub of your Life Wheel and World taught us to pray (that our Father's name be honoured, His kingdom come and His will be done here on earth as it is in heaven  i.e. H.O.P.E = HEAVEN ON PLANET EARTH)  will be answered and will eventually be evident to all and be experienced by all.

GOD BLESS YOU and the beautiful planet, people and projects entrusted to us.


"... on earth, as it is in heaven"