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On the one hand, THE CRY FOR FREEDOM  from hunger, poverty, guilt, rejection, broken relationships, loneliness, debt, stress, disease, crime, corruption, abuse and fear IS DEAFENING for those who can hear and especially for those who care to hear!

On the other hand, THE CRY OF GOD'S HEART for everyone across all cultural, religious, denominational, political and organisational barriers is for them to hear and experience

1. that He has a H.O.P.E. Dream & Plan for Africa, the Americas, Australasia,
Europe and every corner of planet earth = "Heaven On Planet Earth"

2. that they are the TARGET of His love, forgiveness, blessings and life of true

3. that they are INVITED by Him to be part of His plan to realise His H.O.P.E. Dream
and to be a member of one of His Dream Teams. The final H.O.P.E score of
victory is already on the score board ! The H.O.P.E Dream Team members only
need to complete the "match" and consider it pure joy if and when they face all
trials and tribulations during the "match".

4. that they have a FREE CHOICE to accept or reject His invitation to play in one
of His Dream Teams and EXCHANGE their thoughts and the world's thoughts
for His thoughts on how to enjoy His love, forgiveness & blessings in their
communities, countries and continents

5. that they need to keep F_D_C top of mind at all times:
i.e carefully consider the Facts, make their Decisions and then either
celebrate or suffer the Consequences of their free choices/decisions

THE GG FREEDOM KEY to unlock the Power to Set one another Free (P2SF)  = the renewal of one another's minds and hearts through interaction! The application  of the knowledge  from the Word of a Good & Great God (GG) pertaining to Personal Happiness, Marriage Harmony, Family Unity, Financial Freedom, Work Fulfillment & Communnity Impact (Social Justice) = the High Road of Wisdom to a better life  for all. = H.O.P.E (Heaven On Planet Earth)
Knowledge (Facts) + Application 
(Decision & Do) = H.O.P.E. (Consequences)

TO READ FURTHER: www.Power2SetFree.net


"... on earth, as it is in heaven"