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Financial Freedom

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BEFORE YOU DISCUSS YOUR FINANCES  - INVITE Father God, Jesus Christ & Holy Spirit into your discussions and decisions about what you want for your family finances!!  



  1. Do you look forward to find out what it means to be financially free and how you, your spouse, family and friends in you community, country and continent can be financially free?

  2. Did you know that you can be financially free without having any money in your bank account?

  3. Did you know that you can have lots of money in your bank account while you are not free of the hold that money can have over you?

  4. Do you know that you can be born again into financial freedom? Prince William and Prince Harry were born into financial freedom. You may be asking: "How were they born into financial freedom?
    They were born into the Royal Family of England! A country not much bigger than the Kruger National Park in South Africa

  5. DO YOU know that you can likewise be 'born again' into the richest Royal Family in the universe and thus also share in the financial freedom enjoyed by any member of the Royal Family of God?
    That does not mean God will entrust every member of His Royal Family with the same amount of wealth. It however means that you can have a Father:
    a. Who has the means to meet your every need!
    b. Who will entrust as many finances to you as He can trust you with!
        Consider Joseph, Daniel and their friends as examples.

  6. DO YOU know that God commands you not to worry about tomorrow, your finances or what you will eat or wear?

  7. DO YOU know that YOU CAN relax, be stress-free and enjoy peace of mind and financial freedom from the very moment that you: 
    a. Believe God is Good, God is Great and that He is a Good Giver
    b. Repent of your rebellion against God, your distrust in Father God and your disobedience to do what is Biblically right and best for you, your spouse, children, finances, work & community.
    c. Are Born Again in your spirit by hearing the knock of Jesus, the Super Star of History, on your heart and inviting Him into your life - i.e. into your spirit and soul (mind, heart & will)  as your personal Saviour and Lord.

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THE PURPOSE of this article has been to introduce you to what you, your family, colleagues and friends can do to
1. ACHIEVE Financial Freedom before your funeral and before theirs!
2. DISCOVER how you and they can be a part of the solution to tackle, unemployment poverty and crime!
3. ENSURE there is justice and fairness for the workers, the managers, the investors, the taxman, the clergy and for the bankers!

FIVE THINGS YOU CAN DO to promote Financial Freedom and a Better Life for All

  1. Only do what God tells you to do.

  2. Do what your hand finds to do in and around where you live. Clean, grow vegetables and rear chickens!

  3. Do whatever work you find to do even if it is unpaid and Father God will make sure you are well compensated.!

  4. Do not give bread or money to someone who can work and does not work.

  5. Ensure that politicians, directors and trustees are in place who do NOT manage the finances belonging to citizens, shareholders or beneficiaries for their own personal gain and at the expense of the citizens, shareholders or beneficiaries who are the owners of the finances.

In other words, ENSURE THAT the following of THE 5TH point of the H.O.P.E. 5 POINT PLAN is in place  :

  1. The religious, political and business leaders are not corrupt and do not take (tax or expropriate) from you and from your family, friends and colleagues what is not Biblically allowed.

  2. The necessary leadership checks have been done on their character, capacity and comprehension of God's H.O.P.E. 5 POINT PLAN of Action!

  3. They have a proven CLEAN FAMILY & FINANCIAL management record BEFORE they stand for election and before they are sworn into office.

Please make sure you and your friends understand how your life of financial freedom completes God's BIG PICTURE for H.O.P.E.  - Heaven On Planet Earth?

What are you personally doing to protect WEALTH and JOBS?


  1. Support LEADERS who have the character, the capabilities and the comprehension of the H.O.P.E. Financial Big Picture?

You are encouraged to follow Gandhi's example of using peaceful protests.
Lobby and march peacefully for discipline, security, just trade & just weights for wages, salaries, product quality control & pricing in your community?

  1. Lobby people to take part in Prayer & Polite Protests (i.e no harm or damage is done to people, properties & projects)?
  2. MAKE USE of the H.O.P.E. STOP & THINK Life - Leadership - Liberty coaching opportunities about H.O.P.E. Financial Freedom.
  3. Bring alternative and better solutions for our financial crisis to the Think Tank discussion table?
  4. Be a person who L.U.V.S. your neighbour. ... 3 L's, 1 U, 1 V and 3 S's
    i.e a person who demonstrates and promotes:
    - Love, Loyalty, Leadership,
    - Unity
    - Vision
    - Servanthood, Stewardship, Strategy


 COMMENT ON THE OUTCOME OF THE SWISS GOLD REFERENDUM in which the No vote carried the day on this occasion:

1. It was not the Lord's time.

 2. How we go about doing what needs to be done is very important.

3. It would appear that the Swiss people did not support the people who put forward the proposal for a vote.

SWISS GOLD Referendum Nov 30 2014.

My prayer for my Swiss friends is for them not to drop the baton of "the 600 year peace and prosperity success story of Switzerland". The world needs a role-model nation.

The purpose of the referendum is to re-instate and repatriate the gold holdings belonging to the citizens of Switzerland back to Switzerland for safe keeping by the Swiss National Bank on behalf of the Swiss people.
I believe the purpose is more about returning to their 600 year winning recipe for financial security, justice, freedom and peace for all their fellow citizens .

Roughly 500 years ago at a very dark time of poverty, and very little hope in Europe German-speaking men like Martin Luther, John Calvin and others were used by God to give birth to the Reformation.

The Reformation Movement brought to the world the Biblical hope, integrity, discipline, work ethic and creativity which formed the foundation for the restoration of the political and economic freedom and brought a better life for people for Europe and later the United States of America.

100 years ago prior to 1913                             100 years later in 2013

1, There were many small local banks               1. There are a few large national banks
2. Businesses were small & family owned          2. Businesses are large & corporately owned
3. People could redeem their gold                      3. People can no longer redeem their gold
4. No income tax in the USA                               4. Income tax with a sliding scale is in place
5. No Treasury issuing bonds                              5. A Treasury issuing bonds backed by taxes
6. No Federal Reserve printing paper                  6. A Federal Reserve printing paper money

In 1913 World War One too much unnecessary blood was spilt and too many families lost too many of their loved ones and their precious family properties and possessions in a war which could have and should have been averted!

There are many dramatic war photographs, depicting a large amount of blood that was shed in the great wars around the world.

I put the following questions to you for discussion - let us agree to disagree without being disagreeable:

"... on earth, as it is in heaven"