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Financial Freedom

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BEFORE YOU DISCUSS YOUR FINANCES  - INVITE Father God, Jesus Christ & Holy Spirit into your discussions and decisions about what you want for your family finances!!  



  1. Do you look forward to find out what it means to be financially free and how you, your spouse, family and friends in you community, country and continent can be financially free?

  2. Did you know that you can be financially free without having any money in your bank account?

  3. Did you know that you can have lots of money in your bank account while you are not free of the hold that money can have over you?

  4. Do you know that you can be born again into financial freedom? Prince William and Prince Harry were born into financial freedom. You may be asking: "How were they born into financial freedom?
    They were born into the Royal Family of England! A country not much bigger than the Kruger National Park in South Africa

  5. DO YOU know that you can likewise be 'born again' into the richest Royal Family in the universe and thus also share in the financial freedom enjoyed by any member of the Royal Family of God?
    That does not mean God will entrust every member of His Royal Family with the same amount of wealth. It however means that you can have a Father:
    a. Who has the means to meet your every need!
    b. Who will entrust as many finances to you as He can trust you with!
        Consider Joseph, Daniel and their friends as examples.

  6. DO YOU know that God commands you not to worry about tomorrow, your finances or what you will eat or wear?

  7. DO YOU know that YOU CAN relax, be stress-free and enjoy peace of mind and financial freedom from the very moment that you: 
    a. Believe God is Good, God is Great and that He is a Good Giver
    b. Repent of your rebellion against God, your distrust in Father God and your disobedience to do what is Biblically right and best for you, your spouse, children, finances, work & community.
    c. Are Born Again in your spirit by hearing the knock of Jesus, the Super Star of History, on your heart and inviting Him into your life - i.e. into your spirit and soul (mind, heart & will)  as your personal Saviour and Lord.

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Annually the World Economic Forum  meets to discuss  "the financial crisis & hardship/poverty"

  • Davos in Switzerland is the town where the world financial, political & business leaders annually attend the World Economic Forum.  It must be one of the most important and powerful networking opportunities for all leaders!
  • Oxfam is a leading international philanthropy organisation.
  • GGW is short for The GG WORLD HOPE FOUNDATION, an infant empowerment foundation with the purpose to set people, from across all barriers, FREE from guilt, poverty, debt & stress.

The "FINANCIAL CRISIS & the HARDSHIP, POVERTY and CONFLICTS we face is a global one,  affecting our families, communities, countries and continents.

 Financial FREEDOM is promoted by creating a culture of respecting and protecting people and their personal property and of "blowing the whistle" when theft is being committed.. 

The following "Hands Off"  post by will make anyone STOP + THINK. What he shares is good food for thought for all of us. It is a "must read" for those who stand for freedom for all. Dr MM

Workers Day Holiday is a good day to consider our future H.O.P.E. on this planet earth.

Work and worship come from  the same root word. When we work (create & clean) we in fact worship a Creator Who has created a beautiful world  for all people of all cultures to enjoy and to protect. The privilege bestowed on us to enjoy the beautiful mountains, beaches, country side, animals, etc requires of us to take responsibility for that which has been given to us. Let us encourage one another to take care of our planet and to be creators of something that will benefit all people. In the process we will create more wealth & jobs. Let us enjoy all the working days until the next Workers Day Holiday! Everyday is the day the Lord has made. Let us be glad in it and be a blessing to oneanother.

On this FREEDOM DAY  in South Africa we ...must give more earnest heed to the words of the angel Heb 2. Words of the angel in Luke 2:11: "Be not afraid; for behold I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all the people: for there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord." King Jesus is our Savior! We encourage all South Africans to see today "Jesus crowned with glory and honour"!

ALL SOUTH AFRICANS, black, brown & white, including all those Africans from other African countries working in South Africa are called to make the following 'F-D-C' STEPS towards HOPE by adopting a Swiss model of Government adapted for Africa!

The Swiss Model of Government which adopted more than 600 years ago by different nationalities and religions . Before the Swiss Model of Government was adopted the citizens had been fighting and killing one another and experiencing poverty and an unacceptable standard of living.    

God is calling all African and World citizens to make the following 'F-D-C' Stops

'F-D-C' STOP A. 
1. Grab hold of and sow the Biblical FACT that Africa is His continent.
2. Make the right DECISIONS, in other words, TRUST & OBEY Him and all Africans will,
3. Reap the CONSEQUENCES of H.O.P.E =  i.e. experience justice, joy and peace and in so doing enjoy  a taste of Heaven On Planet Earth in our families, communities, cities, countries and continent! 

Please also make 'F-D-C' STOP B:


1. South Africa & Africa is blessed with stunning natural beauty, beaches, mountains, comfortable climate, a huge variety of animals, flora and fauna.

2. South Africa and the rest of Africa also have unlimited food, wealth and job creation potential in farming, fishing, mining, manufacturing, hospitality and tourism. 

3. Yet the African continent which is endowed with unlimited wealth potential is inhabited by the poorest people on the planet!

4. South Africa has kindly and compassionately opened its doors to the millions of desperate people from the rest of Africa who have come down in search of food and an income for their families and friends in their home countries! 

5. IF South African voters make the same mistakes as were made by their counterparts in the other African countries to the north of South Africa THEN all the citizens of South Africa and the visitors will face catastrophic poverty, crime and unrest. All Africans will then have no further options on the African continent to work and earn the money with which they can buy food, pay rent and also share with their families and friends in need who are trapped in poverty in Zimbabwe, Zambia and other African countries! 

"... on earth, as it is in heaven"