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Family Unity

Before you get married and especially before you have children - INVITE JESUS CHRIST
into your discussions and decisions about what you want for your family!!  

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STOP, THINK, DISCUSS (Exchange each other's I.'s & T.'s) & ACT on what you learn

Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with your family and friends

Print out this page and discuss it with your family and friends

Are you really united as a family?

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n Gebed uit "Stukkies van die hemel op aarde" 'n boek geskryf deur professor Dirkie Smit:

“Ons bring die nood en die klag van ons wêreld voor U,
Gewer van alle goeie gawes –
Ons roep saam met hulle, ons sug saam met hulle,
Met almal wat nie daaglikse brood het nie,
Kinders sonder kos, gesinne sonder huise,
Ouers sonder werk, armes sonder hoop.
Ons roep saam met almal wat honger en dors na geregtigheid,
Wat smag na vrede, wat vergaan onder geweld en misdaad,
Wat leef in ewige vrees.
Onferm U tog oor ons.

Ons tree in voor U troon van genade, barmhartige Vader,
Vir almal wat ly onder die gierigheid
En die hebsug van ander,
Onder misdaad, onder misbruik, manipulasie en selfsug.
Ontferm U tog oor ons.

Ons bely voor U, regverdige Regter, ons eie aandeel, ons eie verantwoordelikheid,
Ons eie aandadigheid, ons eie betrokkenheid,
Ons eie versuim, ons apatie, ons skuld –
In hierdie nood en klagte,
Wat opstyg tot in die hemele.
Ontferm U tog oor ons.

  A good person leaves an inheritance for their children's children, but a sinner's wealth is stored up for the righteous. Prov 13:22

 On this day in South Africa we celebrate Heritage Day.

Let us reflect on our diverse heritages, both good and bad.

Let us celebrate and build on our good heritages and learn from our bad heritages.

Let us put out the right hand of fellowship and forgiveness to one another.

Let us on this day appreciate one another and one another's good heritage.


I BELIEVE & PROCLAIM to every person on planet earth
... that ALL POWER belongs to You

... that You love all peoples across all religions, denominations, cultures and all colours (Brown, Black & White) on this beautiful and rich planet earth so much 
that You did not send a religion or a denomination to save mankind from sin, poverty and conflict!

I BELIEVE & PROCLAIM that YOU love every person across all religious, political and financial barriers, so much
... that You sent Jesus our Saviour to:

1. Pay the PRICE for our rebellion against You (= ignoring You and distrusting You)

2. Pave the ONLY way for us to experience 'Stress Free Succces' Living despite Trials & Tribulations through the Power of Holy Spirit,
   From time to time You allow us to experience trials & tribulations so that we can develop our trust in You and in so doing strengthen our relationship with You!

3. Give each person the opportunity to make a free will decision to:
a. Trust You,
b. Obey You and `your Wprd
c. Accept Your Free Gift of Jesus and His death on the Cross 
d. Apply Your Word with the `helpl of Holy Spirit so that we will experience Biblical Governance in every area of our lives = personal, marriage, family, finances, work, community & country and thus enjoy `Life and have it more abundantly!  John 10:10

4. Help us to identify the members of Parliament who have the necessary the 3 C's (character, comprehension & capablity)  we need In our communities and countries.  this requires Qualified Direct Representation in Parliament ... i.e. Qualified Voters elect, from a list of Qualified Candidates., the Members of Parliament who retain their independence to vote on any bill according to their conviction, irrespective of whether they are an independent member or a political party member.


I BELIEVE & PROCLAIM that You Father God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit are hearing our PRAYERS on behalf of ALL Africans (Black, Brown & White) ... across all cultural, denominational and political barriers! 

I BELIEVE & PROCLAIM that You Father God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit are guiding me and All Africans (black, brown & white) to EMBRACE Your H.O.P.E. Biblical Democracy.


PLEASE HELP ME and my friends to fill parliament with Your born again leaders who have the necessary character, comprehension & capability to serve the voters and citizens across all cultural, denominational, political & financial groupings.

I BELIEVE & PROCLAIM that You Father God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit are NETWORKING & EMPOWERING Your Born Again followers and friends of Jesus ... across all cultural, denominational and political barriers ... to be: 

  1. A FOCUSED H.O.P.E. N-E-W-S Team of H.O.P.E. RESTORERS of Heaven On Planet Earth = 
       A Network of Empowered Warriors and Winners who Set Free the captives from Satan & Sin (Sin = not trusting and obeying You!)

  2. PRACTICALLY INVOLVED in their communities and countries to PROMOTE
    a. justice, joy, peace, safety, cleanliness and the creation of wealth and jobs!
    God's Governance through direct representation and because all parliamentarians may have the freedom to vote in parliament on behalf of their community and according to their convictions, irrespective of their party membership!

    THIS I PRAY in the Name above every name, namely Jesus Christ the Super Star Saviour of History (= His  Story!)


The latest developments across South Africa, Hermanus and many other communities, towns & cities in RSA & Africa, have caused me to urgently invite you the reader to join me and many others in the following prayer.

Almighty Father God, Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit:

It is a fact that we South Africans and all Africans are privileged to live on what is surely the most stable and the richest continent with the best climate on planet earth.

Thank you that we are the target of Your love, forgiveness and blessing and that we have the privileg.e to live on this very rich and beautiful continent.

We wish to REPENT and CONFESS that:
- we are perishing because of a lack of knowledge about the 'H.O.P.E. goals' of abundant life which You have for us John 10:10
- we continue to ignore Your Word, Your promises and Your 'HOPE boundaries & rules' for a better and more abundant life for all' Jeremiah 29:11
- we lack the will to HEAR and DO Your Word.

Yes, we lack the will and the commitment to: 
1. Live, work & play within Your Biblical H.O.P.E. 'boundaries and rules' and to
2. Vote for Your 'referees' who can and will blow the whistle and show us the "yellow and red cards" when necessary!

We also neglect to truly honour, love, trust and obey You in so many of the Seven Valleys of our lives. 
1. Personal Relationship with You through repentance & receiving Jesus into our hearts & lives.
2. Personal Happiness & Health
3. Marriage Harmony
4. Family Unity
5. Financial Justice & Freedom
6. Work Fulfilment
7. Community Responsibility & Involvement 

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We do not honour and obey Your 10 Commandments.
We neglect to love, forgive and bless one another across all racial, political, denominational and economic barriers.  
We dishonour You and neglect Your Family Sabbath Day of Rest.
We do not pray “Let Your kingdom come and You will be done here on earth AS IT IS in heaven” with faith and expectation that our prayers will eventually be answered!

Please help us Father God and Lord Jesus Christ to be transparent, honest and straight with You.
Please help us Holy Spirit to be faithful to Father God, Lord Jesus and Your inspired Word, The Bible!.

Thank You Lord God for the Biblical H.O.P.E. 'rules and boundaries', by which and within which, we are to 'play and score’ the H.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth) 'Goals' you have planned for us - Personal Happiness & Health, Marriage Harmony, Family Unity, Financial Freedom, Work Fulfilment, Community Political and Financial justice, joy and peace!

Please give us the strength and the focused determination not to allow the impacts of temporary trials and tribulations to distract us in our long-term H.O.P.E. purpose and pursuit!

Thank you for Your assurance that IF WE ABIDE in You and in Your Word THEN WE SHALL prevail over the unholy forces of Satan and his team of fallen angelic and human beings.


Please help us bring Your H.O.P.E. salvation, freedom and peace to our families, friends, communities, cities, countries and continents. A peace that will allow all men, women and children to live in freedom and reap the just rewards of their honest work well done! May every person's sweat (work) and skills (talents) be justly measured and renumerated with Your just money gold, silver & copper

Let Thy H.O.P.E. will be done, Almighty God, here on earth AS IT IS in heaven!

Please help each one of us to persevere in love, forgiveness & blessings!

In the Name of Jesus Christ, our Super Star Saviour, we pray!


God bless and protect all the families & communities in Hermanus & all the other towns in RSA & Africa,



Our community news, the mini budget, the economic and political news around the world and a radio discussion program:

PRAAT SAAM on Radio sonder Grense with Lynette Francis and Professor Duvenage prompted me to pen the following post on good governance.

Good Governance is essential for personal happiness, marriage harmony, family unity, financial freedom, work fulfilment, wealth and job creation, security, peace and prosperity in our communities

Good Governance is essential if Democracy is to bring about the Freedom, Justice, Joy and Peace for all,
…...across all cultural, class, financial, political and religious barriers.

"... on earth, as it is in heaven"