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Community Involvement


SAFE, PRODUCTIVE & HAPPY FAMILIES & COMMUNITIES IS THE FOUNDATION for Personal Happiness, Marriage Harmony, Family Unity, Financial Freedom and Work Fulfillment in any country. 

One of the best examples of Freedom, Justice & Joy we have in Switzerland.
The Swiss have enjoyed peace and prosperity for more than 600 years!.
Switzerland consists of different communities (German, French, Italian, Romenish and others).
Switzerland rose from poverty and waring factions largely due to the influence of the Reformation and leaders like reformed leaders Calvin and Zwingli. The success of Switzerland is their Biblical Heritage and Focus ON THE COMMUNITY

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1. COMMUNICATE HIS LOVE FOR ALL PEOPLE and HIS PLANS to prosper everyone and to give everyone a hope and a future. He loves every person in all religious organisations and political parties so much... that He did not send any religion, denominations or political party, He sent Jesus His Son.
Most people believe and know Jesus came to earth nearly 2020 years ago.
Some people call Him Lord, Rabbi, Prophet, Teacher etc
But it is still Jesus Who declared: "I have come that you may have life and more abundantly", "I AM The Way, The LIFE and The Truth",  "When I am lifted up I will draw ALL men (male & female) to Myself" and "Unless your are born again (in your spirit) you can not see (understand) the kingdom of God"

- Biblical H.O.P.E. Voter Education (Life, Liberty, Leadership) ... the media, education (schools, colleges, universities, religions. 
- Qualified Voters who have passed a Voter's Test, are responsible working citizens and are capable of identifying ... 
- Qualified Candidates who can stand for election and be elected to serve as ...
- Qualified Members of Parliament who have the freedom to vote according to their personal conviction, conscience and the wishes of their community. 

You are encouraged to take hands across all cultural, political and financial groupings in order to pray and call for an URGENT REFERENDUM for VOTER EDUCATION and for COMMUNITY DIRECT REPRESENTATION IN PARLIAMENT as set out above. In doing so, you and your families and friends will take the FIRST STEPS towards establishing CRIME-FREE, FINANCIALLY-FREE, HAPPY & HEALTHY H.O.P.E. Communities & Countries in Africa and the World. 


YOU ARE INVITED to be H.O.P.E. EMPOWERED & QUALIFIED by Clicking on the World-HOPE.com: 

  1. WORDS  of e.g. JESUS CHRIST The Super Star of History, 'STRESS FREE LIVING despite Trials & Tribulations'
  2. PICTURES e.g. for Happiness & Health, Marriage Harmony, Family Unity, Financial Freedom, Community Unity


  1. Keep the 'THREE TOP POLITICIANS' at the top of your mind and at the bottom of your heart 
  2. Contact the H.O.P.E. Team via Email or Wap for more information about the ACCREDITED H.O.P.E. COURSES -
        Year One Certificate, Year Two Diploma, Year Three Degree 
  3.  Depend on the Holy Spirit to empower you to apply the Word of God: 
        - in the 7 Valleys/Areas of your personal life and
        - to the 7 Mountains of your community, country and continent.


A.  N.E.W.S. THE GOOD NEWS = Network and Empower Winners & Warriors who Set free the Captives from Stress and Satan. All Winners and Warriors 
      from across all barriers involved in:

      1. Security (judiciary, police, army, private) 
      2. Politics (all the voters and the independent and political party candidates)  
      3. Education (media, religions, schools, universities)
      4. Food, Wealth & Job Creation (farming, fishing, mining, manufacturing, hospitality & tourism 
      5. Services (banking, insurance, medicine)  

      from amongst God's born again friends & followers of Jesus The Super Star of History, irrespective of their religion or denomination!

B. Address the LACK OF KNOWLEDGE & VISION people are facing!
    My p

C.  Acknowledge and Respect Father God, Jesus Christ the Son of God and Holy Spirit: 
      - Who were the Creators of the Universe and the beautiful and rich planet earth on which we have the privilege to live, work & play! 
      - Who inspired God's Word The Holy Bible in which we discover:

  1. God’s HOPE Goals for our lives, work & play
  2. God’s HOPE Boundaries within which we must live, work & play 
  3. God’s HOPE Rules by which we must live, work & play 

D.  Share and sow God’s:

  1. HOPE Vision 
  2. HOPE 5 Point Plan
  3. HOPE Qualified Franchise

E.  Pray and fast that the adoption and implementation of God's Biblical VOTER EDUCATION & VOTER RESPONSIBILITIES will replace the present DEMONCRAZY POLITICAL SYSTEM we have today. We must PRAY, FAST and PAVE God's H.O.P.E. WAY FORWARD together, across all political, cultural & financial barriers:

    - Qualified Voters,
    - Qualified Candidates,
    - Qualified Members (municipal, regional, provincial and national government) 
    - Qualified Members who retain their right and freedom to vote according to their conviction on every bill irrespective of party membership
  2. TEMPORARY MEMBERSHIP & LEADERSHIP SUSPENSION while evidence for charges of membership or leadership disqualification is before the courts.

  3. BIBLICAL CONDITIONAL GRANTS for unemployment and free housing, food, education, medical care, etc 

F.  Experience for ourselves a H.O.P.E. touch of Heaven On Planet Earth (i.e. Stress Free Living ...despite the Trials & Tribulations we may have to facie from time to time!)

Democracy, Financial Freedom and a Better Life for All cannot exist when we:

ALL SOUTH AFRICANS, black, brown & white, including all those Africans from other African countries working in South Africa are called to make the following 'F-D-C' STEPS towards HOPE by adopting a Swiss model of Government adapted for Africa!

The Swiss Model of Government which adopted more than 600 years ago by different nationalities and religions . Before the Swiss Model of Government was adopted the citizens had been fighting and killing one another and experiencing poverty and an unacceptable standard of living.    

God is calling all African and World citizens to make the following 'F-D-C' Stops

'F-D-C' STOP A. 
1. Grab hold of and sow the Biblical FACT that Africa is His continent.
2. Make the right DECISIONS, in other words, TRUST & OBEY Him and all Africans will,
3. Reap the CONSEQUENCES of H.O.P.E =  i.e. experience justice, joy and peace and in so doing enjoy  a taste of Heaven On Planet Earth in our families, communities, cities, countries and continent! 

Please also make 'F-D-C' STOP B:


1. South Africa & Africa is blessed with stunning natural beauty, beaches, mountains, comfortable climate, a huge variety of animals, flora and fauna.

2. South Africa and the rest of Africa also have unlimited food, wealth and job creation potential in farming, fishing, mining, manufacturing, hospitality and tourism. 

3. Yet the African continent which is endowed with unlimited wealth potential is inhabited by the poorest people on the planet!

4. South Africa has kindly and compassionately opened its doors to the millions of desperate people from the rest of Africa who have come down in search of food and an income for their families and friends in their home countries! 

5. IF South African voters make the same mistakes as were made by their counterparts in the other African countries to the north of South Africa THEN all the citizens of South Africa and the visitors will face catastrophic poverty, crime and unrest. All Africans will then have no further options on the African continent to work and earn the money with which they can buy food, pay rent and also share with their families and friends in need who are trapped in poverty in Zimbabwe, Zambia and other African countries! 

Let us never forget that Government Money = Voters hard earned Tax Money!

WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? WHAT IS THE WAY FORWARD to achieve a Better Life for All and to experience a touch of H.O.P.E. - Heaven On Planet Earth? 

Let voters and members at ALL LEVELS of Governance:

  1. Consider and acknowledge that the beautiful creation with its massive resources, wealth & job-creating opportunities, declares the glory of a great, gracious and generous God!

  2. Contemplate and consider the UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITIES to partner with God and create wealth, jobs and a more abundant life for all John 10:10  

  3. Appreciate the fact that Father God is not a dictator but a Father who gives every voter and member of parliament the freedom to: 
    a. Have a personal relationship with Him ... or not! 
    b. Trust Him on how to have a better life for all ... or not to trust Him!
    c. Be guided by His Word which contains His guidelines (goals, rules & boundaries) within which all men and women are encouraged to score H.O.P.E. Goals
    d. Live, work, play and vote within the boundaries of God’s Word!
    e. Ensure that there are God-fearing, God-respecting and honouring leaders/referees' on duty who will blow the whistle fairly and when necessary.


- FACT:          Never in HISTORY has any person been forced by God to trust and obey Him! 
- DECISION:  We all have a Free Choice to trust Him and to live, work and play within His HOPE Boundaries and Rules so that we can score H.O.P.E. GOALS  and reap
- CONSEQUENCES of HOPE - Heaven On Planet Earth!

REAP GOOD CONSEQUENCES by SCORING  H.O.P.E. Life Goals for All - Heaven On Planet Earth!

The  above applies to all ’houses' of governance, at municipal, provincial and national levels and also all other organisations (media, judiciary, police, army, business and non-profits) should be built on a solid  Biblical Foundation (God's Just Rules, Just Money, Just Financial Management plus Qualified Voters & Qualified Leadership Teams)".

God's Governance here on earth AS IT IS in heaven will usher in the Justice, Joy, Peace and Abundance for which all citizens of all political and religious organisations are crying out for!

YES! IT IS TIME for God's H.O.P.E. Movement of Born Again Followers & Friends of Jesus and all other Caring Citizens from across all cultural, religious & political barriers to take hands with their families, friends & neighbours and to pray for and take the following necessary steps to EXCHANGE: 

1. Unemployment and Poverty FOR Job and Wealth creation

2. Unqualified Franchise FOR a Qualified Franchise

3. Proportional representation FOR Direct Representation

IT IS TIME to PRAY, CAMPAIGN & MARCH for the implementation of a QUALIFIED FRANCHISE with DIRECT COMMUNITY REPRESENTATION elected by Qualified Voters at all levels of government;


a. Qualified Voters         = 18 Years + Voter Education Certificate + Work or Business Certificate

b. Qualified Candidates = Local Community Certificate for Character + Comprehension + Capability. 

c. Qualified Local Community Leaders elect Qualified District and Provincial leaders

d. Qualified Provincial Leaders elect Qualified National Leaders

e. Qualified Elected Members at all levels of government must retain their right to vote according to their conscience, irrespective of their party affiliation. i.e. They must not be obliged or bound to vote according to the wishes of their party leadership team. 


a. Voters elect their representatives into Local Municipal & Regional Government,
b. Members of Local & Regional Government elect their direct representatives into Provincial Government

C. Members of Provincial Government elect their direct representatives into National Parliament. 

BEFORE THE NEXT 2019 ELECTION ... I encourage all South Africans TO DO EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO ENSURE that:

1. The present Proportional Representation electoral system IS REPLACED by a Direct Representative Electoral System as proposed by The Van Zyl Slabbert Commission (2003) and endorsed by the President Motlandla Commission (2018). 

Both the above commissions have been ignored by parliament!.  


Dear Mrs Speaker and You the Voter,

YES! Enough is Enough!


ALL African Citizens are CALLING ON YOU to:

1. Please give all citizens, and especially God's Born Again Followers & Friends of Jesus from across all religious, denominational and political barriers in our communities, towns, cities, provinces & country the OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE A STEP FORWARD FOR A TRULY FAIR & FREE DEMOCRACY that can and will  UNLOCK GOD'S H.O.P.E. JUSTICE, JOY & PEACE here ... in God's South African Country & on God's African Continent AS IT IS in Heaven! 

2. Please get together on a regular basis to pray and take part in peaceful prayer and polite proclamation marches.
    And if necessary even take part in any peaceful protest marches! 

Dear ALL Citizens,

Please remember that ... THE ONLY LANGUAGE THE MEDIA & POLITICIANS UNDERSTAND IS A PUBLIC PEACEFUL MARCH with banners, flags and songs on a regular basis! 

What a great day it will be when we the citizens and voters: 

1. Trust & obey God 

2. Pull together as God's H.O.P.E. Movement across all class, cultural, political, denominational & economical barriers

3. Pray the Our Father's H.O.P.E. Prayer on a regular basis in our families, workplaces, schools, colleges, universities, churches, courts, board meetings and parliaments (municipalities, provincial & national)

Dear Madam Speaker,

May YOU Madam Speaker, all parliamentarians and prayer groups please give URGENT ATTENTION TO Mr Lekota's DIRECT REPRESENTATION BILL.

As you are aware, it is a Bill which seeks to allow independent candidates who do not represent a political party to be elected to the Provincial and National Parliaments!

"True Democracy = The Voice and Vote of the Voters who elected the Candidate/Member should be Heard and Count in Parliament." Dr Matthys Michael de Kock 

In a true and just democracy, all parliamentarians of all parties should have the freedom to vote according to their personal conviction as to what is right or wrong and according to what they believe is in the best interest of all the citizens. Voters should not be compelled dictated by their political party to vote on any issue which is against their personal conviction and belief!

As we look forward to a better future it is important to look at the following Facts on which to base our Decisions, all VOTERS will be able to reap the Consequences of a BETTER & MORE ABUNDANT LIFE for themselves, their families and their communities! John 10:10

There is NO REASON WHY AFRICA, the most beautiful and richest continent, should have the poorest and most desperate people living on it!  Many citizens from other Independent African countries are also competing for work and an income in South Africa so that they can send money to their families and friends in their home countries to pay for food, schooling and other necessities". Matthys de Kock

WHAT IS THE REASON for the poverty and hardship in South Africa and especially in the countries to the north of South Africa?
"THE ANSWER: There are not as many BIBLICALLY EMPOWERED VOTERS in Africa and South Africa as in other countries who are living, working and voting within a Community - Provincial - National  BOTTOM UP ELECTORAL LEADERSHIP & GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE. We Africans should look at the constitution "recipes" other nations like Switzerland, Germany & the USA use to create wealth and jobs! Africans must improve their recipes so that Africans will not be financial exploited ... because of a lack of knowledge about the flawed "World Monetary System   Dr Matthys Michael de Kock


1. DIRECT VOTER REPRESENTATION AT ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT (via Independent Candidate or Party Member Candidate)

2. ONE QUALIFIED VOTER ONE QUALIFIED VOTE for ONE QUALIFIED CANDIDATE (at Council - District - Provincial - National levels)

3. ONE MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT (Independent of Political Party Membership) ONE INDEPENDENT VOTE in parliament.

May the New Year celebration speeches and the 2019 sitting of Parliament put the FOCUS on: 
God's H.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth) Prayer & Vision for South Africa,,
b. The H.O.P.E. 5 Point Plan of Action to realise Justice, Joy, Peace, Job & Wealth Creation and a Better Life for All.

God bless


Dr Matthys Michael de Kock

Heaven On Planet Earth .. AS IT IS in Heaven!

Matthys is an H.O.P.E. Activist, Speaker & Writer and also an H.O.P.E. Life, Leadership & Liberty "Think Tank" Coach & Consultant.

He encourages his audiences to exchange ideas and implement plans of action at the crossroads of: 
1. Faith in a Good & Great God 
2. Financial & Political Freedom for all God's people across all barriers.

He is a practical storytelling speaker with a mission to bring about H.O.P.E. change in our countries & continents at the TOP of the 7 MOUNTAINS and at the BOTTOM of the 7 VALLEYS of everyday life.



"... on earth, as it is in heaven"