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In this post you will discover:
1. How the present Financial System with it's many currencies came about and at what cost to you the citizen and voter
2. What negative impact the present Financial System has had and still has on most of us  who seek true political and financial liberty
3. Why one can call the present financial system a worldwide financial system of "legalised theft and slavery"
4. What you can do to bring about justice, joy and peace and thus enable people worldwide across all cultural, religious, political and financial barriers to be happy and to be free from poverty, debt, guilt and stress.
5. EVERY SPORT has a Goal, Boundaries, Rules and Referees with a Whistle!

We need to make a decision to aim at God's H.O.P.E. Goals for our families and communities within His H.O.P.E. Boundaries & Rules and with His H.O.P.E. Referees blowing the H.O.P.E. whistle 


Lorraine and I happened to be in the UK on the 100th Anniversary of Remembrance Day (Poppy Day). Poppy day is always celebrated by sporting a red poppy, a minute of silence and a church service at 11.00 am on the 11th Day of 11th Month of 2013. During our visit to the UK I was also introduced to the "Hidden Secrets of Money" video clip.

The video clip confirmed much of what I wrote in "Power 2000 - A Life of Stress-Free Success" and what I have been teaching through the Power 2000 Seminars since 1989.  Remembrance (Poppy) Day and the video clip triggered in me a desire to set aside a special time of reflection and prayer. I thus wish to share my reflections and the video clip with you.
I am also excited about what the Lord is doing and what He wishes to do IN and THROUGH you and each one who believes that we CAN DO ALL things through NOT ANY RELIGION but through a RELATIONSHIP with the Super Star of History and the Hub of your Life Wheel and WorldWho strengthens us.

 100 years ago prior to 1913    100 years later in 2013
1, There were many small local banks   1. There are mainly few large national banks
2. Businesses were small & family owned     2.  Businesses are large & corporately owned
3. People could redeem their gold   3.  People can no longer redeem their gold
4. No income tax in the USA   4.  Income tax with a sliding scale is in place
5. No Treasury issuing bonds   5.  A Treasury issuing bonds backed by taxes
6. No Federal Reserve printing paper   6. A Federal Reserve printing paper money


Every year on Remembrance Day (Poppy Day) we should make a point to remind our families and friends to remember: 

  1. The millions of people, especially men, husbands, fathers, and owners of properties, family businesses and gold who were sacrificed in the wars since 1913.

  2. The millions of survivors whose lives, marriages, families, homes, property, family businesses and their personal wealth were adversely affected by the military call-ups and the time they spent on the battlefields.

  3. The men on both sides of the trenches, equally loved by God, who laid down their weapons to celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day,  but who in obedience to orders resumed the war the next day because they were under orders to shoot one another.

    Please try and picture what impact the forceful removal of the men from their spouses, families, farms and businesses had on their marriages, their children and their businesses and their gold holdings.
We also, however, need to know and remember on future Poppy Days what momentous events took place in 1913.

1913 saw the following:

1. The Great War = World War 1

2. The introduction of a permanent Federal Income Tax (Treasury) in the United States of America

3. The birth of the Federal Reserve Bank USA

Were all the above events in one year a coincidence?
Some people may have reason to think not.
Please use this opportunity to view the Video Clip "Hidden Secrets of Money: It is a must view! See for yourself :
1. See what took place in 1913, 100 years ago and
2. Understand how the present financial system of "legalised theft" and "financial slavery" functions.
Please click on the following link for the 4th episode of "Hidden Secrets of Money" .

As you can see from the video clip some people do have reason to believe that in 1913 while the attention of the people on both sides of the Atlantic and the rest of the world were on the horrors of war some politicians and bankers used the opportunity to lay the foundation of the New World Order or Government with it’s present financial system of "Legalised Theft” and "financial slavery"

With the above facts in mind, it is easy to see and believe that 1913 was the year in which the door was opened for some bankers and politicians to: 

A. Reverse the religious, financial and political freedoms which more and more people were beginning to enjoy as a result of:

  1. The Reformation which spread from Germany and Switzerland across Europe and the world.
  2. The Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution based on the Geneva and Swiss Constitutions.
  3. The Constitutions which were in place to entrench and protect the God-given rights, responsibilities, privileges and boundaries needed for the promotion and protection of a truly political and financially free community and country. A Biblical free society of citizens and voters in which "the power of the people, by the people and for the people" was upheld so that free men and women can live, work, save, invest and vote within a just political and financial society and in the love, the reverence and the ways of the only Good Father God, .

B. Get their hands on the hard-earned real money (gold and silver), savings and investments of the people of the world by:

  1. Robbing the unsuspecting and un-informed people worldwide of their opportunity to be financially free. In so doing they would also jeopardise their personal happiness, marriage harmony, family unity, financial freedom, work fulfilment and their positive impact on their communities.

  2. Introducing unjust paper money as monetary scales and weights into the economy.

THE BIG CHALLENGE WE ALL FACE = HOW will we the people become Happy & Healthy Human-beings?


  1. Set free from big government, big banks, big corporations and big religious organisations?
  2. Positioned in a good place of justice, joy and peace in our communities, countries and continents?
  3. Happy, Healthy and Free of guilt, debt, poverty, disease, violence and stress?

WHAT H.O.P.E. PLAN OF ACTION for BIBLICAL DEMOCRACY must be put in place?:

The people of God from across all present-day barriers (cultures, classes, politics, finances, religions, denominations & nationalities) who have a relationship with Father God and who are followers of Jesus (and not merely followers of a religion or a denomination) need to come up with a clear Plan of Action for going forward:

  1. How DO we bring H.O.P.E where there is presently little hope and even no hope for most people?
  2. How do we get back on track to realise God's Dream for Heaven On Planet Earth - H.O.P.E.?
  3. How do we bring Father God's Holy Spirit inspired Word and the Lord's promise of a more abundant life to all the voters?
  4. How do we invite and allow Jesus Christ the King of kings to revive the Biblical H.O.P.E. Reformation Process in our families and communities, countries and continents?
  5. How can we allow the Lord the Holy Spirit to work IN and THROUGH His born-again children to enable the citizens and the voters worldwide to:
    a. Regain their God-given right to be free and live, work and play in the love, fear (respect) and blessings of the Lord
    b. Reclaim the stolen real money (gold and silver) which used to belong to their families in the past
    c. Become and stay financially free so that they can enjoy more personal happiness, marriage harmony, family unity, financial freedom, work fulfilment and thus be able to make a positive impact in their communities, countries and continents
    d. Bring about the justice, joy and peace of God's kingdom in our families and communities?
    e. Remember that God so loved our enemies that He gave His Son to also set them free from guilt, fear of death, debt & stress?
    f. Respect, love and forgive those who oppose our efforts?
    g. Not fight the darkness but to rather switch on the light?
    h. Let the Light of the World shine so brightly through us that the darkness covering the planet will be dispersed?
  6. What can we do to replace the present Demoncrazy and Unbiblical "One Unqualified Man One Vote" with a Democratic and Biblical "One Qualified Man One Vote"? 
  7. How will we monitor elected leaders for their performance and immediate temporary suspension if there are any rumours of mismanagement and eventual removal if proven guilty?   

MAY GOD BLESS AFRICA & THE WORLD with a true Biblical Qualified Democracy.  May our open our eyes to a Good God Who has created a beautiful planet with abundant resources for everyone on Planet Earth.

We only need to encourage one another to fear, respect, trusts and obey Father God's Promises, Guidelines, Boundaries, Rules and Referees 

EVERY SPORT has a Goal, Boundaries, Rules and Referees with a Whistle!

Yes! We need to make a decision to aim at God's H.O.P.E. Goals for our families and communities within His HOPE Boundaries & Rules and with His H.O.P. E. Referees blowing the H.O.P.E. whistle 





"... on earth, as it is in heaven"