God's Vision for You and the World

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 WISHING YOU and your family JOY, PEACE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS and A TOUCH of H.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth) in 2014.

I am convinced that you share our desire to live, work and play in a safe, free, peaceful and prosperous community, country and continent.


Let us take hands together across family, cultural, class, religious and denominational barriers and step forward with confidence into 2014

Let us SET OUR MINDS on a good relationship with Jesus & with one another and not a religion!

 Let us use the Power of Prayer, the Power of Logosthe Power of Multiplication and the Power of the Social Media in 2014 to set the captives free and to impact and change our community, country, continent and world for the better!

To be effective and experience the Joy and Peace of the Lord (which is our strength) and a Touch of H.O.P.E. = Heaven On Planet Earth:

    • we need focused and specific prayers. There is the story of a man that prayed for a 12 seater dining room table in stink wood.  He received a miniature 12 seater dining table. He was not specific in his prayer about the size! His prayer was answered in every detail except the size.
    • we need justice (what is right and fair in God's sight for all) if we desire joy and peace in our communities
    • we need to ask the person in the mirror the three most important questions in the world:
    • 1. Are you born again? Jesus said: “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”
      In other words, you and I must be born again or we will not see God's kingdom. Joh 3:3
      2. How do you know you are definitely born again in your spirit?
      3. Do you hear and obey the voice of Jesus? Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice"
    • we need the following 'Feeding & Workout Programs',  'Prescriptions'' and 'Boundaries'
    • we need to balance our Life Wheel and protect the following boundaries and take the following preventative actions and 'medicines' on a daily basis

A.  for better personal well-being, happiness and health in spirit, soul and body in 2014:

      a. that God has a H.O.P.E. Dream for the  World and desires to work in, through and with you to be that special piece to complete the 'Puzzle' of His Heaven On Planet Earth Dream
      b. that you and everyone in your family and circle of friends and every person across all class, cultural, religious, financial and political barriers are the targets of God's love, forgiveness, blessings, life and power through a relationship with Jesus and not a religion.
      c. that trusting God (not worrying about anything), respecting and forgiving people, apologising and doing restitution where possible and sharing your i's & t's is essential for personal happiness. Let God go ahead in every challenge, situation and place you may find yourself in 2014. Let us be sensitive to see and hear how He may wish to use each one of us!
We need to FORGIVE, LET GO and LET GOD restore double, and even sevenfold, of that which we have been denied or of that which was been stolen from us.
This applies to our physical cleaning and also to our spiritual  ‘washing' by the daily reading, hearing and obeying of the Word of God.
    • We need to take personal responsibility for our person, our cupboards, our room/s, our homes, the part of the pavement and the street in front of our homes, shops and offices)
    • We need to EAT (with our mouths, ears and eyes) healthy and whole-some food!
We must set aside time and set boundaries for good and 'clean' input into our lives via Radio. TV, internet, social media, newspapers, magazines and books. At the same time we must use the media and especially the social media to get the Lord's message across to the nations.

 B. for better relationships, marriage harmony and family unity in 2014: 
    1.  STOP blaming and shaming our parents, spouses, teachers, community leaders, family, friends and colleagues for our disappointed expectations
    1. TAKE UP our God-given responsibility for our own decisions, actions and future. Do not be a burden to our parents, children, friends or anyone elsie
    1. HONOUR and FORGIVE our parents, spouses, teachers, community leaders, family, children, friends and colleagues
    1. LAUGH much and often. Laughter is good medicine!

C. for better finances and financial freedom for all in 2014:

    1. ENCOURAGE the youth and the unemployed to WORK and LEARN 6 days a week for NO PAY (apprenticeship) so that they can  experience the blessings of the Lord as He leads the minds of their employers to eventually compensate them fairly out of  the extra income they are helping to generate. Prov 23:1 God leads the minds of the 'kings' as easily as were lead water.
    1. UNDERSTAND the 'Hidden Secrets of Money’,
    1. BUDGET our time and money to protect us from Satan, the thief of our time, talents and treasures
    1. SAVE and SHUN debt as much as possible and do not sign surety for anyone.
    1. INVEST to own, personally or together through companies or trusts:
      a. land (food),
      b. property (hospitality, shops, factories, mines )
      c. livestock,
      d. gold and silver :
      Use only companies and trusts controlled by people of character, capability and comprehension of the big picture of H.O.P.E:
      i). which honour God's justice (what is fair and right) for the investors, management team and workers tea.
      ii) which ensure that the best management, regardless of culture or colour, are the 'drivers of the wealth bus" and are behind the 'steering wheel' of the wealth bus
      iii) which ensure that the best workers teams are on board
      iv) which ensure that the 'cake' of the project is fairly shared amongst all the investors, management and workers.
    1. EXPOSE and COMBAT all forms of LEGALISED THEFT: Inflation, sliding scale of taxation, exchange rate fluctuations, unbacked printing of paper money, double invoicing, long term contracts denominated in paper currencies.
    1. GIVE a hand up and not a hand out. Help:
      a. those who can and do work and
      b. those who cannot work and do not have children to support them.

D.  for better politics and making a positive impact in the community in 2014:

    1. REPLACE religion with personal relationships with God and people
    1. REPLACE party politics with supporting good policies to protect and promote:
      a.  good food & water
      b. good leaders with proven character, capability and comprehension
      i) of the the "H.O.P.E Puzzle" and
      i) of the pieces needed to complete the puzzle.good education
      c. wealth and jobs
      d. good recreational projects for the communities
    1. UNDERSTAND the difference between True Democracy and False Democracy or Demo(n) crazy and the value and justice of a Qualified Democracy
    1. ACKNOWLEDGE GOD daily on how best to manage the "i's" and the "t's" that He has given you to protect, promote and create :
      a. healthy food, water and refreshments
      b. sustainable wealth and jobs
      c. free and prosperous communities consisting of happy and productive families

E.  for better communities:

      AGREE ON and SUPPORT various INITIATIVES TO SET CLEAR BOUNDARIES in the community e.g.:

    1. Personal Happiness boundaries Initiative,
    1. Marriage Boundaries Initiative,
    1. Family Boundaries Initiative,
    1. Financial Boundaries Initiative
    1. Temptation Protection Boundaries Initiative,
    1. Poverty Boundaries Initiative,
    1. Leadership Boundaries Initiative,
    1. Active Citizenship Responsibility Initiative,
    1. Taxation Boundaries Initiative,
    1. Media Boundaries Initiative
Please be free to engage with us and to exchange your i.'s and your t.'s = Ideas, Information, Inspirations, Investments, Time, Talents, Testimonies and Treasures. Let us agree to disagree without being disagreeable and allow iron to sharpen iron until we are all set free and are all shining for Him.

Please start now:

- to sow JOY, PEACE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS  & A TOUCH of H.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth) in 2014 by using the Power of Prayer, the Power of Logosthe Power of Multiplication and the Power of the Social Media in 2014 to set the captives free and to impact and change our community, country, continent and world for the better!
- to pray specifically and to send this post to your family, friends, foes and followers. Encourage them to engage you in exchanging one another's i's and t's and to agree to disagree without being disagreeable.!





"... on earth, as it is in heaven"