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 Financial FREEDOM is promoted by creating a culture of respecting and protecting people and their personal property and of "blowing the whistle" when theft is being committed.. 

The following "Hands Off"  post by will make anyone STOP + THINK. What he shares is good food for thought for all of us. It is a "must read" for those who stand for freedom for all. Dr MM

HANDS OFF ..Dirk Taljaard with minimal editing:

To steal is to take something that is not rightfully yours or even to withhold something which is actually due to someone else. Corruption is reigning supreme in all forms and formats, such as theft and misapplication. What makes it even worse is that these phenomena are being referred to as ‘affirmative shopping’ and ‘obliteration of inequalities of the past’.

We all know – or have become victims of - some blatant forms of theft. We have become exposed to the more subtle forms of theft which confront us on a daily basis:
A. To lay claim to something that does not belong to you.

 Just think about the way in which tax returns are completed, omitting a figure here and there. Calculate the working time wasted due to late arrivals and early departures. How much time is wasted by extended coffee and lunch times (even smoke breaks). Are the printers, internet and telephones at work used only for business purposes, or do personal matters somehow creep in? How much is office stationery to be found in children’s pencil boxes at school?

 B. When you and I withhold what is due to someone else

 Think about the time, attention and energy supposed to be spent with our spouses and families, that gets ‘absorbed’ by less important things. Ask yourself whether the reward you receive the end of each month can be balanced with your input at work. Is every employee rewarded according to their contribution to the company, or do some only receive a pittance? We have become so used to moaning and criticising all forms of government failures, but do we honestly contribute to civil society the way we should?
C. By having the wrong attitude

How do we treat nature?
Do we exhaust our natural resources without considering the impact on generations to come?
Do we conserve nature or do we destroy the beauty of the fauna and flora around us?
 Further comment from Dr MM

Is it acceptable to lay claim to rights without taking responsibility? – Most people only have one thing in mind and that is to appropriate or take what they believe to be theirs without taking responsibility for what they already have or desire to receive?

Incurring debts to spend on ourselves and our lifestyle without any intention of repaying the debt and leaving the debt to our children or to the next generation of citizens (voters) is to my mind one of the worst forms or examples of theft.

In summary: 
1. To steal is not confined only to money and tangible things already in the possession of others.
    It also includes stealing love and their "i's & t's":
      - "
 i "s  = ideas, information, inspiration     
      - "  
t "s = time, talents, treasures & testimonies 

2. Theft does not only include what we illegally take, but also includes that which we withhold from  those e to whom the marriage, love, time, talents, treasures, money or usage rightfully belongs. 


Dear Lord, please help me to be honest with the person in the mirror so that You will
- not find me guilty of any form of theft
- find me "blowing the whistle" when I see any form of theft.
In Jesus name, Amen.





"... on earth, as it is in heaven"