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Our community news, the mini budget, the economic and political news around the world and a radio discussion program:

PRAAT SAAM on Radio sonder Grense with Lynette Francis and Professor Duvenage prompted me to pen the following post on good governance.

Good Governance is essential for personal happiness, marriage harmony, family unity, financial freedom, work fulfilment, wealth and job creation, security, peace and prosperity in our communities

Good Governance is essential if Democracy is to bring about the Freedom, Justice, Joy and Peace for all,
…...across all cultural, class, financial, political and religious barriers.

What is Good Governance ?.

Good Governance (GG) is the process of good decision making and good decision implementation 

for the benefit of all the people (beneficiaries)  and not for personal gain of the few leaders. It is a process that must be driven by a team of people (and their leaders)

a.  who have character and capacity:

b. who have respect for the well-being of all people .

c. who have a comprehension or understanding of the big picture or goal/s which they wish to achieve

  " i.e who keep in mind in the beginning and along the way what matters in the end" 

d. who agree to disagree without being disagreeable

e. who take responsibility for transparency, effective accountability and evaluation of every team member

   and leader in the decision making and implementation process

f. who do not govern for their own personal benefit at the expense of all the beneficiaries

g. who (the beneficiaries) stay personally involved in the process of decision making and
decision implementation at all times and not merely on election days

The process of decision making and decision implementation requires on our part a willingness to listen to one another and renew our minds and hearts until:
- we can truly see the present facts of where we are and
- we can develop a clear vision or outcome of where we wish to be.

What is Godly Governance ?

Godly Governance (GG) is the process of good decision making and good decision implementation with a difference

for the benefit of the people and not for the personal gain of a few leaders. It is a process that must be driven by a team of people (and their leaders) of character and capacity (which includes a.to g. above, but also includes the following points) :

h. who also submit all their plans, decisions and implementation in humble submission to God and
His Word and not a religious doctrine   i.e. Good Governance God's Way is THE Way for the future.

i. who are aware that without His participation we build and protect our marriages, families, finances, work,

  homes, communities, countries and continents in vain.

  Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.
Except the Lord keep the city, the watchman
waketh but in vain. Ps 127:1


Dear Lord, You taught us to pray for our leaders so that we can have good governance and live in peace and harmony. Please help us as citizens to be involved and stay involved with the process of decision making and decision implementation.
Please give us a willing heart to allow You to renew our minds and hearts. Please enable us to network with the good people and leaders in our community who have the character, capacity, comprehension and courage to allow You to realise Your H.O.P.E vision ... "as it is in heaven" in and through us. This we pray in the name of Jesus. Amen



"... on earth, as it is in heaven"