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Question: Who are used as God's Freedom Keys to unlock the chains and to release the Power 2 Set the captives Free?

Answer = GOD USES CHRISTthe hope of glory, IN YOU AND ME as HIS GG FREEDOM KEYS. You are and together we are God's Freedom Keys who have been given the Freedom of Choice to join one of God's Dream Teams and follow Jesus every day in His triumphant procession:
- to win over the minds and hearts of the "crooks"  to be renewed,
- to set the captives free from the clutches of Satan and
- to welcome those who have been set free into one of His Dream Teams and
- to empower and lead His Dream Teams to eventual victory!
Christ Jesus the Hope of glory and the Holy Spirit in us is the Power 2 Set Free so that we can be used by God the Father as His Freedom Keys to set THE CAPTIVES free from guilt, debt, poverty, hunger, abuse, crime, corruption, stress. etc

Question: Are you sure that you are a GG Freedom Key in God's hand?
If you are not hearing the voice of Jesus and you are not a "fisher" of men and women you must know that you are not following Jesus in His triumphant procession to realise His H.O.P.E. DREAM found in the prayer He taught us to pray: "Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be Your Name, Your kingdom come, Your will be done here on earth (in our homes and communities) as IT IS in heaven
If you want to be part of His movement across all cultural, class and denominational barriers following Jesus in His triumphant procession to realise God's Kingdom of H.O.P. E. Dream..then you need to find some-one to help you to be BORN AGAIN of His Spirit. Jesus told Nicodemus, a top rabbi: Unless you are born again you cannot see the Kingdom!"

Question: Are you expectant and ready to follow Jesus and ride with Him in His triumphant procession and to be one of Father God's Freedom Keys
 to unlock the minds and hearts of people and to change the world for the better by the Power of Multiplication?
Question: As one of God's Freedom Keys how can you and your  Dream Team position yourselves and take one small step closer in the right direction so that God can use you and your dream team and other dream teams, across all denominational and cultural barriers to set the captives free?
Question: What are you prepared to set aside and do to empower those who have been set free to also experience a touch of "Heaven On Planet Earth"? Please be free to contact us and ask for suggestions.


1. Let us STOP wasting time watching other people on television who live, work and play the game of life the wrong way. Instead let us get out and live, work and play the right way.  Let us get off our couches and lay aside time in our busy schedules in our pursuit after mammon and pleasure. Let us not be distracted  from building our relationship with the Trinity, following Jesus (not a religion), being fishers of men and making disciples of Jesus who obey everything Jesus has taught us through His example and His Written Word which was inspired by the Holy Spirit and penned by the His original prophets and disciples.

2. Let us take time out to take hold of the truth of all the GG's (of the GG Freedom Key):
= that God is a Good Good , a Great God, a Giving God, a Gracious God whose Great Gifts (= Jesus,
the Holy Spirit and His Word the Holy Bible) have been given freely to all of us and only need to be
personally received and embraced in trust (faith)
= that it is about God's Ground, Growth, God's Governance, God's Gold which is Good, and God's Glory
= that we are to allow God:
a. to shine His light in and through us to disperse the darkness in our communities:
b. to take us from Glory to Glory in character, capacity and comprehension of His HOPE vision
c. to speak and work IN and THROUGH us so that we can live, work and play in such a way that we become His trophies and His "bait" to "catch" the attention of the people whom He desires to set free from poverty, hunger, fear, stress, broken relationships etc

ACTION STEPS for God's GG Freedom Keys/ God's Good "Cowboys"

Let us accept the Lord's  invitation to spend time behind our closed doors ALONE with the Lord.. to HEAR and to SEEK, KNOCK and ASK. We are to commune with Him as we travel, work and play and be expectant of what or who the Lord may bring over our paths. We are promised that He will be found when we seek, that He will open when we knock, and He will answer when we ask.
We are assured that He will be heard if we are not  "goats making sheep noises!" Jesus said His sheep hear His voice.

Let us identify  the good "cooks" and the genuine "cowboys" in our homes, organisations and communities who use the right "ingredients'" and stay in the company (fellowship) of good cowboys who have a moral servant heart. They need to have a proven record of character and capacity and have an understanding of the HOPE Big Picture before they can be given the opportunity to be the freedom keys in their homes, schools, work place and communities. Once they have proven that they can personally understand and can be one of God's freedom keys they can be given the authority to "coach", "referee", "oversee" other players = i.e. ensure that the "cooking" is done correctly and that everyone is playing by the rules of the "game" to score the good "goals".


We called not to neglect the coming together of the saints, i.e  to network, break bread and interact with the "cowboys" (other Freedom Keys) in our communities from all walks of life and from across all cultural, denominational, political, business, governmental and non governmental barriers in the communities. Freedom Keys  who are trying their best to be exemplary team members in their families, at work and on the playing fields.  daily walk with the Lord and are not tempted and distracted by all the money, amusements, pleasures and vain pursuits with which we are bombarded. We are to be Freedom Keys who thus do not fail to set aside time:
i) to network with other cowboys: - who are transferring character, capacity skills and community vision and - who are also launching new projects and maintaining existing projects that create wealth and jobs within a safe and happy community
ii) to focus their minds, hearts, purses and their IT's (information, ideas, inspiration, innovation, time, talents, treasures & testimonies i.e. life lessons) on doing the necessary to set the captives free and let the light shine into our homes and communities and in so doing disperse the dark side of our communities

We are instructed not to hinder the children/the youth from to coming to Jesus. We are called to offer our  children/youth and other children/youth the opportunities to attend God's three Main Empowerment Schools in society.
The Three Schools
 where they can put into practise what they are being role modelled and taught so that they can develop the necessary Life, Leadership and Liberty skills they need to become "Freedom Keys/ cowboys" (good citizens and leaders) for the community:
a. God's main School of Character and Responsibility building (= the Family). where they an learn: i) to live within an atmosphere of love, acceptance, interaction and involvement within clear boundaries e.g. integrity, work ethic, time management, ii) to honour and obey parents and all leaders, "so that it may go well with them in the land of the living" and iii) not to be a burden to anyone i.e. "clean as you go" iv) to "blow the whistle" when some one is" breaking the rules of the game" or "kicking away from the goal" in the family, in the school, in the work place or in the community
b. God's main School/s of Capacity building (= Family, Schools & On the Job Training). where they can learn to create wealth and jobs i.e. "Work to Learn and then Work to Earn")
c. God's main School of Community  building (= Churches) - where they can learn to understand The Lord's H.O.P.E. Big Picture and become involved in Community Projects to meet the needs of the less privileged,

Let us combat the lack of knowledge amongst the youth and the adults about the "recipes" or "rules" of  the H.O.P.E. Big Picture "cake" or "game" and to empower them through the Power of Multiplication of how things should work in order to accomplish ideal communities. The lack of knowledge of the "recipe" and the "ingredients" is one of the main causes why the gorgeous and delicious H.O.P.E "cake" (Live well - Love much - Laugh often) is not on the tables of our homes and communities.

Let us, like Nehemiah, confront the big white collar "crooks" who have been and are still being allowed to steal, destroy and kill for their own selfish greed and not because of their personal need. Many of the "trustees" of the tax money, pension money and investment money belonging to the citizens (= the beneficiaries) are managing the peoples money for their own personal gain and at the expense of the citizens. As a result many good projects are destroyed and jobs are lost. Thus some good citizens are tempted because of need to become small crooks themselves (petty theft) in order to survive.

Let us pray for the repentance of  the "crooks" in every religious, political, business, governmental and non governmental organisation and for "cowboys" who have the character, the capacity and the comprehension/understanding of the Community H.O.P.E Big Picture to be raised up in positions of authority like Joseph, Daniel, David and many others in the past

We need to put checks and balances into place to ensure (not assume) that the good cowboy trustees are not tempted to manage the assets of the beneficiaries (the people) for their own personal gain at the expense of all the beneficiaries. Even Kind David succumbed to temptation.

Above all we are invited and called to love everyone and to be fishers of the crooks/sinners! Jesus said: "Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men." God wants to use us to win over the crooks to the cowboys team! We are called to create the opportunities for a "crook" to STOP and THINK, & then show him/her and encourage him/her to take one small STEP onto a better Higher Road and become a cowboy. In so doing he or she will make one large LEAP for mankind and especially God's desire to touch all people (cowboys and crooks) with His love, forgiveness, blessings and H.o.p.e Plan!

At the end of everyday look in the mirror and speak audibly to the person standing in from of you and ask yourself the following: "Have you  a so called Christian been passionate today about fishing for the lost and setting them free?" If not, answer the person honestly and audibly: "Do you want to become luke-warm, fall back into having a religion instead of a relationship with the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings and eventually find yourself thrown into the fire?




"... on earth, as it is in heaven"