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We all love to see the teams of our children, families and community to win.

We all enjoy cheering on our teams to score goals and to win the match! When they win we enjoy celebrating the victory with them.

WHY are we not scoring the H.O.P.E "goals" (Live well - Love much - Laugh often) and not seeing the H.O.P.E. goals on the "scoreboards" of all our children, families and communities?

1. Our potential Dream Teams consist of players who are not hungry enough to win and/or are
not committed enough to the "coach"  who cares about our well being and the well being of all peoples.

2. To win the match or war between God's Team and Satan's Team we need to have a Dream Teams of
good players who are prepared to be coached and to put in the many hours of practice required  to
improve our skills. We need to be players who do not waste time on the couches watching television.
Instead of  watching other people live, play and doing their "thing' we should be out there living,
playing and saying and doing what needs to be said and done

3. There is a lack of motivation and knowledge of all the finer character and capacity skills required to be
a winner. There is lack of knowledge of the application of all the  "rules" (God's Word ) to win the
"game" and to be able to celebrate the victory of "Abundant Life".

4. We are not identifying the right team members across all denominational and cultural barriers for our
"special forces" teams. Neither are we putting the players in the correct positions according to their
skills, strengths and weaknesses.

5. We need to invest time and treasures (money) in our players (children, families & communities) and encourage and cheer them on ...off and on the field ....  at matches and also at practices).

Let us get off our couches and cheer on and coach so that we can celebrate the victories with our winning dream teams.



"... on earth, as it is in heaven"