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We all want to BE FREE and to live well, to love much and to laugh often.

PLEASE BE WARNED: The following exchange of thoughts may challenge you or even upset you. IF it does upset you please take time out to understand, consider and contemplate what the writer is trying to convey. The writer himself was challenged and upset on two different occasions during his life (in 1977 and in 1985) by statements and questions that at the time not only challenged him but also upset him greatly. The two incidents caused the writer to LOOK IN THE MIRROR and to STOP & THINK! Both incidents caused the writer to change the course of the "second half"  of his life. Some will call it his "Half Time" experience. There is a wonderful ministry called Half Time. The writer can strongly recommend everyone to get in touch with them.

Who does not enjoy eating good food prepared by good COOKS in the company of good people after a good game of sport (or a job well done)? We all want to BE FREE and to live well, to love much and to laugh often.
My wife is a good cook. It has always been a pleasure to enjoy her good cooking skills. You can taste the love with which the food has been prepared! We have discovered fantastic recipes. When she sticks to the recipes, we and all those who sit at our table enjoyed the food.

My father had a doctorate in economics and was a businessman and yet loved to relax with a good Wild West cowboy story. Today I can understand why. As in every Wild West movie, there still is today in every community the "cowboys" and the "crooks"! Most crooks masquerade as cowboys! The quality of life in our communities, countries and continents is determined by how good (and at times bad) the "cowboys" are and how relatively good and bad the "crooks" in our communities are.

My wife and I have been privileged to enjoy good health and to have the means to be involved in community projects (better homes, fruit and vegetable gardens, clinics, stores, coach management skills of people and money as well as farming and hospitality skills) to help improve the quality of the lives of the poorer people in the community. We, unfortunately, have also experienced the destruction of most of what was achieved over generations by the big "crooks" in society.

We are all still confronted with the fact that the "dark" side of many of our communities in the world (poverty, hunger, abuse, crime, corruption, broken relationships and broken homes etc) ... is as IT IS and is definitely not as IT IS in heaven!

WHY are so many people in our communities in so much darkness and experiencing so much stress, loneliness, helplessness and unhappiness? WHERE is the light, the joy and the freedom? WHY are the H.O.P.E "cakes" or "goals" (Live well - Love much - Laugh often) not on the "tables" or the "scoreboards" of all our families and communities?

1. As in every Wild West movie there still is today in every community too few good "cowboys" and "good crooks" and too many "bad crooks" who are being allowed to run around stealing, destroying, enslaving and killing to satisfy their greed at the expense of the needs of fellow citizens! Most crooks masquerade as cowboys! The harvest is ripe, but the labourers (cowboys) are few!

2. There is a lack of knowledge transfer to the captives about:
- who are their contacts to the GG Freedom Keys to unlock the chains and gates keeping them captive
- what are  the  "recipes" for the  "cakes" or the "rules" of the "game"
- the know-how of how to bake the good "cakes" and how to score good "goals".

Are you a so called Christian who is not fishing? If so, you have a religion instead of a relationship with the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. If you are not a "fisher" of men and women you are not following Jesus in His triumphant procession to realise His H.O.P.E. DREAM found in the prayer He taught us to pray: "Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be Your Name, Your kingdom come, Your will be done here on earth (in our homes and communities) as IT IS in heaven ..."

Good food prepared by good cooks and eaten in the company of good cowboys after a good game of sport (or a job well done) enables us to BE FREE and to live well, to love much and to laugh often.

The more cowboys and the fewer crooks there are on the sports field (economy and politics) and the better the game (economy and politics) is being monitored by good and honest referees and linesmen = the better are the chances that we will enjoy a touch of  H.O.P.E (Heaven On Planet Earth) and a Better Life for All.

Look in the mirror and ask the person in the mirror:
"Are you a cowboy or a crook masquerading as a cowboy?
"Are you an allocating time, talents and treasures towards creaming off wealth or creating wealth?"
"Are your decisions and actions promoting the protection of wealth or the destruction of wealth ?"
"Are your decisions and actions promoting the protection of the planet and th well being of people?
"Are you managing the money and the assets of the beneficiaries (pensioners, taxpayers and investors)  for personal gain and at the expense of the beneficiaries?"
"How did you accumulate your wealth?" Low wages? frugal lifestyle? misuse of your trusteeship? Gambling in the false economy above the real economy?

IMPORTANT QUOTE from Selwyn Hughes of Everyday with Jesus and CWR (also a ministry that the writer can strongly recommend to everyone:
The eighth commandment protects property by setting limits to our acquisitiveness. Since the property is an extension of the self, theft is an assault on another person’s privacy and dignity – as any victim of burglary will tell you. This command was especially intended to protect the poorer members of society from the asset-stripping of stronger, more avaricious people. So seriously is this taken that later case-laws provide for legal redress, recompense and restitution. In wider terms, theft can be seen as a failure to trust God or, in some cases, a refusal to embrace His calling to useful work.Does it raise these questions: At whose expense has this wealth been gained? Are workers being underpaid? Are poor workers in the Developing World being exploited to advance Western standards of living? What of those who rig the market, speculate with the currency, or specialise in the financial chicanery that falls only just short of outright theft? In a world sick with ‘affluenza’ we who name the name of Christ ought to ensure that we have not fallen victims to this disease.

Take a moment right now to examine your own heart to see if there is an acquisitive streak in you that militates against a deep and abiding trust in God. Ask yourself: is it money that controls me or the Master? If you find you are guilty of being driven by the desire for wealth, repent of it and from now on put your whole weight on God. No wonder daily bread, forgiving debts and the threat of temptation figure so largely in the Lord’s Prayer. They are issues that take us to the heart of our faith – basic trust."

Have a blessed day

Dr Matthys Michael de Kock Snr
"Think Tank" Consulting & Coaching
Live well - Love much - Laugh often 
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"... on earth, as it is in heaven"