God's Vision for You and the World

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  • Our happiness is usually dependant on happenings.

    Our happiness cannot have its main foundation in happenings. Our true happiness and strength can only be found  in the joy of the Lord, the promises of God and the more abundant life which we are offered, shown and taught, NOT by any religion, BUT by Jesus, the King of kings, Lord of lords and the Super Star and Greatest Freedom Fighter of History

  • The Secret to be stress free in troubled circumstances.

    How is it that Jesus was able to live free from stress paralysis or fear’s paralysing power? It is important to remember that He too lived in this fallen world.

    The world into which Jesus came was, a world encompassing even more sickness and suffering, malice and hate, treachery and deceitfulness than we see today. There were many things of which He could have been afraid.


    WORK OPENS THE DOOR to a bright new H.O.P.E. future of true freedom, peace and prosperity for all.

    WORK DONE TO MEET A NEED and to create wealth and jobs without neglecting to honour our parents, marriage partners and children is rewarding, therapeutic and uplifting.

    WORK DONE WITHOUT PAY will be remunerated by God out of His unlimited treasure store house.

    WORK IS NOBLE and GOOD MEDICINE - work is part of our worship of a God Who Himself to this day still works. creates, conserves and cultivates six days a week.

  • The "FINANCIAL CRISIS & the HARDSHIP, POVERTY and CONFLICTS we face is a global one, affecting our families, communities, countries and continents.

    You have the opportunity to become one of God's Winners and Champions (more than a conqueror)

    The SOLUTION for the problem is an individual one = you and me. Yes, you and I are presently part of the problem because:

"... on earth, as it is in heaven"