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YES! THERE IS A 2 YEAR Window of Opportunity to promote a Better Life for All South Africans before the next local elections, through:
1. Targeted understandable H.O.P.E. discussions, courses, prayer initiatives and movements
2. People mobilsation & peaceful marches to promote clean, safe, happy and healthy marriages, families, workplaces, finances and communities. 
3. "N-E-W-Sing" across all denominational, political and economical barriers.
     i.e Networking, Empowering, Winners who Set Free the captives from Stress, Satan and the corrupt leadership 'Coaches &
         'Referees' in all families and organisations:
     a. The 'Coaches': in the homes (parents) and in the various community media, educational and religious organisations,
     b. The 'Referees': in the home (parents) and in the community (citizens, media, judiciary, police. army & auditors) 
     c. The 'Players' : in the communities citizens, workers, bankers in all the various the various religious, political, businesses &
         non profit organisations, 
Timing is critical! 
In +/- two years time the next municipal elections in RSA will be upon us.
BEFORE the next Local Municipal Elections there is an urgency for CLEAR TARGETED COMMUNICATION with all citizens and voters at an easy understandable level . IT IS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE for all the Citizens of South Africa and the rest of Africa! 
The Municipal Model for elections and governance must serve as the FOUNDATION for the election and governance model at district, provincial, national, cabinet and presidential level!
For a better H.O.P.E. Future for All prayer and easy understandable empowerment of the voters about Godly Governance is essential! It  should be a high priority in our homes, churches, schools, colleges, etc for the next two years to visit and discuss World-HOPE.com with our families, friends, co-workers and even our foes!
Discussions about Godly Governance should be at a level which we can all understand.
THE FEAR OF GOD is the beginning of WISDOM!
Wisdom = to know the Word of God and to Do the Word of God
TARGETED PRAYER, DISCUSSIONS, DEBATES & IMPLEMENTATION of the following is crucial if we wish to usher in peace & prosperity in our communities: 
1. Voter Education
2. One Qualified Man/Woman One Vote
3. Qualified Candidates (proven Character, Comprehension & Capabilitity)
4. The H.O.P.E. 5 Point Plan of Action
5. Direct Representation 
Ward> Municipality> Region> Provincel> National> Cabinet> President. 
6. Annual H.O.P.E Vote of Confidence in each leader at all levels of governance for their Character, Comprehension & Capabilitity 
7. Annual H.O.P.E Day of Celebration for the progress in the implementation of Godly Governance at all levels of governance.
To start the THINK TANK empowerment process you are encouraged to:
1. Prayerfully read the contents found in World-HOPE.com
2. Meditate, exchange ideas and agree to disagree without being disagreeable about the facts presented in World-HOPE.com 
IT IS TIME to present understandable practical Biblical policies and legislation which offers the voters the opportunity to make a informed decision on how they will vote. 
Practical Biblical policies and legislation to replace the present unbiblical governmental electoral process, policies and legislation which is only promoting lawlessness, crime, job losses and poverty.
God bless South Africa and Africa!
Dr Matthys M de Kock

"... on earth, as it is in heaven"