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for Heaven On Planet Earth!

from Dr Matthys Michael de Kock
Consulting & Coaching

H.O.P.E. Prayer for this 2019 RSA Election:
Our Father God in heaven, hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth in South Africa and Africa AS IT IS in heaven. = Heaven On Planet Earth (H.O.P.E.)
Please Give us this day 
our daily bread and the wisdom for which political party to vote.
Please fill the provincial parliaments and the national parliament with Your Born Again Leaders, irrespective of party membership.
Leaders who have the character, capability and comprehension to DRIVE / FLY  the "SOUTH AFRICAN BUS / AIRCRAFT" to NEW HEIGHTS (Justice, Joy, Peace, Prosperity & Job Creation).
Please forgive us 
our debts, as we also have forgiven our
 debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
In Jesus Name we pray. AMEN & AMEN!"


FDC = Facts - Decisions - Consequences
How to Vote in this Election - Information and Guidelines

The Personal Happiness & Health, Marriage Harmony, Family Unity, Financial Freedom, Work Fulfilment and Community Peace & Prosperity of ALL NATIONS & PEOPLES are largely dependent on the number of voters who are qualified to vote because they know and understand the workings of politics and economics.

Unfortunately the present electoral system does not: 
1. Require the voter to have economic and political knowledge, understanding or vision
2. Accommodate independent candidates (i.e. non members of a poliitcal party) to be elected into provincial and national governement, despite the appeals which were made to the provincial and national Contitutional Courts.
3. Facilitate Direct Community Representation into Parliament

The consequence of the above lack of Facts, Vision, and Structures is that the majoriity of South Africans citizens are denied the Godly Governance, Justice, Joy, Peace and also the Financial and Political Freedom they are offered by our loving Father God!

FDC - Facts - Decisions - Consequences

The PERCEPTION & FACTS about the present electoral system =
 A. Citizens Vote = "One man One vote" when elections are called. This is a half truth! 
   The majority of the voters have no clue about how politics and economics should work for them.
    As a result they in fact have a flawed, distorted and even a dangerous vote!!
B. Parliamentarians Vote = "One man One vote!". This is not true! 

   The leaders of the majority party fill parliament with their party members and friends who are compelled to vote according to the party line.
    The Consequences of this are as follows:
    1. Parliamentarians therefore do not have to think and can also sleep in parliament!
    2. The leaders of the majority party therefore have all the voting power (= dictatorship)! 
    3. Parliament is thus merely a rubber stamp to authorise the decisions made by the political elite!
    4. The Political elite can thus easily be bribed by any local and international unethical business or political leaders!

The present electoral system:
    1. Was imposed on all Africans (Black, Brown & White) by the previous colonial powers.
        Colonial powers who are still pulling the strings, lobbying and influencing the African political leaders.

    2. Promotes ‘two dogs in a ring’ who fight over the ‘bone’ while the outside ‘dogs’ are running away with the ‘bone’! 

    3. Opens the door for unethical businessmen and politicians, local and foreign, to buy the votes of the uninformed voters with a t-shirt, burger and drink! 
        Cheap votes which are used to vote a dictatorship leadership team of ministers into power for another term of five years!
        A dictatorship team and business leaders who then have 5 years in which they can use the opportunity to steal the state assets and the tax money.
        The consequence = The assets and taxes which were earmarked to benefit the very citizens and voters who elected the political leadership into power
        are used to benefit the leaders and the citizens of other countries.  

All South African and all African citizens and organisations should therefore promote and implement the following Electoral Standards for Justice, Joy, Peace & Job Creation through the media and also through the education and religious organisations before any election:

  1. Voter and Shareholder Education
  2. Qualified Voters (Voters License = Drivers License) ) with ‘One man one vote”
  3. Qualified Candidates
  4. Direct Representation out of the communities into parliament
  5. ‘One man one vote’ in parliament irrespective of party affiliation.    

TODAY we are all facing the following questions:

  • “For which Team (Party) and their Players (Candidates) should we vote and pray for?’
  • “What ‘goals’ do we want our team players to ‘score’ on our behalf?”

Most people will have the following as their TOP 6 H.O.P.E. GOALS:

  1. Security
  2. Jobs & Wealth Creation
  3. Just Taxes
  4. Good Housing 
  5. Good Education 
  6. Good Health Care

Most people/voters would jump for joy if their political team SCORED the above TOP 6 H.O.P.E. GOALS.
They would gratefully CELEBRATE with their political team members and leaders the following TOP 6 H.O.P.E. Trophies:

  1. Personal Happiness and Health
  2. Marriage Harmony
  3. Family Unity
  4. Financial Freedom
  5. Work Fulfilment
  6. Community Peace and Prosperity



UNFORTUNATELY we have been denied the opportunity to have: 
1. Direct Representation by Qualified Independent Candidates from our communities.
2. Members of parliament  who have ‘One man one vote’ in parliament irrespective of party affiliation. 



  1. PRAY the Our Father’s H.O.P.E. Prayer with faith and trust Father God for His intervention as people vote
  2. VOTE for the party which YOU believe has the most Qualified Candidates. Candidates who have the necessary character, capability & comprehension required to deliver the Security, Jobs Creation, Wealth Creation, Just Taxes and the Good Housing, Education and Health Services we all desire.
  3. Please remember to wear WHITE TOPS on voting day and until the results are announced to indicate that you are voting for and praying for the political party you believe has the best chance of filling parliament with the most and best H.O.P.E. candidates. H.O.P.E. Parliamentarians who will pray for and do all they can to implement God’s H.O.P.E. Vision, H.O.P.E. 5 Point Plan for South Africa and Africa

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"... on earth, as it is in heaven"