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A BIG THANK YOU to the New Nation Movement, the Kingdom Movement and everyone across all denominational and political parties who were involved with todays march. May this be the first of many regular marches and picnics in our communities, towns and cities to motivate all citizens to:

1. Be involved in the restoration God's H.O.P.E. Vision - 'Heaven On Planet Earth'.

2. Be part of the answer of the Lord's Prayer - 'Let Your Will be done here on earth AS IT IS in heaven!'

YES! We need to have regular joyful marches and picnics in order to build relationships across all barriers and to keep the focus of the community on praising the all powerful Father God and Creator who sent Jesus Christ to open the door of opportunity for everyone to: 

1. Repent and return to Them for a Better and more Abundant Life on Planet Earth

2. Be involved in the restoration of His H.O.P.E. Kingdom of Justice, Joy, Peace, Job Creation and a Better Life for All!

3. Implement the HOPE 5 POINT Plan

THANK YOU Father God for loving every person on planet earth so much that You sent Your Son Jesus Christ! You did not send any religion, denomination or political party to set us free from Satan and a lack of vision or knowledge!
Thank You that Jesus came to give us a free will opportunity to return to You and be involved with You to restore Heaven On Planet Earth = H.O.P.E. 

THANK YOU Lord Jesus! Yes! You, and ONLY YOU, are the Way, the Life, the Truth & the Light in our quest for Justice, Joy, Peace, Hope, Job Creation and better living conditions for: 

1. All South Africans (Black, Brown & White) 

2. All Voters across all cultural, religious, political and financial barriers !

On behalf of all families and communities in Africa, Lorraine and I call on all Africans to please take part in regular joyful marches and picnics. Please use every opportunity to encourage community members to become qualified voters and to identify and vote for qualified moral servant candidates into the leadership positions of our communities, provinces and nationally!

IT IS TIME TO VOTE for Moral Servant Candidates who are committed to: 

1. LEAD and SERVE the Lord and all Africans by example.  Leaders who live, work, play and lead within Father God's Biblical Boundaries and according to Father God's Biblical Rules in order that we may all *'score God's H.O.P.E. Goals'* for our families and communities in our country and continent!

2. SET FREE all Africans (Black, White & Brown) from, crime, corruption, murder, unemployment, poverty and from unacceptable housing and living conditions!


A. Voter Education through the media, schools and various religious, political, business and non profit organisations in our communities

B. Qualified Franchise which upholds:

a. Qualified Voters (18 years + Pass the Learner Voters Test + Pass the Responsibility Voter & Citizen Test ) who are encouraged to excercise their One Man One Vote at all levels of governance!

b. Qualified Candidates/Leaders at all levels of governance!

c. Direct Community Representation in Parliament 

d. Members of Parliament who retain their One Man One Vote in parliament regardless of their party membership! Every member of parliament must have the freedom to vote according to his of her conviction, conscience and the will of his/her community! 

C. Community participation and consultation in decision making (Ward Internet Voting) on a regular basis between elections! 

May God bless You, RSA & Africa!

Matthys & Lorraine


"... on earth, as it is in heaven"