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ALL SOUTH AFRICANS, black, brown & white, including all those Africans from other African countries working in South Africa are called to make the following 'F-D-C' STEPS towards HOPE by adopting a Swiss model of Government adapted for Africa!

The Swiss Model of Government which adopted more than 600 years ago by different nationalities and religions . Before the Swiss Model of Government was adopted the citizens had been fighting and killing one another and experiencing poverty and an unacceptable standard of living.    

God is calling all African and World citizens to make the following 'F-D-C' Stops

'F-D-C' STOP A. 
1. Grab hold of and sow the Biblical FACT that Africa is His continent.
2. Make the right DECISIONS, in other words, TRUST & OBEY Him and all Africans will,
3. Reap the CONSEQUENCES of H.O.P.E =  i.e. experience justice, joy and peace and in so doing enjoy  a taste of Heaven On Planet Earth in our families, communities, cities, countries and continent! 

Please also make 'F-D-C' STOP B:


1. South Africa & Africa is blessed with stunning natural beauty, beaches, mountains, comfortable climate, a huge variety of animals, flora and fauna.

2. South Africa and the rest of Africa also have unlimited food, wealth and job creation potential in farming, fishing, mining, manufacturing, hospitality and tourism. 

3. Yet the African continent which is endowed with unlimited wealth potential is inhabited by the poorest people on the planet!

4. South Africa has kindly and compassionately opened its doors to the millions of desperate people from the rest of Africa who have come down in search of food and an income for their families and friends in their home countries! 

5. IF South African voters make the same mistakes as were made by their counterparts in the other African countries to the north of South Africa THEN all the citizens of South Africa and the visitors will face catastrophic poverty, crime and unrest. All Africans will then have no further options on the African continent to work and earn the money with which they can buy food, pay rent and also share with their families and friends in need who are trapped in poverty in Zimbabwe, Zambia and other African countries! 

IT IS A FACT that In the Republic of South Africa and in the many other African Countries CORRUPTION has reached unacceptable proportions.

1. Politicians stealing the tax money of the voters and taking bribes from businessmen to allow the rich mineral resources to be extracted and exported at manipulated prices and at unfair and unjust exchange rates!
2. Businessmen and women who support politicians to not only get into power and but also to pay them bribes for government contracts. Some businessmen also make it their business to manipulate and exploit fluctuating exchange rates in order to lower the prices paid for African goods imported into their countries in their country's currency!


As a result, the CRIME, UNEMPLOYMENT and POVERTY in South Africa has risen to unacceptable high levels!

IT IS A FACT that only a small minority of top political, governmental and BEE business leaders in South Africa and in the other African countries are now, after independence, enjoying a better life than before independence! 

IT IS A FACT that the majority of the poorer voters, workers and their families face high levels of unemployment and experience a lack of good security, education, medical and other services in general. The buying power of the currencies they receive for their sweat and skills are eroding on a monthly and even on a weekly basis. The services which they now have are at unacceptable poor levels and are now definitely much lower after independence than they were before independence was obtained! 

WHAT HAPPENED that after so-called "independence", "freedom" and "one man one vote" the citizens of Africa are facing massive challenges e.g. crime, corruption, poor governance at all levels of government (local, provincial & national) , unemployment, debt and a drop of public service delivery in judiciary, police, education, health and all the other sectors of society!     

"One man One Unqualified Vote" was promised, granted and rolled out after the now famous speech which was delivered in Cape Town by British Prime Minister Macmillan in 1961- "There is a New Wind of Change blowing in Africa".

FOR EXAMPLE, The Zimbabwe-Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith & Bishop Abel Muzorewa requested the United Kingdom for an Independence with a Qualified Franchise i.e."One Qualified Man One Vote". It was not an unreasonable or unwise request. Drivers licenses are not issued to all 18-year-olds unless they have first passed a Law of the Road Learners License Test and have also passed a Driving Test to prove that they are responsible and competent drivers!  

The colonial powers and their partners rejected the reasonable and wise request made by Mr Ian Smith and Bishop Muzorewa and continued to enforce an Unqualified Franchise on the people of Zimbabwe. 

"WHY did the colonial powers and the African leaders they supported, enforce an unqualified ”One Man One Vote"  on uninformed voters who lacked the necessary knowledge about politics & economics?"

“WHY Madam Speaker did the leaders of the international countries use economic sanctions and support an armed struggle?

"In South Africa, the present undemocratic 'top-down' and 'demon-crazy' DEMOCRACY which was birthed in 1994 must fall! 

The undemocratic provincial & national 'houses of governance' (i.e. Parliaments) were built on "sand" consisting  of a mixture of three ’sand types':  
- Unqualified Voters Roll,
- Proportional Representation and a
- Compulsory Party Voting System. 

"The undemocratic governance in the above-mentioned houses of governance could not and did not withstand the financial and political storms of corruption over the last 25 years!"

The present proportional system of representation voted in by uninformed voters is a 'deceitful democracy'.
It is an electoral system which opens the door of opportunity for international and national financial powers to support dictatorial political party leadership teams in exchange for financially favourable contracts. 

As soon as the dictatorial political party leadership team is declared the winner and the leaders have been sworn into power their financial backers call out "it is payback time!" 

The organisations, companies, and countries which financially supported the 'winner takes all'  dictatorial political leadership team then stand in line together with the political leadership team to benefit financially from government contracts for the next 5 years, until the following election! 

Dear Citizens of Africa,

IT IS TIME for all good God-fearing Africans in the media, judiciary, police, army, schools, colleges, universities and all other movements & organisations (religion, politics, business & sport) to WAKE UP, STAND UP and PROCLAIM out loud, in the streets but also in the media and our organisations "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH". Let us just do it with a smile and with love and conviction in our hearts and without destroying properties and disrupting wealth & job creation!

May your 2019 New Year Celebrations and Elections put the FOCUS on: 
God's H.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth) Prayer, Vision & Potential for Africa,
b. The H.O.P.E. 5 Point Plan of Action to realise Justice, Joy, Peace, Job & Wealth Creation and a Better Life for All.

As we look at the following Facts on which to base our Decisions all VOTERS will be able to reap the Consequences of a BETTER & MORE ABUNDANT LIFE for themselves, their families and their communities!
 John 10:10

May all voters and African parliamentarians please give URGENT ATTENTION to Mr Lekota's DIRECT REPRESENTATION BILL as the first step to eventually implement the Swiss Model of Government adapted for Africa.

As you are aware, it is a Bill which seeks to allow independent candidates who do not represent a political party to be elected to the Provincial and National Parliaments!

"True Democracy = The Voice and Vote of the Voters who elected the Candidate/Member should be Heard and Count in Parliament." Dr Matthys Michael de Kock 

God bless


Dr Matthys Michael de Kock

Heaven On Planet Earth .. AS IT IS in Heaven!

Matthys is an H.O.P.E. Activist, Speaker & Writer and also an H.O.P.E. Life, Leadership & Liberty "Think Tank" Coach & Consultant.

He encourages his audiences to exchange ideas and implement plans of action at the crossroads of: 
1. Faith in a Good & Great God 
2. Financial & Political Freedom for all God's people across all barriers.

He is a practical storytelling speaker with a mission to bring about H.O.P.E. change in our countries & continents at the TOP of the 7 MOUNTAINS and at the BOTTOM of the 7 VALLEYS of everyday life..

"... on earth, as it is in heaven"