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ESTABLISHING SAFE, PRODUCTIVE & HAPPY FAMILIES & COMMUNITIES to the Glory of God is the H.O.P.E. FOUNDATION for Personal Happiness, Marriage Harmony, Family Unity, Financial Freedom and Work Fulfillment in any country.

SWITZERLAND is one of the best examples on Planet Earth of God's H.O.P.E. Freedom, Justice & Joy!
The Swiss have enjoyed peace and prosperity for more than 600 years!.
Switzerland consists of different communities (German, French, Italian, Romenish and others) living in harmony in one country.
Switzerland rose from poverty and warring factions largely due to the influence of the Reformation and leaders like reformed leaders Calvin and Zwingli. 

The SUCCESS of Switzerland was due to the fact that it was BIRTHED & NURTURED IN: 

  1. PRAYER 
  3. A 'BOTTOM UP', not a Top Down, POWER STRUCTURE with the FOCUS on

The POLITICAL POWER in Switzerland lies in:

  1. The first instance at the community level in the valleys, villages, towns, cities
  2. Then on the canton level (equivalent to provinces or states in other countries) and
  3. Only then with the national parliament in Bern.
  4. Then cabinet
  5. Then the President who is changed every year giving the President very little chance for corruption or misuse of power!

The POLICING POWER in Switzerland also lies with the people in the communities.
Every responsible and educated male is called for: 

  1. Military Training for at least two years
  2. Annual Military Camps
  3. On Call Army Service with an automatic weapon at home.

 As a result, no government can use the national army or police against its citizens!

The FINANCIAL & MONETARY POWER in Switzerland was founded in and maintained by:
1. The Roots of the Biblica Reformation
2. Security (army & police)
3. Cleanliness, Discipline and Work to create wealth & jobs especially in Farming, Mining, Manufacturing, Hospitality & Tourism
4. Financial Budgeting & Saving culture
5. Gold as a just measure and weight for sweat, skills & good stewardship of personal savings and central bank reserves


THE USA & GERMANY have a similar model which they copied from Switzerland. Unfortunately banking, business and political leaders no longer adhere to the original monetary and political foundations, guidelines and boundaries as well as they should.

WHY do other countries not copy the democratic political, security and financial system of Switzerland that works!
People are kept under a deception that we have true democracy when in fact we are faced with a 'demon-crazy' system!

IT IS IMPORTANT TO FOCUS ON THE COMMUNITY if we desire to UNLOCK FREEDOM and a BETTER LIFE FOR ALL in our cities, countries and continents!

- PROTECT your mind, heart, will and body
- HAVE MERCY ON YOUR ENEMIES in your community and country!


Would you embark on a bus with your family if you knew that the driver:
- Has a problem with alcohol?
- Is continually distracted by the women on the bus and on the side of the road?
- Struggles to reach the brakes?
- Cannot drive a small car or farm pickup?
- Does not know where he is going?
- Has sight impairment?
- Will steal all your money, baggage and travelling documents if he or she has an opportunity?

Why then do we give the "steering wheel" of our communities, businesses, banks, schools, police, security forces, municipalities, provinces, countries to leaders who:
- Have a problem with alcohol and drugs?
- Womanise and are unfaithful to their wives and children?
- Are not competent at work or are unable to run their own business?
- Have no clear understanding of God's Biblical H.O.P.E. Prayer, Vision & Strategy?
- Have been blinded by corruption, socialism & capitalism?
- Steal our tax money, our share of profits and our savings/pensions?
- Tolerate people who use various ways to commit 'legalised theft"

Is it not obvious that:
- A person who is unfaithful to his wife and children will also not be faithful to the voter, depositor, investor or pensioner?
- It is life-threatening for all concerned when young leaders of poor character, capabilities and comprehension and little experience are given the 'driver's seat' of our countries,  businesses and organisations?

We would be wise to identify and support leaders to stand for office
- who are already doing for the people what other leaders are promising they will only do once they are elected into office!
- who know how to do what needs to be done
- who have done what it takes to create wealth and jobs in a safe and free community



"... on earth, as it is in heaven"