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 COMMENT ON THE OUTCOME OF THE SWISS GOLD REFERENDUM in which the No vote carried the day on this occasion:

1. It was not the Lord's time.

 2. How we go about doing what needs to be done is very important.

3. It would appear that the Swiss people did not support the people who put forward the proposal for a vote.

I can understand.
I believe that the majority of the Swiss people would have supported the proposal if the voters were better informed by people who did not have a personal or political party agenda.

4. Egon von Greyerz, of Matterhorn Asset Management has  a valid point regarding the tactics used by the Swiss establishment to secure victory for the No vote campaign.

He pointed to examples of the unprecedented campaign by the Swiss National Bank (the country’s central bank) to derail the Yes campaign. How the leader of the Swiss Gold initiative for a Yes vote was prevented from appearing in a debate on the referendum on Swiss TV and that the Yes campaign was blocked from receiving donations via PayPal. This was quite apart from appearances by the head of the Swiss National Bank in the Swiss media almost daily to generate opposition to the proposal by someone who normally shuns any kind of publicity and had all the funding of the Swiss National Bank behind him.

He also pointed out that Switzerland was the biggest seller of Central Bank gold in recent years (sold down from 40% of its foreign reserves in 1999) and scathingly referred to it now as being more of a hedge fund than a Central Bank given its reserves have so little gold backing in percentage terms – even compared with much of the rest of Europe. According to the IMF, the proportion of gold in Swiss reserves nowadays is only 7.5% compared with over 60% for Germany, Italy and France, over 70% for Portugal and over 50% for the Netherlands. Even the UK, which was castigated for the selling of half its gold reserves at the gold price bottom, has a higher proportion of gold in its foreign reserves than Switzerland at 11%. For comparison, 71.6% of the USA’s foreign reserves are still officially held in gold.

May the proposal of the Swiss Gold Referendum however stay on the table for reflection, prayer and exchange of information and ideas in all communities and nations on:
i)   how to obtain a just weight or measure for sweat and skills on planet earth irrespective of culture or class
ii)  how to eradicate all forms of 'legalised theft' and the 'casino economy' above the real economy
iii) how, as modern day reformers. we can return to the former things of doing things God's Way in not only in our politics and economies.
iv) how to spread and promote the Good N.E.W.S of H.O.P.E. i.e. Network and Empower modern day reformers to coach and lead Winners to the former and everlasting ways of God
- to Set free all people from poverty, pollution, crime, corruption, guilt, debt and stress and
- to give them a touch of Heaven On Planet Earth .... 'here on earth as it is in heaven'

IT IS TIME that we, irrespective of culture or class, can all have honest wieghts and scales in our bags and enjoy Freedom, Justice, Joy and Peace on this beautiful planet which God created with the sole purpose that we can have good relationships with Him and with one another.


Honest weights and scales are the Lord’s;
All the weights in the bag are His work. Prov 16:11



"... on earth, as it is in heaven"