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 COMMENT on "Riot Police in RSA Parliament"

Ben Khumalo-Seegelken Comment:

The ANC has effectively abandoned the idea of liberation as a national project and sought, instead, to constitute itself as an authoritarian and predatory excrescence on society. By raising Jacob Zuma above the law, the ANC have broken the social contract on which a parliamentary system depends. The opposition now have a right to rebel. In fact, if they are genuinely committed to the idea of parliament as the primary seat of popular sovereignty, they now have an obligation to rebel and to sustain their rebellion until the ANC is willing to subordinate itself and its leader to the law. >> Read more

Source: SACSIS (South African Civil Society Information Service)

Dr MM Comment:

Yes, IT IS TIME to protest. But when we protest let us never forget that two wrongs do not make a right!

Yes, IT IS TIME that leaders from across all religious, political, cultural, and class barriers and all organisations (security,  business, governmental and non governmental) are held accountable for the character, capacity and comprehension that is required from a person in a leadership position. Requirements which will enable them to implement and maintain what needs to be done to bring about freedom, justice, joy and peace for all! 

In other words IT IS TIME to ensure that  only leaders with a proven record of character, capacity and comprehension can serve the people i.e:

i)  that they are disciplined and are successfully managing their personal lives, their time, relationships and finances at home and at their workplace

ii)  that they are caring and competent parents who lead their family to help one another be clean on themselves and keep their clothes, home, property, bicycles, vehicles and the sidewalk in front of their home clean and in good condition.

iii) that they do not litter the streets, but instead pick up paper and plastic where they walk and throw it into the nearest waste bin 

iv) that they are faithful to their parents, spouses and children

v) that they understand how important that everybody must work for their food and can only receive unemployment handouts in exchange for putting their hand out to do some work in the community. We must all work if we can work!.  Not working is the ear cushion of  Satan!

People who cannot manage the above will not be able to lead or manage any organisations (big or small), let alone the community or country!

People who are not faithful to their family members cannot, and will not, be faithful to the voters or the shareholders!

i.e We need leaders in all legal, security, religious, political, governmental and business organisations  in the community who can demonstrate and model at home and at work what needs to be done to put people’s personal lives, their marriages, their families, their finances, their work and their politics and economy in their communities, and the world, back on track to God’s good plans to give us a HOPE and a FUTURE! Jeremiah 29:11 John 10:10

Yes, IT IS TIME to build WHOLE HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS that promotes TRUST, LOVE, FAITHFULNESS and VISION in our marriages, our families, our finances, our work place and especially amongst our security, legal, political, religious and business leaders in our communities. This especially applies to  the leaders in the forces (police & army), in the media and in all the educational, religious, political, business and non profit organisations.

Yes, IT IS TIME to promote a culture of tolerance and the ability to agree to disagree without being disagreeable. IT is TIME to Exchange our I’s & our T’s

Yes, IT IS TIME to hold one another accountable.

Yes, IT IS TIME to replace a leader immediately (and not wait for the next election) when he or she is found lacking in the character, capacity and comprehension that is required from a person to be in a leadership position. Such a leader is incapable to implement or maintain what needs to be done to bring about and protect freedom, justice, joy and peace for all!

Yes, IT IS TIME for you and me to hold the person in the mirror (you and me!) accountable:

    •  for his or her character, capability and comprehension (knowledge & understanding of what needs to be done) and

    •  for his her wisdom (= knowledge of God’s Word and also living, loving and leading according to His Word with hope and expectancy of what God has planned for us all! )

Yes, IT IS TIME for us to be expectant that God desires to bless South Africa, Africa and the World with God-fearing leaders of character, capacity/capability and comprehension who bring the Good NEWS  of HOPE (Heaven On Planet Earth) in a practical and understandable way to the people in their communities.


Yes, IT IS TIME to allow  the Lord to work IN and THROUGH each one of us to live out N.E.W.S. - Network - Empower - Winners
- to Set the captives free from a lack of knowledge, vision, guilt, jealousy, debt, greed and stress and
- to empower them to not only have HOPE, but to also experience a touch of Heaven On Planet Earth!



"... on earth, as it is in heaven"