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Our HAPPINESS is usually dependant on HAPPENINGS.

Our happiness cannot have its main foundation in happenings.

THE FOUNDATION of our true happiness and strength can only be found in:

1. The Joy of the Lord,

2. The Promises of God

3. The More Abundant Life John 10:10

ALL THREE OF THE ABOVE are offered, demonstrated and taught, by Jesus, the King of kings, Lord of lords and the Super Star and Greatest Freedom Fighter of History

HAPPINESS is ONLY FOUND in good RELATIONSHIPS with Father God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, family members, friends, colleagues and fellow citizens in our communities, countries & continents.


HAPPINESS fosters good HEALTH!

The Happiest and most joyful  people on earth are those who have come to their senses and have, like the prodigal son, decided to:

1. Leave the 'pigsty' (the broken relationships, the feuds in our families and workplaces,  poverty, all forms of abuse, crime, corruption, pollution etc)

2. Repent of their sin (= not trusting God & ignoring His guidelines for joy & happiness)

3. Return to their Father Who is the Father of the richest royal family in the universe

4. Be born again, to be baptised in water and the Holy Spirit

5. Take communion after a time of reflection on a regular basis in remembrance that Jesus has won the main and defining battle of the ongoing war against Satan the universal enemy of all people 

6. Take hold of their birthright/inheritance, which includes joy, and to live it!

7. Allow Holy Spirit to work IN and THROUGH our minds. hearts and hands to clean up the strife, mess and stress in which we find ourselves!

8. Join hands across political, economic, religious and denominational barriers

9. Fight the good fight of faith (i.e. trusting & obeying God)

10. Make a difference in our families, workplaces and communities.

The Happiest and most joyful people on earth have no doubt whatsoever that:

1. God has a Heaven on Planet Earth Dream for them personally and for the World at large.

2. They are the Target of God's love, forgiveness, blessings and His very life of "more abundantly".

3. They are trusting and obeying HIm, they can look forward to God's blessings and rewards now here on earth and especially later when Jesus will come physically to reign on earth for a 1000 years  They also know that they will eventually receive their ultimate eternal rewards in heaven.

4. They are born again, can hear the word of the Lord speaking to them personally and are doing their utmost to obey Him not for their salvation but out of gratitude for their salvation and out of appreciation for their regenerated life in Christ, the hope of glory.

5. JOY in the Lord is the foundation of their happiness and strength. Even if they go through trials and persecutions they are still the happiest people on earth. Scriptural examples we have are e.g.  Stephan when he was stonedPaul and Silas when they were chained in jail. The happiest and most joyful people  consider it pure joy when they face all trials and tribulations,

6. The main battle of the war against evil was won more than 2000 years ago. The victory in the defining battle over Satan, the enemy of all people and all nations, has already been achieved by Jesus Christ the Super Star of history and the Greatest Freedom Fighter the world has ever seen and will ever see. He did not fight the good fight and win the main battle of the war against Satan with weapons of war or for the sake of any religious, denominational, political, financial or any other organisation. Jesus fought with trust in His Father in heaven and with unselfish love and forgiveness for you and for every person from across all class, cultural, religious, political and financial barriers. It is time to celebrate His victory and to allow Him and the Holy Spirit to work IN and THROUGH us to do the mop-up operations and finish the war!

7. Their personal relationship with a living, loving and almighty God through Jesus and the help of the Holy Spirit, and not any religion or denomination is THE KEY to true happiness and joy.


Yes, HAPPY people who have a HOPE of Heaven On Planet Earth and of eventually spending eternity in heaven do not focus on themselves.

Joyful, happy, and hopeful people get caught up in the needs and well-being of their spouses, children, extended family, friends, colleagues at work and the people in their community, country and continent.

Joyful, happy people who have hope also have a vision or a mission that is bigger than themselves. Understanding this and being involved helps them to gain a perspective of the bigger picture. This enables them to live with expectancy to see how God’s H.O.P.E. Dream of justice, joy, peace, health, happiness, and prosperity in their family, community, country and continent will eventually unfold and become a reality.

The Good God and Father of all creation and all living creatures is still calling out to you and me and every present-day prodigal son and daughter, "My dear child:

1. " Do you not want to be truly happy?"

2. "Are you not yet tired of :

a. Living in the 'pigsty' (i.e. in polluted, dangerous, dirty and untidy homes, gardens, streets, offices and communities)?
b. Living amongst the 'pigs' (i.e amongst liars, unfaithful, lazy, white and blue-collared thieves)?
c. Eating 'pigs' food (i.e partaking in gossip, pornography, negative talk and news, lying, laziness, broken relationships, crime, corruption, all forms of illegal and legalised theft and abuse especially against women and children)?"

3. "Can you not hear My voice and will you not accept My invitation to return back to Me and to the happy way of life and the lifestyle I have had in mind for you and every man (male and female) since I created planet earth?

4. "I desire to see happy, caring, honest, industrious white and blue-collared creators of wealth and jobs who value their families and respect, appreciate and protect the properties, people and projects in their communities, countries and continents".

5. "When will you willingly and voluntarily decide to return to Me?"

I will show you the path of life;
In My presence is fullness of joy;
At My right hand are pleasures forevermore. Ps 16:11

1. Make sure that you are on the side of Jesus Christ, the Super Star of History and that you are playing in one of His winning Dream TeamS to realise God's HOPE Dream of justice, joy, peace, health, happiness and prosperity for You and the World.
2. Have a happy and hopeful day!
3. Celebrate and be happy across denominational barriers because
4. Hold on to the truth that the main battle over Satan has been won and we will continue to witness the unfolding of the Lord's kingdom here on Planet Earth.

5. Please keep top of your mind that God's Born Again children ARE LIVING WITH JESUS FROM VICTORY and NOT FOR VICTORY

May you allow the Lord to bless you as you decide and do: 
√  Turn your mourning into dancing,
√  Put off  your  sackcloth and to clothe you with gladness, Ps 30:11

If you are already a happy person with a desire to spread hope and an expectancy for a truly better life for all please contact us at the GG World HOPE Foundation.  Then together we can extend the happiest people on earth network of people who:

- Desire that everyone will have the opportunity to be happy and to have hope.

- Look forward to seeing how God’s H.O.P.E. Dream of health, happiness, prosperity, justice, joy and peace in our families, communities, countries and continents will eventually unfold and become a reality!


"... on earth, as it is in heaven"