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Community Involvement


SAFE, PRODUCTIVE & HAPPY FAMILIES & COMMUNITIES IS THE FOUNDATION for Personal Happiness, Marriage Harmony, Family Unity, Financial Freedom and Work Fulfillment in any country. 

One of the best examples of Freedom, Justice & Joy we have in Switzerland.
The Swiss have enjoyed peace and prosperity for more than 600 years!.
Switzerland consists of different communities (German, French, Italian, Romenish and others).
Switzerland rose from poverty and waring factions largely due to the influence of the Reformation and leaders like reformed leaders Calvin and Zwingli. The success of Switzerland is their Biblical Heritage and Focus ON THE COMMUNITY

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"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"!  South Africa and the rest of the African countries have abundant opportunities for wealth & job creation.

"There is NO REASON WHY the most beautiful and richest continent should have the poorest people living on it!" Dr Matthys Michael de Kock

Africa is blessed with stunning natural beauty, beaches, mountains, comfortable climate, huge variety of animals, flora and fauna.

Africa also has unlimited food, wealth & job creation potential in farming, fishing, mining, manufacturing, tourism and hospitality. 

Yet Africa is inhabited by some of the poorest people in the world!

Yes! IT IS TIME for God's H.O.P.E. New Nation Movement to march and promote with laughter, music, songs, banners & flags: "Safety, Respect, Cleanliness & Job Creation within God's Biblical H.O.P.E. 'boundaries & rules' for Freedom, Justice, Joy & Peace!


Corruption (stealing the tax money of the voters), crime, unemployment and poverty has risen and the education and medical services for the majority of the poorer people in the African countries are now worse after independence than before independence was granted.

"One man One Unqualified Vote" was granted and rolled out after the now famous speech was delivered in Cape Town by British Prime Minister Macmillan in 1961- "There is a New Wind of Change blowing in Africa".

Zimbabwe-Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith & Bishop Abel Muzorewa requested the United Kingdom for an Independence with a Qualified Franchise i.e."One Qualified Man One Vote". Not an unreasonable or unwise request because neither does anybody receive a drivers licence at the age of 18 without first passing a Law of the Road Test and then a Driving Test to prove their responsible driving abilities.  

The colonial powers insisted on imposing an Unqualified Franchise i.e. "One Man One Vote"  on an uninformed voter corps who lacked the necessary knowledge about politics & economics ... by economic sanctions and ... by condoning and supporting an armed struggle!  

"In South Africa, the present undemocratic 'top-down' and 'demon-crazy' DEMOCRACY which was birthed in 1994 must fall

The undemocratic provincial & national 'houses of governance' (i.e. Parliaments) were built on "sand" - a mixture of 'sand types' which included an 'Unqualified Voters Roll', 'Proportional Representation' and a 'Compulsory Party Voting System'. The undemocratic governance in these 'houses of governance'  could not and did not withstand the financial and political storms of corruption over the last 25 years!"

The present proportional system of representation voted in by uninformed voters is a 'deceitful democracy'. It is an electoral system which opens the door of opportunity for international and national financial powers to support a dictatorial political party leadership teams of their choice. As soon as the dictatorial political party leadership team is declared the winner and are sworn into power their financial backers call out "it is payback time"! The organisations, companies, and countries which financially supported the 'winner takes all' political dictatorial leadership team then stand in line with the political leadership team to benefit financially from government contracts for the next 5 years until the following election! Let us never forget that Government Money = Voters hard earned Tax Money!

IS THERE HOPE to experience a touch for Heaven On Planet Earth - H.O.P.E.?

1. Acknowledge that the beautiful creation with its massive resources, wealth & job creating opportunities declares the glory of a great, gracious and generous God! A Father God who is not a dictator but a Father who gives everyone the freedom to: 
a. Have a personal relationship with Him ... or not! 
b. Trust Him on how to have a better life for all ... or not to trust Him!
c. Be guided by His Word which contains His guidelines (goals, rules & boundaries) within which all men and women are encouraged to live, create wealth and play! ... or not to be guided!

Never are anyone of us forced by God to obey Him!
We all have a Free Choice to trust Him and to live, work and play within His HOPE Boundaries and  Rules so that we can score H.O.P.E. Life Goals for All - Heaven On Planet Earth!

2. The 'houses' of governance, at municipal, provincial and national levels and also all other organisations (media, judiciary, police, army, business and non-profits) should be built on a solid  Biblical Foundation (God's Just Rules, Just Money, Just Financial Management plus Qualified Voters & Qualified Leadership Teams)".

God's Governance here on earth AS IT IS in heaven will usher in the Justice, Joy & Peace which all citizens of all communities and religions are crying out for!


YES! IT IS TIME for God's H.O.P.E. New Nations Movement of Born Again Followers & Friends of Jesus and all other Caring Citizens from across all cultural, religious & political barriers to take hands with their families, friends & neighbours and to pray for and take the necessary steps to bring an end to: 

1. Unqualified Franchise

2. Proportional representation and

3. Political parties voting as a block!  

IT IS TIME to PRAY, CAMPAIGN & MARCH for the implementation of

A QUALIFIED FRANCHISE electing at least 70% Direct Comunity Representative Candidates and 30% Political Party Candidates into Parliament.


a. Qualified Voters         = 18 Years + Voter Education Certificate + Work or Business Certificate
b. Qualified Candidates = Local Community Certificate for Character + Comprehension + Capability. 
c. Qualified Local Community Leaders elect Qualified District and Provincial leaders
d. Qualified Provincial Leaders elect Qualified National Leaders

e. Qualified Elected Members at all levels of government must retain their right to vote according to their conscience, irrespective of their party affiliation. i.e. They must not be obliged or bound to vote according to the wishes of their party leadership team. 


1. That the present Proportional Representation electoral system IS REPLACED by a more Direct Representative Electoral System as proposed by The Van Zyl Slabbert Commission (2003) and endorsed by the President Motlandla Commission (2018). Both commissions have been ignored by parliament!.  

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YES! Enough is Enough!


Please network God's Born Again Followers & Friends of Jesus across all barriers in your community, town, city and province! 

Please get together on a regular basis to pray and take part in peaceful prayer and polite proclamation marches. And if necessary even peaceful protest marches! 

Please remember ... THE ONLY LANGUAGE THE MEDIA & POLITICIANS UNDERSTAND IS A PUBLIC PEACEFUL  MARCH with banners, flags and songs on a regular basis! 

What a great day it will be when we: 
1. Trust & obey God 
2. Pull together as God's H.O.P.E. Movement across all class, cultural, political, denominational & economical barriers
3. Pray the Our Father's H.O.P.E. Prayer on a regular basis in our families, workplaces, schools, colleges, universities, churches, courts, board meetings and parliaments (municipalities, provincial & national)

God bless

Dr Matthys Michael de Kock
Heaven On Planet Earth.

Matthys is a H.O.P.E. Activist, Speaker & Writer and also a H.O.P.E. Life, Leadership & Liberty "Think Tank" Coach & Consultant.

He encourages his audiences to exchanges ideas and plans of action at the crossroads of: 
1. Faith in a Good God and
2. Freedom for His people.

He is a practical storytelling speaker and also a determined H.O.P.E. activist and lobbyist with a mission to bring about H.O.P.E. change in our countries & continents at the TOP of the 7 MOUNTAINS and at the BOTTOM of the 7 VALLEYS.

 COMMENT ON THE OUTCOME OF THE SWISS GOLD REFERENDUM in which the No vote carried the day on this occasion:

1. It was not the Lord's time.

 2. How we go about doing what needs to be done is very important.

3. It would appear that the Swiss people did not support the people who put forward the proposal for a vote.

Workers Day Holiday is a good day to consider our future H.O.P.E. on this planet earth.

Work and worship come from  the same root word. When we work (create & clean) we in fact worship a Creator Who has created a beautiful world  for all people of all cultures to enjoy and to protect. The privilege bestowed on us to enjoy the beautiful mountains, beaches, country side, animals, etc requires of us to take responsibility for that which has been given to us. Let us encourage one another to take care of our planet and to be creators of something that will benefit all people. In the process we will create more wealth & jobs. Let us enjoy all the working days until the next Workers Day Holiday! Everyday is the day the Lord has made. Let us be glad in it and be a blessing to oneanother.

All CITIZENS on PLANET EARTH are involved in some way or other in and are affected by the REAL & SLOW WAR which has been waging between 2 ARMIES on planet earth for centuries! A war which has 'volcanic' moments of severe destruction, huge numbers of casualties, deaths and destruction of properties and projects which served as:
1. Homes for families and businesses!
2. Places of job and wealth creation!

People across all national, political, religious and financial boundaries and barriers are being affected one way or another!  

WHAT IS THE ANSWER FOR THE CONTINUOUS WAR waging on Planet Earth IS THAT most people are not aware that on fronts there are basically only 2 ARMIES INVOLVED.

"My people are suffering because of a lack of knowledge", says Almighty God.  

THE TWO ARMIES WHO ARE INVOLVED IN THE WAR are fighting one another on various fronts and territories (Media, Judiciary, Policing, Politics, Monetary, Financial, Religious and Education!

1. God's Army of truly repented Born Again and committed friends and followers of Jesus,The Super Star of History! Friends & Followers of Jesus
   who can look forward to experience life more abundantly on earth and ultimately also is Heaven.
  God's army is focused to protect the 3 P's =  People, Properties Project which promote a better life for all   

2. Satan's Army of 'religious' people across all religions and denominations who have not yet repented, are not yet Born Again friends and followers of Jesus and whose ultimate desitiny is Hell if they remain unrepentant and are not born again in their spirit. John 3:3. 

FDC = 

Facts - Decisions - Consequences 

It is a FACT that all world citizens are physically born into the religion and culture of their parents.
There is no DECISION made by the child. 
As a result most people identify themselves with one of the many different religions & cultures e.g. Christian, Moslem, Jew, Hindu, Ancestral etc etc ... in which they were born!

It is a FACT that all men and women of all religions and belief are born sinners and do not love, forgive and bless as we should.

The sinful and selfish nature of mankind is the cause of all the conflicts in our marriages, families, workplaces, communities, countries and continents .
Most people become aware that they fall far short of the standards of their various religions! 


It is only later in life that people come to hear about the great love of Father God for all peoples of all religions.
A love so great that it moved Father God to send Jesus His Son to die and shed His blood on the Cross for our sins!
God sent His Son! God did not send a religion or a rabbi, pastor, priest or imam!

Most people cannot yet see / understand: 

1. God's H.O.P.E. kingdom and God's 'born again' family

2. That God's ‘BORN AGAIN FAMILY MEMBERS are privileged to experience & share: 

A. God's love, forgiveness, peace, blessings and protection

B. God's love for all religious people and unbelievers in all nationalities 

C. God's desire to see that all religious people and nations of all religions, including atheism, will: 

a.  Hear the knock of Jesus, His Son, on their hearts, 

b. Voluntarily trust and obey Father God & Jesus to: 

i) Repent of their distrust in God, Jesus and God’s Word, their rebellion (sin) against God’s Word.

ii) Invite Jesus Christ, the Super Star of History, into their hearts to be their Saviour & Lord. 

FDC - The consequence of their voluntarily decision to REPENT & RECEIVE Jesus as their Saviour & King = They become 'born again' friends & followers of Jesus:

a. Who WANT to follow Him,

b. Who, like Him. WANT to trust & obey Father God  so that they can experience the 'more abundant life' Jesus promised all nations,  cultures and religions 

John 10:10

A SLOW WAR & LUKEWARM CITIZENS are both very dangerous!

THE LOVE OF GOD IS VERY WARM and very comforting!



  • for God and His H.O.P.E. VISION ?
  • with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit? 
  • wearing the Armour of God?


God bless



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"... on earth, as it is in heaven"